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January 09, 2021


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Everybody looks at Trump but what would he be if there was nobody to listen to him?

Nobody is interested in Trump but in something they want from him as president.
What is it that they want so dearly, that they are not interested at all in HIS motives to be president.

It is difficult to believe and imagine that people who are satisfied with the life they live, people that are convinced that they are able to acquire whatever the need by their own effort, will vote for Trump.

If one lives in a decent house, in a decent neighbourhood, with decent neighbours, in a decent city and state, governed by decent politicians and has a decent job that offers a decent income, for a decent life, would ever give a thought about this man.

Their must me something wrong , very wrong like an serious chronic disease, in the USA so that millions look upon this man as a saviour.

And .... be aware of those who advise him, those in his close circle ...those who make him dance, those who whisper in his ears.

This is true what you say here.
That is indeed how it goes.
As I see this.

@ S*

The Chinese seem to have understood it. They must have studied to works of Lao Tze on rulers and governors. The welfare of the Chinese people has grown enormously.

If a king wants to rule, he should look after the welfare of the subjects and if a rich person wishes to enjoy his wealth he should not show it and create envy in the hearts of people so that they turn into robbers.

What has happened in the west in General and in the USA in particular?

They have closed the "the means of production"to use the words of Marx and sold and transferred these to Asia. They are playing the same trick the Americans have played for years, dump the market, ruin the local production and make that market depended.

Without the possibility to earn a decent living, streets, neighbourhoods, villages, counties and states will lack the money to maintain the infrastructure of the society intact and streets etc will decline and become inhabitable.

If at the same time people see daily on TV the welfare of the people, no matter in soap programs or presenting news, the evil of wealth becomes clearer and clearer to be seen.

What is the "evil of wealth"...

It is not the [evil] way the riches and wealth are created, nor the wealth itself but the suggestion that one, [1] without such an wealth one cannot live a worthy life and that [2] the onlooker will never be able to accrue the same.

Day in day out the minds of the hungry, those who lack even the simple necessities of live, are bombarded with these images of wealth all over the world.

In every refugee camp anywhere in the world, where people are living on the brink of starvation, for days, weeks and often years, they see how life can and should be as presented by TV.

THAT ... is the evil of wealth ... and ... it crates the ROBBERS lao Tze speaks of.

Huge groups of Americans little by little start to understand and realise that the American dream, is indeed just a dream and that they can do nothing to better their own life.

Intellect, education is spread according the Gauss curve. So not everybody has the capacity to work in the IT industries. Nor can all work in the many civil services that are create to absorb the manpower that was created after closing down the factories that are now in China etc. Nor can everybody work on a farm etc.

So what will these people do when they have no means to earn a living, a living that is taken away from them and sold to other countries, by whom and for what???!!!

Nightmare scenario: Trump proclaims himself the One True President of the United States and continues issuing pardons, vetoes and executive orders as if he were still in office. Republican controlled states will perpetuate the narrative of a "stolen" election to deny legitimacy to President Biden and the Democrat majority Congress. They'll declare state authority over federal authority and seal it with Trump's false stamp, giving birth to a second Confederacy.

Not that it is of any importance but now and then, gazing to the trees in front of the house, sipping a cup of tea ... thoughts about the USA pass by.

Several times, after seeing some news on the USA, I wonder why this or that could possible happen.

Then the lessons on history from the past come back, lessons about WHO departed from Europe and WHY.

And I recall having learned about all sort of religious fanatics, and criminals ... all people that wanted to flee the local religious and worldly establishments. Than I wonder how these roots have spread over the USA into the behaviour of to day.

The idea of living ones own life in freedom and the need to be able to defend that freedom with a weapon, in a land where there is hardly any establishment and if it is, far away, is understandable.... understandable in an more or less EMPTY land

But .... but when there come more and more people to live on a square mile., the need to real and deal becomes necessary. If a certain amount of people per square mile passes a certain number, every action of one person affects the rest of those living in that square mile .... then one cannot longer live as if the land was empty.

If one wants to be able the buy the needed stuff in a supermarket, enjoy the pleasure of driving and using cars and roads, etc etc etc, than one cannot life according that ideal of freedom.

USA is not longer and empty land where those who were on the run for the government could hide and find shelter, little by little it is filling up from the coastal area's inwards. and ... with that growing population ... the rule of government will grow also.

Hahahaha ... one could enjoy that pleasure of escaping the law for some 5 generations, but the end is there. Government has found you people hahahaha

If those local militia think that they can overpower the forces that are at hand they have never read or understood an hystory book

@ Republican controlled states will perpetuate the narrative of a "stolen" election to deny legitimacy to
@ President Biden and the Democrat majority Congress.

Nah, those wanna-be Confederates would come crawling back.
They depend on federal bailouts after all.

Sigh ..we will see how it goes..
It’s all very much in a strange situation.
My English is not good enough nor my understanding..
But I see happening a lot..
I hope that the”establishment” is not going to manage everything..
I think that is the crux..
(Or one of the more problems)

@ S*

<< I hope that the”establishment” is not going to manage everything..<<

As soon as there are more than one person are together, or even one animal, group processes start.

Nature comes with two instincts for all:
[1] surviving of the individual
[2] surviving of the species [group]

When alone on an island one is both king and subject .... for a street, neighbourhood, city, country, to continue being a place to live, management is needed.

If that management is not needed the infrastructure of the streets, neighbourhoods, cities etc will soon decline, and with that decline the welfare of those who live there.

Think of hospitals, streets, lighting, transport, schools etc etc etc etc all those things that makes modern life comfortable, comes with a price .... one cannot have the pleasures of both, living alone and in a community.

If ...if the parents in the Dutch bible belt were not taken away the custody over their own children for one day in order to vaccinate them, there would have been a pandemy of POLIO.

That intervention of the establishment was a burden for these religious people and an blow to their personal freedom but what a blessing for the children that were vaccinated and the society as a whole that had not to suffer from polio.

I am in general not against vaccins,altough I dońt take them for the ones for elderly people.
But this vaccin is not really long enough seen and tested for the long run.
Anyways everyone do what they think is good..


>>Anyways everyone do what they think is good.<<

We all do ....

But ......

The question is ...... what is GOOD ??? ....based upon what information from whom!?

You are a follower of that female doctor that tells that it is all nonsense what the experts of the establishment have to say on this matter.

That is alright

Time will learn who was right.

Writing , a story told by the man that initiated you, came back in mind. The story of a man fallen in a well and starting an discussion with those that wanted to get him out of the well. How do I know that you have good intentions, how do I know whether the rope can hold me, how do i know you let me drop again or push back etc etc

In this case the rope is the vaccine and those who pull the rope are the medics, virologists etc etc.

If they don’t impeach him, he could run again in 2024 and become the first two non-consecutive president since Grover Cleveland.

The fundamental problem is that he is hugely popular among an electorate who cannot stand overly PC pretentious elites both in govt and the media.

The demon rats are absolutely shutting themselves so they got to try impeach at all costs. Trump has already sewn the seeds of doubt in ole Joey Biden losing his faculties and looks like he needs another nap.

@ It appears Trump will be impeached again for inciting a murderous riot.

Yep, done! Ask and Ye shall receive. But conviction may well demand further prayers.

To that point, can anyone explain the legal nuances of the impeachment filed by Congress today... specifically establishing the requisite intent to provoke a riot? I believe the legal term is "mens rea".

From my decidedly amateur lens, establishing that intent would seem a daunting hurdle. Certainly President Trump never explicitly promoted violence or breaking the law but only marching on the Capitol and "getting tough". I'm not sure that was the exact phrase but it was reasonably close. Certainly he didn't advocate or even hint that breaking the law was justified. His adversaries assert that he was perpetuating a lie that the election was "stolen" and he actually "won". Delusional opinion certainly but what did he say that nails down a criminal intent to incite unlawful behavior?

On the other hand an impeachment is inherently a political rather than a legal process. (Honest, I heard that on TV from a respected pundit. His/her name escapes me. So many pundits populate the internet nowadays). As such, the concern would more correctly be on the failure to defend Constitutional principles and protect lives once the violence was clearly occurring.

Is it reasonable that the White House staff and/or the President himself were not watching TV in the bunker? Why didn't the Pres. broadcast a "stand-down" alert to the mob? The well-meaning would arguably have complied. He could have taken a deep breath and, heavily protected of course, made a personal appearance and rallied them to leave. Or, if that was deemed too risky, why didn't he order rapid-deploy forces brought in to rein in the lawlessness?

Maybe the intent to establish violence won't be established. But there's a clear pattern of failures to act that's concerning and doesn't bode well for the President's legacy nor for the protection of our democracy.


My English is not so good that I understand every nuance you say..
But I think that Trump is not that bad as evryone says or thinks right now.
I even understood that the upmars to the whitehouse in this way was not at all what he wanted.
It even works against him also.
He never was/violant.
People should make their own stuff as much as possible.
Here in Holland nearly everything is made in China..
So then such a country becomes more and more dependend on the Big..Everything.
That is totaly unhealthy..
for the world

@ But I think that Trump is not that bad as evryone says or thinks right now.
@ I even understood that the upmars to the whitehouse in this way was not
@ at all what he wanted. it even works against him also.

S*, that's a very charitable view of Trump. It's a reminder of the inherent
goodness at everyone's core. However well meaning his intentions may
be though, the hard evidence of his actions belies them. It's primarily
those actions and the incendiary rhetoric behind them that have resulted
in his second impeachment.

Charles Manson was convicted on seven counts of first-degree murder without himself shedding blood. It was enough that he offered his followers justification and targets.

Didn't Trump direct his followers to the Capitol and supply them with a reason to interrupt proceedings? If he acknowledged Biden's win and they stormed the building, it would all be on them, but he refused to concede and insisted tirelessly that the election was stolen. Is it his fault that the crowd took what he said and ran with it? Yes. He encouraged them.

"Accessory before the fact refers to a person who aids, abets, counsels, commands or encourages the commission of a felony without actually being present at the scene. Such a person is also guilty of the crime."

Pithy Lil pumpernickel Joey gonna run a game with Xi and Vladimir and Lil Kim? I don't think so. He can't even run a shred of course in verbal control over his thoughts without reading what they're telling him to say. The Dem run USA is a failed experiment it's about to hit the wall and take the entire planet with it.

It's blatantly obvious to anyone with a semblance of an unbiased mind to see how this manipulated con is playing out.

USA has weakened it's positive influence in the world. With Biden under orders from the oligarchy that run his racket this planet is in a far worse place to negotiate anything resulting in a world of problematic situations that hit the markets and the political fallout spectrum.

The ringleaders who run the power game behind the Biden Harris circus are taking this project to a new level of doomsday prophecy because they have no idea the degree of responsibility and resistance to worldwide fragility their pitiful power game is going to require.

Washington was in better shape under a Trumpian rule of relative objectivism than under the Pelosi Clinton Obama lockstep legislation carrying out the sinister sequences planned for by the Rockefeller Gates Soros Bezos Vatican UN coalition of madhouse megalomaniac elitist drive into the abyss of a straight jacket world under their insane unchecked and unbridled hegemony and mindlessly manipulated unilateral control.

@ He can't even run a shred of course in verbal control over his thoughts without reading
@ what they're telling him to say.

Have considered turning this into a rap song? Seriously, I sense some
real talent.

"How can I tell you lying when you telling me the lies you tell"
--Unknown rapper

Interesting thread of comment. A broad spectrum of reactions to this polarizing post.

Um - The philosopher
s* - The hope against all hope believer
Dungeness - The debate team president
anami - The objective reasoner
Rev - The instigator
Yuhu - The instigator’s redneck cousin

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