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December 07, 2020


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Every day we must build and rebuild the atmosphere for His presence. But the foundation of that practce is rebuilding our own sense of identity, self and purpose. The foundation of our relationship with God is our relationship with our own identity, to know ourself, including the fictional creation we identify with, the character we invent that has our name, that must be reconstructed constantly to survive.

And yet oddly, it is when we can put that imaginary identity aside, let it go, which is a very natural process when the habit of piling up that wall of persona is gently dismantled, that this ecstatic Presence at call God really shines through.

Humans doubt themselves, and give there power away to so called fake gurus , a classic example being GSD. These charlatins invade your perception. The sleeping put these con artists on pedestals, and so they get trapped into the illusion these leeches, parasites provide. The illusion of a dera, a fake sanctuary, embedding beliefs like fake karmic dept, and being made to feel guilty and ashamed ....etc.
Like a virus , it tricks the poor sangat mind, and they are skillfully be friended by the so called lords of the soul , and then they slowly take over ones senses and critically thinking faculty. The sleeping are trapped and are told to surrender everything, while the fake gurus give nothing in return. Just look at how much gurinder singh dhillon, the billionaire baba, has gained from the massive promotion from just a sales rep? He must have thought he won the jack pot. So to find god, (yourself,) eliminate where he is not learn and live your life

"I’m from the U.K. and I don’t see any spirituality or love in this place - Sadly all I see is are typical Indians with typical Indian traits which have not been washed away - Indians love money, they love to show-off and boast - this is what you see here ... rows and rows of BMWs and Mercedes Benz."

Hm. One might think this over-generalization reflects prejudice. Dare I say racism? Didn't the British love of materialism and power form the basis of colonialism and enslavement around the globe, including of the peoples of India?

Perhaps it's the choice of cars. If it isn't Rolls Royce and Land Rover it's crass noveau rich?

The key is the phrase" all I see ". Since we know there are many fine people in all cultures, including both India and Sant Mat, and maybe even a few white folks in Britain (at least in theory) perhaps mister / miss Judgie should adjust their blinkers. A broad brush is never fine.

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