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October 05, 2020


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from above:
"But we usually don't stop there. Rather than just seeing, we act upon what we notice instead. "I shouldn't be wanting pizza. I must stop this desire for pizza."
This very reaction is already more craving. We're desiring an end to desire. We're doing the usual thing again -- reaching for, insisting, grabbing. This is bondage, not freedom."

The whole issue is that Buddha, Nanak and zen clearly points to something that we DON'T understand.

We are attached to DOING and ACHIEVING and ATTAINING.

which works fine in the world.

we make enlightenment another goal just like our other goals

So out list of goals might be:
1. get healthy
2. buy a million dollar house
3. get enlightened
4. get a new relationship - the existing one doesn't work

We think that we can achieve enlightenment the same way as the rest of our goals.
Just try really hard. meditate hard - focus.

when the reality is - it cannot possibly work that way.

As long as you are making enlightenment a goal - you will fail.

Desiring to be desireless is guaranteed to fail because the very desire
instantly guarantees failure.
"Let go of desiring" includes the desire to let go of desiring.
and why? what is the reason to stop desiring?
whatever that reason is - is itself a desire.

it is impossible to "be desireless"

Happy birthday Brian!
Hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun. ยท

Happy birthday Brian Ji!

@ As long as you are making enlightenment a goal - you will fail.

I believe mystics will disagree. Transcending the mind's illusions
is foundational to every spiritual path. The striving to achieve a
goal falls away but failures will be part of the transformational
arc. It's misleading and hollow to claim aspiration itself dooms
you to failure.

Ishwar Puri's short clip on moving from illusion to reality:

It only means that the self cannot be ...... SEEN
That doesn't mean there is no self

The right view of .... WHAT?

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