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January 07, 2021


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Fortunately or unfortunately—depending on how you look at it—objectivity and subjectivity are more influenced by the collective consciousness you choose to engage with.

If you think you really control your own thoughts, try immersing yourself in an environment of opposite thinking individuals for a month or so. I guarantee you’ll start to view things differently. It doesn’t matter who you are—this is an Iron Age rule.

@ Evidence can get us back on track, if we're wise enough to collect it, or recognize it.

I think that's when mindfulness (the "take a few deep breaths" moment) becomes
essential. Panic/emotion wrests that inner observer from us. We sense intuitively
that we need to slow down the racing juggernaut of thought. That slow-down lets
us catch the mind red-handed promoting its conspiracy theories and knee-jerk
beliefs about what went wrong.

We can think more clearly. We see the evidence that was already within us. It
just took the nudge of mindfulness.

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