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November 06, 2020


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You write you are happy ....
but ....
maybe only for a short while!!!

I saw and heard his son ... and ...what I saw an heard doesn't promises an future to be happy about.

It is not over, because those who are followers of him are still there, filled to their red necks with frustration, anger and fake news.

But for now .... all of you have a good day.

They think it's over
The fat lady hasn't even begun to clear her throat yet.
Watch the shenanigans that follow next.

and ... I do remember an saying from the underclasses in south America dominated and neglected by the establishment and elite of the country

When they beat us with the stick, we bow our backs and protect our heads with our hands .... we suffer ... but after generations those who inflict that suffering,will get so tired from beating us, that they will lose the very strength to even lift their arm to hit us .... than we will raise up and turn them down.

The raise of Trump should be an warning ... it is like the rumbling of a volcano.

Trump is not the problem ... he is just the proverbial bird in the mine.

Hate to break it you but trump still won something like 47% of the vote - that’s huge.

Even with all the negative publicity this was a very close run thing. And even with Biden winning, half the country can’t stand him or the other progressives that make up the other half of the country.

Big problems ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2nd war of northern aggression takes place.

My money is on the south this time - while I am general sympathetic to a more leftist view , I can see the overly pc correct brigade getting a sound ass kicking from the Trumpster’s brethren.

@ My money is on the south this time - while I am general sympathetic to a more leftist view
@ I can see the overly pc correct brigade getting a sound ass kicking from the Trumpster’s
@ brethren.

General "J",
With all due respect, I think there are honorable people on both sides.
But to demonize Trump or Conway or Biden, Pelosi, etc is a tactical
blunder. A fatal one.

Just think about the mega-tons of energy, fear, and vitriol we invest in
"being right", to "winning at all costs". We lose our humanity and all sense
of proportion in the pursuit. Halleujah, an enemy was vanquished. The
hill is taken only to be lost in a counter attack a few days later.

All mystics say the real enemy is inside us. The worthy opponent is mind.
Its mastery is what matters, not the useless skirmishing outside for a pieces
of dirt. Overcome the core obstacle. You'll be better equipped to fight
the endless battles outside.


After watching the childish nature of the debates, I think it’s highly debatable whether there are honorable ppl on both sides. Gdam they are like kids. V funny stuff watching them trying to be all presidential like.

Frankly I’m amazed at the level of support Trump actually has, despite the media’s coverage of him.

There is a deep level of resentment and unhappiness brimming just beneath the surface in the land of the free. Half the population don’t give a flying fig about the woke progressive views of the west coast navel-gazers and east coast NY times readers. In fact they seem positively enraged that these useless pontificators even exist, let alone foist their worldviews on everyone else.

I say bring on the popcorn. Funny times ahead. The Mason-Dixon Line may still be of relevance.

Almost every time I read or hear a progressive expressing their opposition to Trump, their reasons have to do with Trump's personality, his manner, demeanor, etc. Almost never do I hear about his policy.

We've had four years of no new wars, and Trump even wanted to bring back troops from the Mid-East. But now with Biden, the defense industry has an establishment politician who is more likely to get us back to the business of war. Will you be happy with your vote if the U.S. gets engaged in yet another conflict? I know you don't believe that our government is straight-forward with its citizens when it comes to selling their wars. So do you believe it's worth getting Trump out if it means another quagmire?

Problems we need a new president to address:
Kids in cages
White supremacy
Environmental destruction - will cause more loss of life than COVID in the not too distant future

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