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December 17, 2020


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Does Gray’s book say anything about the Egyptian worship of cats?

Indeed, “cats are not ruled by words” especially the words no and stfu. We’ve had 5 cats during our marriage and the last one left alive is 16 years old. He still owns us. We keep saying we’ll never get another cat but honestly, I don’t know what we’d have left to talk about... they’ve saved our marriage. 😸 💕

My DOGma ate my karma.
Yes, I went there.

My DOGma ate my karma.
Yes, I went there.

Posted by: anami | December 18, 2020 at 10:39 AM

No you didn’t. 😑


entomology: the ant-thesis of dogma. catma is to dogma, as a fickel cat is to a loyal dog.

“1. a catma is a belief espoused by a relgion which must be understood by all members of that religion. although it must be understood, it does not have to be accepted as truth because proof of the catma may not yet exist or be accepted, or that proof requires postulates that the adherant to the religion may not presently accept.

karma is a catma to hinduism.

a’la’s perfection and omnicence is a catma to islam. (it is not a dogma becuase islam has no central hierarchal structure to enforce any dogmas.)
that all religions are one is a catma to baha’i.”


Catma, that's a new one!

I goofed the pun. Usually it's "My karma ran over your dogma" or something like that, right?


Haha, yess...

When I was a “fair” person I thought karma was such an enlightened concept. Because, you know, suffering always ends with such good results. 🙄

Suffering begets suffering. I’m about over it.

Pets, sadly, usually die in disease and pain. And often in neglect. Often their death is for our convenience. We didn't intend to give them up for adoption, or euthanize them, but our life, and their suffering lead us to make decisions we never thought we would have to make. From a broader perspective, almost everyone dies in pain, trauma, or that is cut short by killing. Rare are the few who die peacefully in sleep. But it remains a question whether the deaths of our pets are more or less tragic than our own. If we can prepare for an easier, less painful transition, naturally, by the practice of meditation, of "dying daily" using the capability built into the body, I would suggest it is a good use of our human capabilities. If something is built into our own body to deal with the inevitable, that we can develop for that, a happy, ecstatic transition, then I believe wisdom lies in using it, developing it, however that is couched in culture - bound terminology. If worshipping an idea of life itself beyond this limited life gives us that, changes even our biochemistry and even our brain functioning for the good, so that we carry that reservoir of peace and happiness through all kinds of difficulties including decline and death, than it is foolish not to pursue it.

We can look to the fate of our beloved pets to accept the inevitable, and pursue what nature has wonderfully provided for each of us, if we accept the inevitability of our death, while there is still time to develop this power, and give that required time to developing this latent potential.

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