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November 14, 2020


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@ So wisdom, or spiritual growth, doesn't reside in finding something unchangeable in us
@ or the world, but in grasping that everything, us naturally included, is interconnected
@ with everything else in a seamless web of ever-changing causes and conditions without end.

Mystics would agree "finding something unchangeable in the world or us"
isn't possible because you're grasping that notion via thought instead
of an intuitive knowing beyond mechanical thinking. No matter how
profound the thought, it predicates a subject/object duality. The mystic
"experience" (that's the closest word to its actuality as I understand it) is
a state of awareness that transcends that duality.

Mystic awareness just "is". The moment you frame a question about its
nature or ponder how to describe it or opine how it's achieved, you've
lost the game. You've become inextricably trapped in time and duality.
These disclaimers fall short as well.

The worn out adage of mystics "Neti, Neti" (not this, not this) applies. It's
the only recourse in trying to suggest its reality though. It boggles the
mind. It can only be "experienced". A sudden knowing gives hints at best.
You are swept away by an ineffable love, appreciate beauty but can't
explain it, feel an overwhelming certitude, or are gripped by profound
gratefulness for something undefinable. You've slipped out of time and
the "surly bounds of earth".

I agree with all of the above. ✅

Meditation helps our mind be still and focus. Even if you think you’re not thinking you’re still focusing which is part of “using the mind”... which is essentially still part of thinking. All the mind can do is think in some form or another. Meditation helps one control the mind. But it doesn’t necessarily make one kinder or more loving, it just strengthens one's ability to direct their mind. Psychopaths are pretty focused. So, strengthening the mind is like sharpening the saw. You need clear thinking to make sure you use the saw for constructive means.

Just remember, in the “realm of demons” there’s a lot of mystical shit goin on as well.

“Mystical” is overused and not very well understood.

Mysticism doesn’t equate with decency anymore than logic does. How one operates in any given mental state depends entirely upon the heart and convictions of the individual.

Reason is neither right nor wrong, it’s merely a tool.

Altered states aren’t right or wrong either. They’re merely another way of looking at “life”. You have to Direct your mind.

It’s ALL in the mind. ALL of it. You can meditate all day long every day but it won’t make you a better person until you understand what love is. The astral and causal realms have their fair share of unpleasant “people” too.

Forced stillness is not silence. 2mins into video

The very effort to meditate creates duality

OK, well that's the first time I've ever heard Osho's voice.

I don't understand why anyone would want one Rolls Royce let alone 99. I can't take him seriously at all.

Forced stillness is not silence... true but he still sounds totally stoned.

Central to every Buddhist tradition is the concept of reincarnation. This is a supernatural claim which has absolutely no evidence for in reality. It is therefore a religion, just like any any other, albeit one without a creator.

Secondly, it’s not clear thinking at all. What is the Buddhist explanation for how the universe originated? Buddhism teaches that everything depends on everything else: present events are caused by past events and become the cause of future events. All good and well but where do things originally come from in such a causal system? No answer. Totally unclear.

Buddhism has a lot of chickens but no eggs. Or which came first??

Love your post Dungness..

People seem to think karma is purely linear.

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