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December 20, 2020


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What about people who rise up and look down at their own bodies and see everything that’s going on in the room from and out of body experience? What neurological state explains that?

There is an excellent book on a similar topic: "My Stroke of Insight / A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey," by Jill Bolte Taylor.

Good question Persimmon.
Some people did not see with their eyes of course,
but saw and heard everything in the room..
I really think what they tell is true.
And docters and nurses were confirming what the patients told them
about what they saw and heard.

The mind body link is a wonderful mystery worth unraveling. Those versed in being able to repeat these astounding internal experiences at will report a completely different perspective, one not quite so attached to daily material things, to social status or worldly power. They happily report that ecstasy awaits those who practice dying while living. If that is hard wired into our biochemistry, than I say the body has much more wisdom than we do. A wisdom we should all become students of. To that hidden pathway I say "Bravo! Well done, Nature! Beautiful, Evolution!"

@Persimmon: What about people who stand up and look down on their own body and see everything that is going on in space, from and outside of body experience? What neurological condition explains this?

There are excellent studies and experiments on this condition.
Susan Blackmore, who had a compelling out-of-body experience herself, went in search of these supernatural processes. Unfortunately she found no evidence.
An interesting film:
Have fun gaining knowledge

Guys check out some of Ian Stevensons work if you are interested in NDEs/Reincarnation. I like our author of the blog can't quite place what I believe in as far as what happens after this plane. But Scientific American actually wrote an article on him not too long ago and reviewed his scientific methodology etc and it was a very positive article.

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