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January 01, 2021


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Nice - a great set of DO and DON'T s
here's twopence worth from me

DON'T seek God because He ain't seeking you
DO live your life as an ordinary person
DON'T seek enlightenment because it's already there
DON'T try to be anything other than what you are
DON'T complain about your life
DO simply accept what you have in life
DON'T think you NEED anything to be happy
DO be happy regardless of circumstances
DON'T seek perfection as it does not exist
DO embrace all aspects of who you are
DON'T be fake and a hypocrite
DO be authentic and true to yourself and others
DON'T connect your self worth to what you do or achieve
DO understand there is NO SELF
DO understand that if there is no SELF there is no SELF WORTH either
DO understand that the SELF you experience if not YOU
DO understand that there IS NO YOU
DON'T SEEK heaven, God, Self or Nirvana - they don't exist
DO live each moment of your life
DON'T take anything for granted
DO realise that you cannot take anything with you because there is nowhere to go
DO simply live and LET GO in each moment
DON'T hold on to anything as all is false
DO enjoy each moment and let it go
DON'T try to be anyone special or above the rest
DO be ordinary and be happy with what life gives you each moment
and when death comes - embrace that as you embraced life

Dear Brian and Osho,
This very nice of both of you really!
This is very good advice.

Love to you both 💕


Actually there are no "present" moments since everything experience is in time and has a built-in lag to it.
Even our own awareness is a lag.

I get your point, however, since tending to "closer" time moments is often better than "longer future or longer past" moments.

But nothing arrives in the present.... but everything is auto-delayed

Love this, Brian Ji!
Happy New Year!

Here's a couple more to add...
Don't worry about Do's and Don'ts.
Be yourself. Be willing to learn more about that... Or not.
Try to be a better person if you can....
Or just be whatever you are.... But try to be nice.
If you can hurt yourself and others less, and help yourself and others more, that's always a good thing.
If you choose to believe in anything and have faith, there is power in that.
If you choose to tear down walls, that's nice too.
But there is great power all around and within you, and it is accessible when you put your daily thinking and logic aside to see, to feel, to hear, to witness.

The engines of the creation are on all the time and you have connections to them.

Whether it is within yourself or this world. It is all inside you. There is nothing outside you that you can sense.

But in all events, be gentle. Everything that is and that we are, including our choices, comes from things we don't fully understand.

And our actions have results we can never fully predict. Results affecting others.
So be gentle. Seek to be awake more than in control.

DON'T waste your precious life following a debilitating Cult (Radha Soami)

DO realize we are already, what we are looking for

DON'T bother with Fake Babas too (GSD)

DO look for inspiration from within

DON'T look back, that's not where you're going

DO realize the impossible is always possible

DO it all, while you have the time...

I feel a real smile on my face by reading these posts..

Everything is true or untrue in the moment..
Nothing is a hard and vast rule..

Life is a sort of dream and day by day we just see what happens..


#DONT fall for a sheep in wolves clothing , GSD being a perfect example

#DO do your independant research before you trust someone

#DONT listen to a man that thinks he knows it all on a stage

#DO listen to your own gut instinct

#DONT Become a RSSB agent, a servant of satan, thinking it is seva.

#DO look after your self and loved ones

#DONT be a sheep and blindly follow the crowd

This seems like fun Brian,

Do - enjoy your life and your dreams
Dont - waste your life in cults like RSSB
Do - keep your own power
Dont - give your power to fake clowns
Do - learn from your mistakes
Dont - stay in places you dont progress
Do - wake your brothers and sisters from the RSSB hell hole
Dont - Give up
Do- enjoy your freedom

My parents were initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh and i grew in a family of faith. I had very strong faith in good before i got married. I was not holding the same faith as my life progressed but i had this assurance in the back of my head that the guru will not leave me alone. Today, I am admist situations where mu husband and me dont go along well. I am sticking along the marriage coz of multiple reasons but fail to understand why my guru wouldn't end the suffering for me. I do believe in Karma, and so maybe i have done some karma to get this in my life. But thinking practically, i dont know if this is the right attitude .... shud i just keep believing in power of good and my bad karmas to get this. I have a 3 year old. my mom used to say.. Maharaj ji always take care of us and people we love. Then why he is not showing me a direction? Whenever i think of counselling i want to talk to the guru. Anyone who will not just guide me but understand where am i coming from... someone who can either explain that there is no Karma cycle and i should move on or someone who can assure me there is some power who will take care of me. I am actually hanging in between at the moment.

DON'T stop using the gender distinction terms such as: he, she, his,hers, man, woman, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother etc. As out of touch ( possibly in early stage dementia) 80 year old Nancy Pelosi advocates. Is she a "das it?"( Der- masculine, die-feminine, und das-neutral). What a sad, sad, world it is becoming. Only women menstruate no matter what minorities would have me believe. Only women produce eggs and only men produce sperm. I feel sad for those minorities who are different from the masses, and they are unique and enrich society, and have a place. But gender neutral language to erase male/female distinctions! What next, I wonder. Imprisonment for saying, "I love my mother, my sister, my father?"😥😥😥

Nitika, YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY! Nobody else. All the gurus keep saying this.If only the teachings were listened to and actually "HEARD". You are the one in control. You, and only you, have the power to instigate change. Every action has a reaction. Be mindful, sit in analytical meditation and think seriously about what action you wish to take. Think about different scenarios with their different outcomes, then make the best choice for you, with the least hurt, and the best result.🌞🙏

Hi Nitika
If you are questioning your Master there is already inside you something that wants to do something else. Could be your real Master. His answer won't matter much if it doesn't resonate within you. And in fact it will be the answer that comes from you.

If you are unhappy, try to make a change for the better. Maybe a small change at first, or if needed, a bigger one, if that will help you and your child and your husband to be happy. It's not always possible to do that. So then the next question to ask is what is the right thing to do?

It is unfortunate that some people lose the ability to judge right from wrong, or to take a difficult step necessary to live honestly with yourself, thinking somehow the outer Master will solve the problem. But you must also learn to decide right from wrong with the faith that this is already built in you. That is the most you can give to those around you. If you have a 3 year old, she needs a mom who knows right from wrong.

Here is a simple set of steps to consider.

1. In the nicest way possible, make a complete communication with your husband. Share your frustrations and concerns. If you need help to do that, get that help. Start a dialogue with him.

2. Offer up more than one solution.

3.listen to what his situation is. Not just his words, but understand who he is and what he is going through. Give him time to express, encourage him to do so. If you want him to fail, your silence guarantees it.

4. If there is anything small that you can do which will help him do his part in making a happy home, do that.

5. If this fails, and you remain frustrated, tell him and insist that you both seek private counseling together right away. Family counseling. Get some help. Make your marriage contingent upon it if need be. Establish that continuing as you both are is not an option.

6. Explain what your doing with your parents, and let them know you would like their support. But in either case you are going to make progress in one way or another. They may have some good suggestions, so start a dialogue with them also. Explain, and listen. If you can please them, why not? But if you need their help to do something be clear about it.

7. Do not take the entire burden upon yourself to make change. Family dynamics require each member to give something to make a happy home. It's all hands on deck, if you are serous about real progress.that may also include dragging one or more of your parents or his parents into family therapy with you.

But no one can hear you if you are silent.

Divorce is a real possibility, if your husband really is monstrous. Some people are. But you have a long way to go first to fulfill your part in making progress. It begins when you can say this is right and this is wrong and know it for yourself. And when you want to raise a daughter who knows this for herself also, by living according to what is right, and to move away from living in a way you feel deeply is wrong. She won't do what you tell her to do. She will learn watching what you do. That is what she will do.

When that becomes non - negotiable for you, even if some pain is involved, than the fog will lift.

It's official. The United States has fallen into the status of fascist banana republic.

Can people from China and Russia please help us restore human rights and rule of law?

Thanks @Pipsy Bod for the reply. i know the gurus say u can change destiny and probably thats the reason i bet on love over practicality ( was probably foolishness). My now husband had anger issues ever since i knew him, but i thought i have the control.. i can steer the wheel and make it happy ending. I wouldn't say there is no improvement, but its certainly not enuf and i am just loosing my faith.. my patience and my calm. Also, i dont want my daughter to understand being rude or hurting back is ok... EVER.

@Spence Tepper, Thanks a lot. U have provided details that helped me introspect again.
1. Nothing is resonating at the moment.. I am just feeling the pain.
2. I don't know whats right for me. Thats what i told my parents already and asked for help.
3. Mine was a love marriage and I strongly believed in love and my guru at the time i married my husband. Its been 10 years now we have been together. 5 years of married life. And I have countless experiences where i was shattered by how he treated me. But I kept believing and doing the "right" thing. ( I believed it was right... i trusted myself or say my faith...they resonated) . But today.... i feel lost.
4. After many days today , I am not really angry. I am calm. But i still don't have an answer or an urge to think and do something to fix/break things. I am just calm. I still don't want to talk to my husband but i am responding. And I don't like me like this. But i don't know what to do to fix myself.
5. As i write, I am at least sure that i want to fix myself first. But there comes a fear, a sound from inside that says.. whats the point?? he will again hurt u and break u....
I have already gone past point 4. In these 10 years of relationship , i have tried explain him what hurts me. He did improve some things and I am not saying he is a bad person in general. But he is too adamant and think he can self control. he can manage his anger.
And i am super anxious now coz of my daughter. Trust me, i could have given him my lifetime to be a better person and suffered if wasn't about my daughter. But the yelling... the disrespect ... the rude behaviour .... is not normal... and i want my girl not to learn any of it or just think it ok to take it.
6. I don't even know how to start conversation with him at the moment. Forget about asking for counselling. But i too strongly believe it can help. If not him at least it will help me. may be it help the fog in my mind go away a bit. But I cant initiate.... if i go myself and he asks and if i tell honestly i dont know what answer will i get.
7. I don't know if he monstrous. I don't know where is the limit. I don't know when should i quit. He had slapped me some 6-7 times in last 10 years.. but not from last one year after he went for forced counselling.
But he has this tendency of hurting back.. and he does that intentionally. I don't know if i should bear that... splly knowing he is doing it knowingly to hurt me. He insults me in front of others.... decides one day he can not tolerate me and wants to patch up again other day.

Probably I am stuck in this circle by choice. I chose him against everyone's suggestions. My parents supported me then... they are today... I just wish he could change and we can be a normal family. Just as i write it, i am afraid i don't know whats the definition of "normal family".

Hi Nikita,I feel so sorry for you..

My husband was also violant to me and that is why I had to leave him.
In the beginning he was so sweet and in fact he was a very sweet person..
But he had lots of difficulties in himself.
I had to go away because he was violant also.
I had to leave with my 2 kids..
For a satsangi also in that time...people did not understand that.
But I had to leave..

It is not easy to say what someone else best can do..
But you suffer and also your little one so..I can only say that this is not good
for you in the moment.
Maybe some distance to start with???( If possible)??

Hi Nitika, perhaps you can find a counsellor to talk to which will help you. I don't know what country you live in but do a search online to find some Free Counselling Services which will give some mental health support, such as this...

Are you feeling like being a victim of domestic abuse?


Dear Nitika
No matter how much you love him and are attached to him, and no matter how much he loves you and wants to change, if it is not happening, after all of this time, then perhaps you both need to part. Attachment is a very strong force. I am a westerner, and when I was young and living overseas, a man I loved was so very jealous (without reason - all imagined) and was physically and mentally violent. We were not married, and I did not have to put up with it. I could have left easily. But he had such control over me, and I am now a very strong and independent woman. He made me feel worthless and in constant fear. But I stayed with him. I told nobody. I should have. He, like your husband was always remorseful the next day. But it never stopped. They just can't. Finally, he had the good sense to make me return home to my own country, for he knew it was the only way to stop the terrible cycle. You have to leave him. Do you have places of refuge you can go to, with your daughter, to be kept safe? You do not have to feel guilty for leaving. Your and your daughter's safety is paramount. Nobody should remain in a dangerous and unhappy situation. I know of several Indian women who are divorced and still very culturally connected to India. If you live in the west, there are many organisations for abused women. There must be also, if you are living in India. You need to act before something terrible happens. With love xx🙏

Hi Nitika

Sorry to hear, you're going through alot, I feel for you empathetically.

This may be difficult to relate to or understand.
But all the problems you're faced with are only there because of this Evil satanic radha soami cult disguised as a religious heavenly path.
There are many a people who have gone through the same to eventually realize who or what was the real reason for so much struggle and pain in their lives. The sooner you can remove and release yourself and others from this entity based manipulated cult the sooner you can become free once again. Be strong have the courage, God is always there. Who needs these third party so called baba who trick and are deceiving the masses. When you have as a birthright your true God always with you...move on, be free!

Hi Nikita
I'm surprised after all you wrote that there is any confusion.

Things aren't working out. You are unhappy. Whatever you did before hasn't had the desired effect. Something must change.

Find a next step you think might work.

Good counseling can help there.

You won't be able to do that in the same old routine. You won't be able to keep ducking when the porcelain starts flying.

You will have to stand up and set actual limits. Actual "Cross-me- not " lines for staying or leaving. Not threats. Not in anger. Just a statement of actual conditions for living. Statements of fact.

But here is where therapy can help. If you leave him without getting objective feedback, and professional advice, you haven't done your part.

If you leave him knowing this is the only way to change the situation for the better, then there is no confusion. You are doing what your Master wants you to do.. Make real progress. Build the atmosphere of peace and harmony needed to raise your daughter and to engage in Meditation without distraction.

But if you are confused, no doubt so is your husband. And that means more communication, more discussion is necessary. In family therapy everyone has a part to play and the therapist helps each member hear each the other and take responsibility for some of the changes.

Consider these two conditions for the marriage as minimum to stay in that home even one more day...

1. No physical or verbal abuse.
2. You and your husband schedule your first appointment with a family therapist.

Hi nitika
Very sorry to hear what you are going through, it's difficult and I really feel for you and how you seem trapped. Dont blame karma, this is just a manipulated and twisted belief RSSB and other religions use to trap you. They want you to feel helpless and that this is all your fault due to your past life and a karmic dept. This belief is seeded by RSSB gurus to make you feel sinful and guilty so you run to him. This seed imprisons you and creates a unhealthy dependency for the guru as you get desperate for his help. This is far from the truth as you get further into the chaos and you dont get better and the situation doesn't improve. You must have asked Charan and Gurinder for help, but have they actually helped? How can they help you if they cant help them selves? What these fake gurus dont tell you is that you have free will to make better choices. You are the master of your destiny and you have the choice to do what you like. Bear in mind that there are consequences of choices. So choice wisely. If I told you going into the cult RSSB is the root cause of all your problems , would you believe me? Look back at your life and ask yourself why isn't my guru helping when I'm desperate, why isn't he giving me clarity ? Why am I still in pain even though you have found a so called God in human form. Just may be you been fooled like millions of others . Stay hopeful and really question the path you are on. It is in your pain that you may start asking the real questions and putting faith in god and not a fake guru and ideology. Sending loved and prayers.

@ Uchit
>> Stay hopeful and really question the path you are on. It is in your pain that you may start asking the real questions and putting faith in god and not a fake guru and ideology. <<

"Putting faith in God" uchit???

Have not millions upon millions prayed to God for relief from their misery, without any betterment?

How come people to believe in a God, Uchit?

Are they not trained to do so by their parents, and the people in their social- cultural environment they are born in?

Where they not told that there was a god by this human being that had an inner experience of the divine, the prophets, mystics or other?

How do people know about devils, satan etc etc etc. if there are no people that go around telling these things and people lending their ears upon them?

How could any human being know about the concept, the word GOD other that having an inner experience that made them believe there is an God and others who had faith tin the words of these people.

So YOUR god, came into existence in your mind, by HEARSAY and YOUR belief in what you heard.

So Uchit the God you advice to others to have faith in to help them out how differs that God from any other god-beliefe people might have.???

So you question the existent of god , yet you run to a self proclaimed guru, that says he can save you. As far as Satan, the devil, and a dark force, Um have you opened your eyes and seen the state of the world, and the way it has been for ages? Yet you are so happy to go in and fall for the inner experiences, nothing but tricks by these entities/demans given to people to the likes of Spenser so they get some flashy lights and a bit of peace. And in exchange they do the devils dirty work on web sights like this. Its plain to see that these RSSB agents are programmed to stop the people that are beginning to question the cults like RSSB and put them back to a deep sleep - in lala land. Meanwhile the devil does his dirty work on earth and keeps the souls in his web of lies. You Um seem to be a know all yet you know nothing at all.

@ Uchit

Please do read again what I wrote and if you can, answer the questions.

The "knowledge" which people claim to have about anything, be it interior or exterior, is either based on
[1] experience, by internal or external senses or
[2] hearsay, things one believes.

As long as one is not able to verify the things one believes by the senses, inner or outer, the believe is just an mental construct.

Most of the things people think to know are never proved by their personal experience to be true.

They came to know these things by EDUCATION, social- cultural education or if you like, acculturation, where one is trained to think like others in the same community or socio-cultural brainwashing

If you sit down with a nice cup of tea, and let the things you think to know pass by and question yourself whether you have ever experienced these things yourself, you will soon learn that there is very few that remains..... and ... that is alright.

Again what do YOU know about GOD/ satan?
Did you experience God/satan?
Were you told about God/satan?
Who made you heed their words?

You wrote about praying to god.

The millions of humans, Uchit, who live in agony of starvation from the very moment of birth, do, by lack of humanitarian help, pray for help to their god ... but do they not die anyway?

Never imagined the problems a god mighjt have hearing the lament of groups of humans with opposite interests that are turning towards him for help.?

And, whatever book that is around in the world, containing the words of god, was only heard by just one person.

To illustrate what I want to say, I have used the example of the claim of the Hebrews on the land of Palestine. They claim it based on the revelation of their prophet Abraham. I do not doubt the possibility of an historical man by the name of Abraham having had such an revelation as no body can control what is going on in the head of another person but .... IF there is an causal source beyond the human Abraham, he failed to inform the rest of humanity. So if that same source exists and wants to be worship by humans in a particular way, he failed to inform them at birth about what he wishes.

So, if the cause that gave the content of these books to ONE person wanted to have the rest heeds these words, i could have informed that rest to do so. We know about god by humans...their word.

And for a moment reflect how many of "those created in his image" have been tortured and slaughtered, by HUMANS in the name of their god without ever having had an direct command of god to destroy what he created ... these humans did without exception heed the words of fellow human beings ... and they do so from the day monotheism was created until TODAY

So UchitI do hope you understand that I have no experience of the divine and having no experience i have no knowledge ... call it ignorance. :-)

And ....

Without that knowledge I can drink and enjoy my cup of tea and enjoy the flight of crows.

@ Uchit

In direct answer:
>>As far as Satan, the devil, and a dark force, Um have you opened your eyes and seen the state of the world, and the way it has been for ages? >Yet you are so happy to go in and fall for the inner experiences, nothing but tricks by these entities/demands given to people to the likes of Spenser so they get some flashy lights and a bit of peace.> ...... that are beginning to question the cults like RSSB ..... <<

There is nothing wrong with questioning anything and all are well advised to to so before embarking on important activities. Unfortunately very few people take the time to do so and instead they lend their ears to so called experts ... mental easiness and outsourcing of personal responsibility . Signing contracts they trust others to read them for them and have them decide for them.

For that man reason people run to counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, mullahs, rabbis and priests.

No animal has the need for these institutions .... how cruel it would be to create something that depends for its welfare upon knowledge that is in the hands of others!! So, Uchit, all human beings are able to look after themselves.

Than what is RSSB all about, well it is just one of the many schools that offer an technique to manipulate the brain in order to have inner experiences .... just one thing people can spend ytheir time and energy in.

Promoting it is as ridiculous as opposing it ...if one feels like doing it all right have it your way.

You too if it makes you happy to believe in satan, just go on and enjoy it.

You really are a know it all, and I therefore have nothing to teach you. Gurinder Singh gangster dhillon is looking for a successor, so I strongly suggest you put your CV in. His choice of successor, shivinder is otherwise occupied in jail and has a tarnished reputation.
I will say this though, you are living in duality and there is a positive (our selves) and negative. The negative work through people to forward there agenda. The trick is these negatives hide in plain sight as positives hence why GSD is worse than Hitler.

@ Uchit

Knowledge has no boundaries Uchit so nobody can know all.
Knowledge has been in progress ever since man left the garden of Eden.

If there is something to teach besides you opinions, you are most welcome to do so.


Stop talking out your back end, all the time

GSD is a rotten and ridiculed individual with nasty tendencies. Everyone knows that, you too.

Supporting GSD will win you no brownie points in the end. He doesn't give a flying f..k about you. Light bulb moment ?

Drop your ego and get off your high horse, and stop shovelling shite on here

While you're at it, stop trying to compare yourself with Google, that position is already taken by the Great GSD!

@ Manoj

Please do read what I write.

There has never been a word of me here in this blog, on any teacher or teaching, nor will there ever be.

I just don't understand how anybody can come to the conclusions that I am supporting somebody.

What I have addressed here time and again, are those who have an opinion on people and things without ever asking themselves the question why they came to have those opinions and being so opinionated.

In the USA there is that Baptist family by the name of Fred Phelps:

I am interested in THEM and those who hate them and not at all in their slogans.

The fact that somebody is accused and or convicted of a crime, in older days reason to put him in a pillory on the market, is one thing. Going out of ones house and walking to the market [ the internet these days] and scream at the man and throwing verbal rotten eggs and tomatos to his face, is another thing.

And surprise, surprise, they are NOT connected. Being accused an/or convicted can not and should not be an excuse for the other.

And I just don't understand what benefit you can accrue from writing here as you do.
If you are not a troll, than you are angry and frustrated for reasons I just don't understand. Let alone how what you write can be of any benefit to anybody reading here.

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