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October 30, 2020


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👹 ❤️ 2020
A Ryan Reynolds production. Here’s the sequel: https://youtu.be/OTmozhwk9rw

The externals of religion--symbols, institutions, doctrines, practices--can be examined separately . . . . But these things are not in themselves religion, which lies, rather, in the area of what these mean to those involved. The student is making effective progress when he recognizes that he has to do not with religious systems basically but with religious persons: or at least something interior to persons.

Wilfred Cantwell Smith, "Comparative Religion: Whither and Why?", pp 142-143

Wilfred Cantwell Smith makes many important points in these quotations; some of you may want to read his whole essay as part of your learning in this class. The idea that Buddhist scriptures are better seen as qualities of personal living rather than as authoritative books is very suggestive, its significance grows as one reflects on its implications.

The insistence that the study of humankind is by inference is also very suggestive and its significance also grows as one explores its significance. If we say that we know that it is a fact that there are persons in this world the very sight of whose face makes one happy. I know personally that this is a fact when I see with my mind's eye my daughter's face. When we acknowledge such realities, we have to ask ourselves how can we make a factual statement about the reality of that person's face? If we are talking about another person and their happiness, whatever we say will always be by what we know--are sure of--by inference. To paraphrase Smith, "The student is making effective progress when she recognizes that to make a factual statement about the reality of that person's face, she has to do not with what is on that person's birth certificate (which can be observed by anyone) but with at least something interior to persons and also something about persons relationally." Something that is today, carefully, maybe with a message for me; something that makes today better, something that makes me look forward to tomorrow.

Finally, let's linger over Smith's comment, "We are studying, then, something not directly observable. let us be quite clear about this, and bold. Personally, I believe this to be true finally of all work in the humanities, and believe that we should not be plaintive about it or try somehow to circumvent it. It is our glory that we study not things but qualities of personal living."

Smith puts the study of religion firmly in the Humanities here, and this is, I think, very important. There is no doubt that the knowledge that we learn about what Smith calls "the observables" in religion is important for understanding Buddhist scriptures, but so is what we learn when we study what is not directly observable, but only known through inference. We should also note that studying what is not directly observable always involves a transformation of the knower in a way that is not always necessary when we study what is observable.

This is just to say that in the Humanities, the ways that we include what is not directly observable in our explorations not only changes what we know about what can be directly observed--adding density to them--it can also change us as person, changing us in ways that when we look back at what has happened to us, we can say that we "have grown."

We study in the ways that we do in the Humanities not only to learn about other men and women, but also to learn about ourselves. We can learn about other men and women by taking the necessary risks of inferring from ourselves, and we can learn about ourselves from other men and women too.

Wooow Anami
So Welcome
That indeed might work as a thermostate
Thank You


Maybe elderly people are more worried about catching COVID... I don’t know but I think overall it must be a lot easier for seniors. I mean so many of the kids across the country are failing school because of the poor, ineffective homeschooling program that was created, people are losing their jobs, getting their pay cut and having an extremely difficult time finding employment. I would be phenomenally grateful to be a senior citizen right now. This is a special kind of hell for people trying to create a life and start careers.

I really feel for the youth. Drug and alcohol abuse is through the roof. Suicide and depression too.

It’s really difficult to ignore the book of Revelations at this point. I mean, I don’t even believe in it and yet it’s all coming true!!

This is a special kind of Hell.

It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the end of the world as we know it and no one feels fine.




So, apparently “the end times” is a routine occurrence for humans throughout history. Plagues, famines, religious fanatics, and beastly political rulers are pretty standard.


Nothin’ new here. This is just a typical human experience... “end o’ times”

We’re just beginning to understand Covid better. Definitely worth reading. Stuff you need to be aware of . . .


I’m sure many of you are familiar with this book, but for those who haven’t I highly recommend it. I absolutely love it. It’s in my top ten favorite books.

‘The Map of Consciousness Explained’
—Dr. David R. Hawkins
(teachings on human consciousness and their associated energy fields)

It’s just .99 cents on Google play books :)

It also shows how the zealot and the atheist are on the same level—they’re both 100% certain that they’re right. 100% surety of what you think is best for everyone else is arrogance.

Brian you talk about Sam Harris a lot this is his latest podcast on the mind and meditation


Sounds like the marriage of science and spirituality

“When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth, just like you did.”

I’m just curious, does revenge feel as good as you’d hoped it would?

Hey Other Jen
I had a listen to the Sam Harris talk which of course is only part of the discussion he was having with the researcher. Based on what I heard the first 30 mins or so were only skimming over the topic, i.e. the bringing together of science and spirituality.
However, what I thought was particularly good was the section between 13 and 17mins where Harris talks about meditation. Here, he’s basically saying that a lot of meditational practice operates in a dualistic way and that he’s more inclined toward non-dual approaches.
He also states that after massive sustained concentration using dualistic methods the non-dual state can be revealed - often haphazardly, but all this ‘effort’ may not be necessary - we just need to recognise that what we are is this ‘open condition in which everything is appearing’ (16.12), and what we become mindful of is ‘that there is no subject in the middle of consciousness’ (16.58).
This of course again makes me wonder where practices such as prescribed by the likes of RSSB fit. Basically, you’re told you are something separate that needs to get from A to B. And getting from A to B involves you the subject witnessing/seeing and hearing objects within consciousness. As I understand it, this keeps the practitioner in duality according to Harris. He says that ‘subject object perception is an illusion and it is the primary illusion that meditation is designed to cut through’(14.00). Makes good sense to me.

This is pretty much how my day went.


And then I took a bunch of klonopin with 2 Red Bull’s. Yup.

Mama said there’d be days like this...

Well, happy holidays everyone. I need to get busy with all the holiday baking and decorating and quarantining. It’s going to be a make believe Christmas.

See you next year!

Hi Tim I too enjoyed this podcast of Harris especially the part where he speaks of meditation. I think sant mat meditation is non dualistic in itself as the objective to to loose the self and merge into the shabd.
These are stages where we go from
Hearing the shabd and having a subject object experience to merging where the self is lost. Hard to explain anyways his descriptions and interpretations completely resonated with me.
Have a good day

I never was, so I always will be

And while this is all consciousness
your part of That will be what you believe, imagine (Dhyan), LOVE, . . . . .


Well, in all fairness to Judy’s remark, GSD did admit to keeping several photos of pretty young girls from Haynes Park on his phone. I know that sounds crazy but I along with several hundred other people witnessed the conversation he had about it with a sevadar from Haynes Park. He got defensive about it and said there was nothing wrong with it. I’m sure his wife didn’t agree. Poor woman.

Posted by: Sonia | December 11, 2020 at 04:03 AM

me :
Those might be girls for marrying to Satsangi boys
anything else like vacation
like I had a giant still reverberating revelation at seeing a girl ( not my spouse )
seeing where her Soul cosmicly came from
though hyper beautiful in my Eyes and SimranSounds swelling UP & UP
and my Master also present, explaining
and only having to do with the highest chakra

So if these revelations are common
and I would save such portrait in my Iphone, . . why shouldn't HE

This Path is much more a living fairy tale
than the dryness all people r writing about

Let's again wait the comments here about kundalini , OMG


Forget about the pictures on someone else's phone. What pictures do we keep on our phone? If you are proud of your pictures and your purity, why then jump to feeding your mind anything salacious, like your imagined pictures on his phone? If you don't like poison, why drink it?

@ ...GSD did admit to keeping several photos of pretty young girls from Haynes Park
@ on his phone.

Sorry for the flashback, but I recall Maharaji Charan Singh took lots of
photos and, with a special bond for children, it would be unsurprising
if a few of them were "captured". During his world tour in 1970 he was
"ambushed" by a class of Mexican children at the Pyramids. The group
of about fifty ran whooping and laughing to surround him. There's a
memorable photo of the scene in the book "Thus Saith the Master",
pg 102-103.

Only intense Love does it
. . . and HE can give that
we humans can cry for that ( whatever it is )


MaharaJI became 105, the 12TH
Happy Birthday , ...... beloved of The SatGuru (Sp Letters)

Sleep just isn't sleep anymore, it's an escape.

I don't really give a shit about the pictures on his phone. I was pissed off about something else. Naturally, I took the high road and started hurling borderline comical accusations. I'm not good with apologies--they usually just turn into another fight about something else, so.... anyway.


“🎄🍪🧁☃️🧑‍🎄🧸🥳 “

Nice 👌 your 83/4 year old mind is sharper than mine.

Thought you didn’t “see” things. 👁:)

I’ve always wondered why our brains reverse images and why we have two of everything.

The Devil: Atheists? Over here please. You must be feeling a right bunch of nitwits.


www.difinithing.com is pretty entertaining.

Georgy will like this one:

head up ass disease—
head up -ss disease, in other words, someone has huad when his/her perception of a situation is so unusual or extremely inaccurate, most are left speechless.

he really thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. she has head up -ss disease.


Cats ?

So comprehensble, logical thanks to the Masters is:

""" Before Abraham,, . . . . I AM ..... Terrific Delicious Shabd """


If saying the above in yr ears is 1 %%% true
Why resist
At least it is something you can figure out . . .
What in atheism makes U happy?


Actually, that’s a good point. What is it about atheism that makes some people happy?? What does it give you? Does it take away the fear of superstitions?

I need a really good binge worthy tv series. I’ve got two weeks off and I don’t even begin to know what to do with myself.

(Txt partly stolen partly modified)

Everything you want is coming, karma_wise
Relax and let the universe pick the timing and
the way. You just need TRUST that what
you want will come, and watch how it comes


but I'm a coward !

This fact is the same trap as Faust's
"Do three wishes!"
Fastest way to hell


Aliens are no atheists
They wonder about the Soul
Now use xxx_qubit devices

I see it as more modern AI Alester Crowley research
Now it might end somewhat better 4brahm
They might find him or a sub-sub-sub-leuitenant




I get it though, if you think someone else created this life your living in this hellish world then naturally you would think that creator is evil. But only crazy people believe in evil so it’s much easier to rationalize that there is no god, which is exactly what I would do if I felt powerless to change this experience. I would hate god if I didn’t realize that “he is we”. But as it is... it’s an awareness thing. Awareness of your own power to change.

Gurinder : perfect living example, because I have just proved he is not!!!

I don t need - He got that """" "make a ripple in the Force Package"""""
to reset a person
It's stated on paper and some can see Him & Charan to confirm

🌺. Another RSSB follower. 🌺

I can imagine karma_wise some are not happy

In such cases
best, I guess is:
Pray to your inner "God"
to give U one or some SERENDIPITIES

Serendipities are stuff or happenings in your life that are IMPOSSIBLE
to happen and just they happen
Even without Sound_attention ( obviously assumed by me )
It will be flabbergasting and even one serendipity will help you big time
much more convincing
than being judgmental if. your Baba might be eventually a serial killer
Back to the start where "Gos" might put U on a Path!?!?


To see better what serendipities are , read my comments!
Don't believe me, . . just look what happens in YOUR Life

Here little one

On our way to Dera we took AEROFLOT
whichcougn t avoid snowstorm
and we found ourself in Kiev airport wiyj 10 OOO Russians
packed in an hangar
This was going to take 12 hours at least, bo chairs, only vodka and. chicken

After half an hour a beautiful lady appeared and said in good English
"Please follow me, . . . I hv been ordered yo bring
you to your quarters
Yes, exhausted and cold we did and were put in kind of Breznev quarters
and slept all the following hours

Now, like so many other happenings we know that
SHE was HUZUR ( Multipositioning ) MAHARAJI Himself doing this

Nothing changed since Jesus
But read my lips : I find necessary to give the guys & babes a little bit more of Shabd
on a daily basis - as pepper and salt on our daily food
I plan to propose Sweet Huzur MaharaJI to this effect
Also give cal an upper cut


Horrific and Disgusting attempt to clear RSSB name

This reported in Indian news —

And then RSSB posts this to make girl seem like she was lying because it happened in their facility


It blows my mind how any human being can be so selfish, egocentric, and just plain evil as gurinder Singh Dhillon. He is truly wicked. He shows no remorse or concern for his wife. He is a pervert always chasing after women. He sits back and laughs at his nephews and disciples who are rotting in jail because of him. He thinks it’s all a joke and that he’s going to get away with it all. He’s got another thing coming.

RSSB made the announcement of Shabnam’s death but there are no records of her being in any hospital in the UK during November 2019. None! So, nobody knows how she really died. Or where, or when.

As U know I happen to have got this beautiful Sound , a tone, a chord I could say
At tiniest it resonances a little with the highest C on a synthesiser but 2 octaves higher, . . I can'T explain better
It’s the Source of Myself and everything that lives, all that exists
It’s our Soul
Everybody has it, if not one couldn’t exist, live but most people
Can’t concentrate on it
To much other stuff all the time


BUT IT IS ( I try to explain). SWEETER, LIKE GOOSE BUMPS although
Goose bumps is from lower chakras , lower than 6th

Also THAT TONE is in co-herance with the 5 words package

IT IS THE Holy Ghost
The évangiles trie to explain also but cannot, . . next they try to speak about some
Secondary effects like “speaking tongues, languages” or doing miracles ( the sides )
Don’t dare to touch these as a RSSB disciple
Therefore it’s always once Master operating NOT THE DISCIPLE

It swells when contemplating Gurinder
Then the whole world might condemn HIM, . . . MY SHABD does NOT, . . .
It’s jubilating

I think this text I have to public in brian’s

°° Beg 4it ; . . Catch IT


Physical realm request

Thank U again for your advises
It helps
even warming up my feet before sleep
prevents immediate sweat outbreak
This might be great advise for many meno paused women

Its there a reader here, who was connected or knows about
Ranbaxy's later Sun's manufacturing of HYDERGINE
I m looking for some chemical student or engineer able
to produce some Hydergine for me
I guess from jail one of the brothers reading here
and can help
Of course I will pay expenses
Thank you for connecting to me here or at [email protected]



Thanks! Happy to help!

Hydergine has other trade names like Hydergina, Gerimal, Niloric, Redizork, Alkergot, Cicanol, Redergin, Hydrine (Thailand)...
It's also known as ergoloid mesylates (USA), co-dergocrine mesilate (Britain) or dihydroergotoxine mesylate.

Here there's a long list of brand names and countries...

France: Dulcion, Ergodose, Optamine, Simactil, Zenium
Nederland: Hydroxium

Can't you get a local version?

Nobody here wishes to swim in the
Sound Stream a little bit
or ad fundum .?

Again much gratitude from me
for your broad searches and given info
It s really A LOT

A producer couldn't t be found by myself easily but karma will tell

Strange is
I hv once in a while this fainting, almost
Then aspirine plus 1 gram Vit C brings me back if & after one hour sleep
but Hydergina works faster
It reminds me to my first description read about it, 50 years ago
that brain tissue healed 50 times faster after head injuries using this alkaline

So let's see what I can find and what th Mauj is / will be

Let go.
The creation runs fine on its own. A river adapts naturally. It has its own, active intelligence. You are a small part of it. Learn from her. She is Wisdom.

Don't hold onto an opinion. It is a static old, lifeless thing. A leaf long dead and dried of all life. It died and became out of date the moment you began to speak.

Let things go. Hands that grasp, filled with possession, can't receive greater things.

Foeget the past. The river that flows past you is also flowing to you.


Time to write about

Science and stress
Believe something really & happiness


Imagine your belief is TRUTH
what a boon

your science is false
what a ( I don t know how deep that stress is going )


So Nice at 07:77
I Love HIM



Oh GOD, in my next life , . . right after the Anahabd Shabd and the than actual Master , pls let me love Jazz music even more than now



Blind Devotions

Please elaborate somewhat on the FACT
that those people have way more peaceful
deaths than atheists
If it ain't broke, . . don't fix it!
You go where y'r heart already is


The funny thing is that religious patients are more likely to want intensive medical intervention!

What you say is a kind of a Poll

So, they take the risk?!?
Depends somewhat of the status of the given IC also

But many polls confirm religiously being helpful


And since your idea, now I have a tiny little stove
for my feet
Works indeed directly on the transpiration like an ON/OFF
I like it
Imagine a nail that switching the Shabd ON
I Like to propose that to THE Authority

I found the foot idea by SERENDIPITY! (looking without much success for an answer in Chinese medicine)

If you adopt a belief system that some people will suffer after death then aren’t you essentially acting as their judge? By taking part in that belief you play a role in the judgement. You’re contributing to the perpetuation of judgement.

None of this is Real. None of it. We just keep playing along... this silly game.

Anything that isn’t Real can be changed. Think about that long and hard.

Most people don’t believe in God. They want to but they just can’t. The willingness to give up control keeps people from seeing. And seeing is believing.

All the churches and synagogues and mosques and holy places are filled with nonbelievers. People aren’t willing to let go of judgement, and without letting go of judgement they keep themselves from seeing and experiencing pure love. Pure love carries no fear and fear only comes from judgement. Society teaches there would be absolute chaos if we didn’t have some sort of threat of hell or karmic retribution to pay when we die. The carrot is heaven, the stick is hell. We’ve done this to ourselves. We’ve created a society of fearful disbelievers. And we blame God for our fear and pain. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It wouldn’t be this way if we truly knew what love was.

But we’re in our infancy of understanding.

Inside every place of worship and every congregation of atheists/agnostics are nonbelievers desperately seeking the truth but unwilling to let go of judgement.

Responsibility is redefined

Brian , just tell us how you think we should redifine
and when it is pure & honest (DEEP in you) it will be granted
in your universe


“To the mind that is still, the entire universe surrenders.” — I Ching


One can’t force the mind to be still. Stillness implies no resistance. Stillness implies peace. A peaceful mindset.

Gurinders package does
We said both the same!


2 minutes video...


"The Hadza tribe of northern Tanzania - one of the last hunter-gatherer societies on Earth. Sitting by the fire, thoughts of the peculiar trajectory of Homo Sapiens and the many shapes of human wisdom flicker in his heart, as he ponders the gaps, large and small, between his world and theirs."

Still it
Only by surrending to LOVE

..... and whatever that is ....... only The Lover knows

haha like Rumi all the time or Ramana or Gurinder who then adds that seva ( meditation)
does not give it
but when the Guru is pleased with that effort
HE can just grant it, . . . Sound

I like this kind of Firewall way
It's solid
Nobody can ever say : "I did it" *
Nobody can
Neither Gurinder or Charan or Sawan
but their Master can
Nobody can crack or hack this system
OMG .... Wow


"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. "
— Albert Einstein —



IN the 4TH & 6th Chakras mainly ; observing, I shout in myself
MaharaJI YOU are so You Beautifull


Open Thread 40 oe 41 ?

That's all

"We are closer to God when we are asking questions than when we think we have the answers."
— Abraham Joshua Heschel —

Next we give up


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