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December 24, 2020


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I attended a Hindu session on meditation. Before entering the room there was a sign that said "the your ego and your cell phone at the door."

Itś very relaxing to just sit and do nothing also in your mind.
The relaxing is even in the body..

I am curious how it goes trough the day..
It is different from mindfullness..

"Zen is a merger of at least two immensely important but diverse traditions—the Daoist tradition from China and the Buddhist tradition from India. To understand Zen, it’s helpful to recall the major tenets of those two traditions, which we reviewed in prior columns."

"The riddle, like all the Zen coagons, has one objective—to help the student realize the limits of rational and discursive thought. Solutions do not emanate from reason but rather are the product of sudden insight. The riddle calls for a major paradigm shift and an abandonment of rationality. We are prisoners of our own concepts, reason, language and logic. The minute we try to perceive the problem—the actual sound of one hand clapping—we limit our thinking, box ourselves in and miss the entire objective of this teaching experience. For Zen, we need to react from intuition, not reason, from spontaneity, not reflection."


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