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October 03, 2020


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Hi Brian,
Sounds like you have conflated “seriousness,” with “appearances” or "happenings".

For example, I may have a bear chasing me in a dream. That is an actuality and no matter how hard I try to deny it, it happened. Was it serious? No.

Should I take that actual dream event seriously?

Statistically, Trump has over a 95% chance of surviving. Humans all over the world get sick. Does that mean we should all cower in our basements in fear, close down our businesses and never come out?

I guess if you are an atheist it does mean that. Most atheists say life is so precious that even if you can prolong it one minute that it better than the non-existence that happens after death. So do whatever it takes to prolong physical life even seconds... that’s how precious life is over the non-existence that awaits us. Thus every form of fear, tyranny and lack of freedom is justified even if it saves only one life for only hours.

Theists have no such worries, that is to say, true Theists, not phonies.

I doubt that Biden wins this election. If he does God help Yankee doodle land.

Here’s a vey believable conspiracy theory—Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis is fake news—just to detract from the monumental train wreck of the debate. It’s the the best the White House could do to slow down the momentum of bad press rolling out from the Presidential debate, a.k.a., The End of Democracy.

"Donald Trump didn't believe in the seriousness of the coronavirus. He thought it would go away when the United States had just 15 cases. He thought it would go away in warmer weather. He thought this country had turned the corner on the pandemic. Those beliefs, and many more, were spectacularly wrong."

Posted by Brian Hines in Books, Reality | October 03, 2020 at 02:45 PM

I accepted Mr. President's initial downplay, especially because I had been visiting the mountains daily to further my climbing experience, and didn't have much contact with other people. My brief solitude made me feel safe. But, things of this nature are never to be taken lightly as I am a true believer of mother nature who is A Force To Reckoned With
(as defined by https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/a%20force%20to%20reckon%20with)

Mouth caps are horrible!!
My granddaughter goes to school again after being a bit sick.
I hope she has not to ware a mouth cap because she is vulnarable with longs etc..
Itś not healthy at all to ware them.

if you could speak on videos for 1 hour non stop on any topic, you wouldn't write blogs or books , you would make videos like Ishwar Puri does ; your friend David C Lane didn't tell you this reality. It seems you were/ are sleeping even after reading and writing many books. Perhaps, you could not understand the falsehood of education system fed to you since your childhood to protect British Hegemony present in false education system.

"Religions also have a shaky relationship with reality.

They love to talk about things for which there is no demonstrable proof of their existence. God. Heaven. Soul. Spirit. Devil. Afterlife. Angels. Etc. Etc. And they are reluctant to talk about things that clearly exist, such as evolution and the Big Bang.

It's not like you had any inclination towards atheism on your own. If Laurel had been a Christian Scientist then you most definitely would be a Christian Scientist as well. You're a Libran. Librans completely lose all sense of self when they're in a relationship. At least be open to that reality...

Sonia, what you say isn't true. I had strong leanings toward atheism for a long time, well before I met Laurel. I've always been scientifically minded, not believing in traditional religion. Even when I embraced Sant Mat, it was with a scientific attitude. I'll give the experiment of mediation a try.

When Laurel and I met in 1989, I was still embracing the RSSB teachings. And Laurel was heavily into New Age teachings, including channeling. I had my audiotapes of Charan Singh. She would get regular recordings of someone whose name I'm forgotten, who would go into a supposed trance state, then connect with supposed supernatural beings who would speak through him.

So I believed some weird stuff, and so did Laurel. She'd ask me how I knew what I believed was true, and I'd ask her the same question. Bit by bit, over the years we evolved in the same direction -- toward atheism. Now we agree on almost everything.

Almost certainly, God doesn't exist. There is no life after death. Religions are B.S.

But we arrived at these conclusions in somewhat different ways, because our supernatural beliefs we started with were different. Hope this explains that Laurel didn't make me an atheist, nor did I make her into one. We simply shared ideas with each other over many years and came to the same conclusions.

This is worth reading - a well principled article


Anyone serious about truth moves to Atheism. And through it. But Faith may have helped them get there. Because belief in an absolute truth, a principle that is true for all time, or at least persistent as a force of nature,an ultimate force, among the fewest possible forces, is also the foundational belief of science. The reward of an active faith is experience, realization and understanding. It is its own science.

God most certainly does exist, but who is it, what is it? Does he think and make decisions? God is the ultimate ADD adult. Because, in love with God, we get answers and understandings to questions we never asked. And the questions we did ask are often forgotten. The science of spirituality is accepting all of what arises to our view as truth, whether physical, psychological, symbolic or social.

When I wrie God exists, that is no God that can be described except in ecstatic terms. But physical reality is His footprint. Consisder the elegance and complexity of nature. Where did all that come from? Then we discover, through investigation, a beautiful evolutionary process that mindlessly creates all the most complex designs. It tests! It conducts the most complex experiments! Results immediately go into production! And become the universal standard! The word design is anthropomorphic, because all came into being without thought. What we call thought is a biological process. But wisdom and understanding, even the entire creation, emerges without thinking at all. And that is genius. The divine spark, the empty space around which forms the vessel. The vessel in love with the invisible space it is shaped around, the space in love with the vessel it creates, just by existing as a non - existant space. The love affair of God with each of us! Our absolute worship and adoration of Him, the unknown and unknowable space.

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