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December 05, 2020


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Steven Stills CSNY + Buffalo Springfield

Love the one you're with

"Love the one you're with."Steven you are right on.

Rose, my wife of 50 years, share with me the highs of life and gets me through the lows. Love love...even when you cannot love life.

Beautiful ☺️

Love the one your with... sometimes you get what you need... two out of three ain’t bad—same message basically.

But I believe in truuu love... something more like Satan and 2020 (in case you didn’t see my videos in open thread I’ve copied them here).



To be with what life gives you is a good feeling.
Feeling thankfull is lovely..
We are in a learning proces, even if we do not always see it like that..
Just ´Be´ is nice..no matter what ;0)

When we quiet ourselves we become aware of an immense being, LIFE, whom we had neglected in favor of our invented identity, manufactured relationships, and their inevitable maintenance issues. To love the one we are truly with, is the One we were pining for all along. Like the Wizard of Oz, the object of our true desire wasn't some imagined person in some imagined place or time, but right inside each of us, more stunning than we could have imagined. Love the one you're re with, right inside yourself, don't neglect them. They are right here and now.

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