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October 26, 2020


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Buddhism is no ancient teaching, if it exists. Because then it must exist in the understanding of today's human beings. And that means it is a re - creation, a re-invention within each who has a view, whether positive or negative, of Buddhism.

Because a teaching can only exist and have current support if it has relevance. Its interpretation within the context of today is its only means of survival and propagation.

We choose what to believe, and we shape it according to what we understand. In this way each person creates their own version of any system of belief or practice, including the practice of science. And that develops as they continue to look, to see, to discuss, to interpret.

Each day is another grand experiment, ripe for observation, reflection, analysis and discussion.

And each of us, whether we like it or not, ultimately chooses what to believe from all of that, and so we ourselves, each of us, invents our own beliefs.

@ I like how Buddhism is in line with modern neuroscience in how it denies the
@ existence of an enduring self or soul. ...
@ The way I see it, Buddhism, along with any other philosophy or approach
@ to living, must continually evolve as fresh ideas and new facts about the
@ world are known.

To the extent Buddhism [and/or neuroscience] denies an enduring self,
or any theory, they abandon that evolutionary approach. They set up
a holy altar of "externally observable fact" only. The worshipper who
enters must genuflect before this altar and heed its orthodoxy.

The problem with that rigid approach is that the observer is integrally
a part of the observation and its outcome. . It is foundational to the
development of quantum mechanics. Einstein in the last moments of
life, said, “I did not give enough attention to the role of an observer.”
A dreamer and co-dreamer testify they both observed the same
monster until they wake up and discover the monster has vanished.

The mystic however doesn't limit his gaze. He looks to see what is
observed inside as well as outside. The observer becomes a key
player. What is seen inside is vetted and subject to standards of
proof just as rigorous as those applied to objects of observation
outside. "Where was my attention", the mystic asks, "when I saw
the luminous image within? Does it disappear? Reappear?"

Mysticism and physical science can co-exist amicably. Both
steer clear of blind belief. They should refuse to kowtow before
an altar of sacred inviolable scriptures dictating what truth is and
where it can be found. Their approach should remain a "sturdy
vessel of our ideals and aspirations, not a derelict sailing ship
locked in the ice of a world far from our own."


Mysticism and physical science can co-exist amicably.

Yes ofcourse they do, so I see it.

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