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November 05, 2020


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>>Yet religions hold up perfection as an attainable ideal. For example, they speak of having perfect faith, as if this was possible.<<

In the world of opposites only this or that exists and neither this or that

A door is either open or closed.

Replace door by any other word you like....faith, master, love, devotion etc.

"One in all, all in One. If only this is realized, there is no worry about not being
perfect.” The Third Patriarch of Zen [Seng ts’an]

The old wabi sabi eh! A very user friendly concept/notion. As different from wa..sabi – the hot version. The term reminded me of a seemingly related saying I discovered the other day attributed to mystics in the Kashmir Shaivist tradition - ‘ditto nitto’. It means “No sooner seen than gone” and can be understood as seeing something as it truly is. Such seeing is a process where consciousness ‘recognises’ itself and dissolves/is digested to be no longer separated.
If you throw in some Buddhist core teaching then life and the search for truth could be seen as experiencing a sort of condimentous kind of meal.
We get served up a bowl of Dukkha which is fairly unpalatable.
Add to it some wabi sabi and the contents can be viewed much more favourably with a greater willingness to partake.
If we save space for dessert then we could enjoy some ditto nitto and relish the taste accruing from some serious digestion!
Best to all

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