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November 23, 2020


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I wonder if animals feel that "kinship" when they, kill, eat other animals for their living.
Ism's like veganism are all to human.
And in psychology the definition of intelligence is ... that, what can be measured with an intelligence test.
And ... no other animals has the capacity to re-create its habitat ... go to the moon. That makes them more free than other animals and even more than trees ..... freedom of what.
Religion is a tool used by humans to survive .... it is not a cause ... And like any other tool it can be used with a variety of intentions ... some good, some bad.

We just had this conversation in our house yesterday talking about our senile 16 year old cat and super intelligent dog (whose 5th birthday just happens to be today).

I agree, humans aren’t superior, just different. If you look at it from a Buddhist or Eastern Philosophy perspective, the squirrel in your yard might be your uncle from a past life. And that’s a really weird thing when you think about it from the perspective of certain traditions. I mean, if your dog or cat or cow was a human in a past life where they had a certain “level of consciousness” then are we to assume that mind or consciousness was lost??? Hmm 🤔 where did that consciousness go when they transmigrated?

Honestly I don’t know and I really don’t care. All I know is humans are responsible for taking care of all living creatures as best they can. Not so sure “God” really used the word “dominion”. I think humans conveniently and selfishly translated whatever was supposedly said into the Bible to justify eating meat after the great deluge.

No animal or human “deserves” to suffer. I’m horrified at the way humans treat animals. Absolutely horrified and disgusted.

OK, so I wasn’t there when the “dominion” conversation came up but I’m pretty sure it got lost in translation.

If I dropped of my kids at a daycare or school and told the teachers they were in charge and then came back later only to discover that they had eaten the children... things would end very badly.

@ Humans are indeed animals of the primate variety. We're close relatives to chimpanzees,
@ with whom we shared a common ancestor about six million years ago.

Monkeys beg to differ:


Some Humans can be way worse than animals, just take a quick look at (GSD and the rs cult) and some animals can behave alot better than Humans. We live in a very inexcusable earth in which we all have a responsibility towards life and its inhabitants. As the saying goes...
Live and Let Live GSD time to stop being the oppressing chimp.

This is precious https://youtu.be/iJPXhL5MdiU


Love that poem. Thanks for sharing!

I feel really bad for calling my 16 year old cat senile. He's actually hyperthyroid and really anxious because of his condition. We had to buy stuff to calm him down and are taking him to the vet to get proper medication for him. It's weird how the older and more frail he gets, the more adorable and precious he is to me.

‘….there isn't human intelligence and animal intelligence. There is just intelligence, which comes in lots of different forms depending on what a species needs to know in order to survive and prosper…’

I’ve just started reading a book that appears to get right into this, only it’s about fungi and is called “Entangled Life” by Merlin Sheldrake a biologist.
I’m enjoying how he’s really questioning why we see things the way we do and have this tendency to anthropomorphise other life forms to somehow understand them. I believe he makes interesting parallels on pg 48:

‘Fungi may not have brains, but their many options entail decisions. Their fickle environments entail improvisation. Their trials entail errors. Whether in the homing response of hyphae within a mycelial network, the sexual attraction between two hyphae in separate mycelial networks, the vital fascination between a mycorrhizal hypha and a plant root, or the fatal attraction of a nematode to a fungal toxic droplet, fungi actively sense and interpret their worlds, even if we have no way of knowing what it is LIKE for a hypha to sense or interpret.’
(Hypha = growing fungal filamentous thread).

Hi Tim,

I’m a big fan of Sheldrake too. His ideas and lectures are fascinating. Isn’t thought basically viewed as sense perception by material reductionists? So, we perform “thinking” through cells that aren’t always in the brain. I’m not even sure if a thought can be quantified. Thought is awareness but there are no “thought cells” in the body, right?

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