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October 16, 2020


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Those who really believe, have confidence in, convinced that, have faith in, trust, love etc never feel the need to justify it ... they are just happy with it

There is nothing special about spirituality, nor about atheism ... it is just one of the many ways of life one can feel comfortable with.

Justifications to self and others, unasked for, tells a story of unconscious deep rooted doubts.

That cartoon could represent the Trump administration.

Another piece on atheism? When will you realize that you're 20 years too late? All the New Atheism books were written long ago, everyone knows the arguments, and your dick and jane atheism 101 essays add nothing new to the topic.

You repeat the dogma that "science is self-correcting." Actually, we're seeing abundant evidence that the scientific community's opinions follow waves of cultural trends, and free-thinkers that buck the status quo are censored and squashed just like in the worst religious communities. Quite often, science does not self-correct. If that were true then there would be no more scientific support for pre-teen transexuals, veganism, or letting forests pile up dead flammable matter. There would be no support for ideas like opening the prisons and shutting down police departments.

I don’t know... the countries in the world that have atheism as there official religion are run by supreme assholes.

I think there are just as many nice spiritual people as there are nice atheists and vice versa. A person’s beliefs have little bearing on what’s in their heart. Simply because our beliefs are based on stories. We create stories to explain the world around us. Our mind needs these stories to help us make sense of this world. And while you might find two people who believe the same story, one might be kind and the other might be selfish.

You wake up in the morning and realizing you’ve been dreaming. What if you wake up to another level of reality at some point.

Who would buy winter tires living near the equator? That makes no sense. And it's silly to see a cult of believers down there driving around with winter tires and snow chains.

But for those who have experienced snow on a regular basis, then, of course, snow tires.

The experience, repeated, becomes the teacher, the self - correction to our opinions about it.

We live, and form beliefs, around our experience.

The experience of divine ecstacy also drives all sorts of strange beliefs.

And the experience of others believing in something out of desperation is also a reflection of the reality of that desperation.

But where you get snow, you prepare for the journey with snow tires, and of course, the best AWD SUV you can get your hands on. You take a drive or on a winter's night and see such stars beyond count, and such clarity!

When equatorians claim there is no such thing as snow, you accept their reality.

If they should fly up to your neck of the woods in winter they would appreciate the need for snow tires and the right vehicle.

And having visited the equator, or at least listened to their descriptions of their weather, appreciate their total lack of need for them.

"total lack of need for them...."
Because when everything else calms down, and dusk turns to night, they will also see the same stars.

Spiritual dictators and Atheist dictators are the same. They are incapable of putting themselves in other people’s shoes, because a dictator creates a world that revolves around them.

It is not the beliefs that maketh a man, it is the behavior.

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