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October 30, 2020


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Bad Boy Billionaires of India released on Netflix recently. Insightful...

Check it out: https://youtu.be/YvEzJCGw0xM

They all have a lot in common but seems the one thing that precipitated their downfall was the desire to go global—to be the biggest and best in the world. Like world domination... I guess that’s never a good goal to have.
Ego 🤯 💣 💥


This is discussed in the latest Q&A


Starting at 11.07 min

Several times Said that God is a Love accumulator
but how can that correspond with the "nothing_ness"

A jeeva approaching the Fibonacci Center, is really is what S/He. remembers
forgetting . . . . non-sense (part of illusinoir being)

That forgetting becomes bigger and bigger part
So, in that center is only what is worth to be


I typed the above before having seen the
Purpose of life chapter
Sad story, . . . really
You found that nice Brian?

You just have no say in this accumulation of Love

You invented it
You fine_tuned it
including your actual ignorance about it
but be calm,
the result is ten thousand Lovers and you
are afraid that eternity passes much to fast

BabaJi can't say that - Disciples faint already
by hearing the word 'butt', but Love is
helping an old cross the street to start with



Donald Trump as POTUS

Brian You didn't t place my last one

Like Lucifer U can't stand you have to deliver yourself

Doing this is narcotic like trump



Wabi sabi: imperfection
Everything temporal is. imperfect

Only the.💥. Anahabad. Shabd. Sound Frequency. 💥. is eternal and we can Love it and BE IT


Pastor Carl! Say it ain't so!


The state of nothingness and nonbeing happens when the mind is inactive. It’s a state of supreme tranquility and bliss. It’s different from what we think of as happiness.

The mind never stops. It’s always in some sort of active form. It’s associated with air but is easier to understand if you think of it like water. It’s always flowing. All we can do is direct the mind. We can still the mind or repeat a mantra or focus our attention on specific things which we call thoughts. And “thoughts” are funny things because they have no beginning and no end—they’re just one long continuous stream. However, we tend to look at a section of the stream and call it a thought.

Past the mind there is no direction, no flow, nothing to still. There’s just the part of us that’s really real. And at that stage all the weight of this duality is lifted. That’s why it’s blissful.

It can enjoy the Shabd next go for it

Water is nice c q blood
It connects to the Shabd and has memory
therefore we ( The Willing ) can "eventually" remember that we are pure Shabd , totally
There exists no better proposition or axioma s

WE developed it when still THE Divine



I feel like I need a cipher to understand your messages.

Yes, water has memory (that much I got out of it). Every particle in this world has memory—isn’t that fascinating. :)

Only in time can memory exist. Past, present, future are all “here”. That’s why the future isn’t destiny—the future has already happened. (Just food for thought...)

I just finished watching Togo. I’ve never cried so much at a movie in my life.


That’s why the future isn’t destiny—the future has already happened. (Just food for thought...)

We might say / think :
All this ctreation
is a way "during time" to be for 99,9% in Orgasme
HIS/HER pratiki side
The Purusha side then is to relax from all that Arousal

Let's react on coming insults to the Almighty because so much sadness we see
Karma is only for pussing a jeeva Upwards when nothing else can do
It's no revenge - Justice without satisfaction they say
Brian wrote about it


And WE did that
Who else could? . . ?
We are Him/Her IN DISGUISE



I don’t know if I agree with you or not because you write in such an abstract way. I think I get what you are trying to say... but not 100% sure that I do. 🧐

The numbers just don’t add up...


WHAT is the US doing to have such high COVID cases compared to every other country? And HOW are China’s numbers so low??? Theoretically we should all be practicing whatever it is that China is doing when you look at these numbers. It’s as if they have it completely under control. But it makes no sense. It makes no sense at all...


That is because we can only have intuition!

Reflecting on the worg 'Eternal' , . . it is a long time
But not for the One who spoke one word and there was time

I axiomad : HE might have pauses too

What is sure is : YOU ARE THAT ONE
Read JapJI : You are all That
Beautifully translated like Shakespeare by GOPAL SINGH
a link on my youtube.com/ankhaton named
the reason for creation
in de upper right corner
It s so long ago, I paraphrasing my own link



me with some super help


Brans book
That's what emptiness is all about. The emptiness of inherent existence

This is what Brahm, ParaBrahm
will grant you with their trap and if you succeed with ascese, . . .
next waiting eons and universes untill he will succeed passing Sunna

By contrast The Anahabat Delicious and Joyous Sweet Music is here and now and eternal and we can BE IT


"God" "Soul" "Spirit" "Heaven" These sorts of words have meaning only in the sense that people use them in sentences that sound meaningful, but actually lack any substance grounded in reality.

If you haven't these intuitions
You still can Try Music


Beautiful astral meditation like NDE story with music
see 48:00
of Eben Alexander
a Neuro surgeon


Lots of health and intuition everybody


7, this was phenomenal!!!

@ Sonia

Thank you for putting up the link to this video.

Although it is difficult these days to listen to this type of information, I managed to do so to the very end. It also brought tears to my at the very end; tears I mentally cannot understand or explain ... probably resonation within the man's voice ... anyway.

It confirms the idea I have about the birth of many things spiritual.
- there is a person that has an inner experience
- overwhelmed by that experience he speaks up to those around.
- those around hearing what he says are overwhelmed too and are eager to believe each and every word.
- the idea arises on both side to have the same experience
- techniques are developed to manipulate the brain trying to bring these experiences to them.
- due to the sort of experience all are convince of an supra reality of the experience.
- so the many techniques are developed, and this time it is called sacred acoustics.

There is something however that makes me ponder again and again and is best explained with the example of how the Hebrews of yore that came to believe that there is a god and that this god gave them a piece of land, the now state of Israel and that they are gong to live in that land of milk and honey as an chosen people.

Given the fact that people do have these kind of experiences, all over the place and at all time during history, there is no reason to thing that the narrative is incorrect. There must have been an man that had this experience of divine command ... the problem however is, that the same god never spoke to the spiritual and worldly elders of all the other tribes in those days around the world, telling them about his promises and gift to the Hebrews.

This, once of a time occurrence to just ONE person, makes it doubtful that these claims are made by a cause beyond their own brain and .... the existence of an personal over-consciousness.

I do also believe the claims this doctor makes that he can recreate the state he was in by using this or that techniques but I do doubt if others are capable of doing so. What explains the the often heard complaint from people having meditated for decades without any result

Just my personal opinion.


Just saw that 777 had posted the link .. so thanks to him.

The result of the fact that some mystics are remembered and others not, and some demagogues were lifted on the shield of war , these days Mr. Trump, and others not as to do with the NEEDS of the people listening to hem,...who HEAR what they SAY ...and experience it as the ultimate solution for their otherwise unsolvable problems of life.

As far as I know their is no exception to that rule.

So, needs of the masses are a prerequisite, a sine qua non, for the words of demagogues, worldly and spiritual to be heard and accepted.

Like there would be no bakers or bakeries without the need of the masses for others to bake their bread.

Hi um,

Yes, I reposted it hoping more people would watch it. I just viewed it last night for the first time and I can’t explain exactly why, but it had a profound effect on me in that it helped me examine my own behavior and attitudes. In my mind I’m always analyzing what people say and calculating what I think they are right or wrong about and then I arrogantly proceed to “correct” them. Even when I try to do it in a positive way, the point is words aren’t as powerful as thoughts. If we stop being critical in our minds towards others and stop dissecting every single word they say, it’s easier to have empathy and love. There’s really no need to criticize or correct everything you disagree with. People express themselves and how you respond to them is what heals or harms that relationship. I try not to hurt people but I find I am much quicker to criticize and be critical of those closest to me and ironically those I care about most—the people in my “soul group”. There are lessons we have to learn from certain people in our lives. Most of these lessons have to do with the simple fact that we need to love and respect everyone—especially those who challenge us the most.

I mean, isn’t that what life is about? Realizing “God” in everyone? If we can’t recognize that power in the people around us then how will we ever recognize it in ourselves. If we think we are truly separate from others or more special and don’t recognize the “God” in others then our faith is sort of a lie, right?

It made me wonder why every religious/spiritual org has conditions for “being saved, getting to heaven”. They all say you have to do it their way and that you’re lost or somehow separate from Love if you don’t. For a very long time now religious and spiritual organizations have been saying that being a loving person and loving others isn’t good enough. I’m seriously wondering when this line of thinking started. Is it this type of thinking that started the Iron Age? I don’t know... But how can you say you love “God” or believe that you are spiritual if you don’t recognize that same power is equally present in all of us? By seeing it in others you help them see it in themselves.

Anyway, for some reason his experience made me realize that I’m very critical in my thinking. Discernment is a good thing but we all have our own experiences and shouldn’t feel threatened by the fact that others experience spirituality differently. Who am I to say they’re right or wrong? More than anything I need to stop worrying as much about controlling my behavior and start really worrying about or focusing on controlling my thoughts because it’s our thoughts that prompt us to behave the way we do. And even if we don’t express our thoughts they still create an energy that other people pick up on either consciously or subconsciously.

No two satsangis or people from other spiritual groups... or even people who are “spiritually independent” have the same experiences inside. Similar maybe but not the same. If everything in the causal and astral and physical realms are truly “unreal” (in varying degrees) then how can we expect that there is only one way to experience the divine?

My first description
of higher spheres
was from Yogananda s
chapter 14 I think
where Sri Tukteswar
is explaining
It is in ebook somewhere

I commented here about it
and how MaharaJI took
the form of the Yogananda stuff CEO
and guided us to RSSB

google in Brian s frame 777 Piet Romein

True actualy > 1000 NDEs are available


@ sonia

I wrote 3 times an answer but could not manage to send it. I don know why. I give in ... :-)

@ Sonia
>> No two satsangis or people from other spiritual groups... or even people who are “spiritually independent” have the same experiences inside. Similar maybe but not the same. If everything in the causal and astral and physical realms are truly “unreal” (in varying degrees) then how can we expect that there is only one way to experience the divine? <<

I will give it another try :-)

Whatever exist is [a] an unique variation [Sonia] of [b] the same, human, women etc.

The path leading up to that experience cannot but be the same for all human beings, .... IF ..... if that experience is to be had [a] by humans and [b] inside humans.

Walking the same path leading up to having the experience is done in an individual, unique way. Having had the experience, the experience itself can be perceived, processed and expressed by every individual in a different way.

@ sonia

I wrote 3 times an answer but could not manage to send it. I don know why. I give in ... :-)

Posted by: um | November 20, 2020 at 03:49 AM

Oh bummer! I’ve had weird tech problems this week too... time to clean up my laptop. :-/

I sent the link to my mother-in-law to watch along with a link to another video on the topic of NDEs, OBEs, childhood past life memories. Apparently a lot of research as been done on childhood past life memories over the past 50+ years at University of Virginia and other places because it’s so common
(I wasn’t even aware it was a thing). They discussed other phenomena associated with dying as well. It was hosted by John Cleese. He had a panel of doctors who shared their research and answered questions. Fascinating stuff.

Anyway she said she’s looking forward to dying now (she’s 83). 😄

Here’s the link (it’s long but you can watch it in segments). https://youtu.be/4RGizqsLumo

@ Sonia

Another fund raising video. :-) The end was interesting as it disclosed their purposes in terms of finding scientific proof for an afterlife of some sorts / an alternative to materialism.

That the messages were not posted, was not due to technical problems ... I deleted them.
Sometime I just don't manage to post them due to inner resistance ...without knowing what it actually is.


Death comes for each of us. Our focus should be on preparation. It is the great launch. We would like our ship to fly to the stars, further still to our birthplace, and not orbit and return here. This is a foreign planet and not our home. The pilot of the ship must be focused and prepared for the flight. It doesn't steer itself, except for the default autopilot for orbit, re-entry and landing. We have a role to meet our Master at the space station, change vehicles, allowing this one to return to earth, and proceed into deep space without any other distractions. This is how best to prepare our friends and relations for that moment, so that we can remain undistracted by anything else, including and especially the past. We aren't waiting. We have plenty to do on launch day. A pilot must be focused on their job. Like all things in life, we have a role to play. There is no death as some define it. It is however the most crucial transition and we must be doing our part. Those who do not believe in transition should not be distracting those preparing for it. Certainly not by drawing their attention to the past. We have work to do in that moment, and in preparation, like any program to train astronauts. It takes years. But when the time comes, we need to be buckled in, all systems checked and started, eyes on the monitor, heart to the stars.

all symbolism is personal, all regions are individual, . .
Posted by: 777 | May 03, 2019 at 02:37 AM

Well said. 👏

But what the hell are astronauts with such focus doing shagging outside their marriages for? Surely this is a distraction? Ground control to major Tom - wakey wakey.

@ Spence

There are those who have so called inner experiences and those who have not.

The first have to deal with the content of their experiences i.r.t death and the others what they are told by their parents, local clergy and scientists.

As I wrote before, ....IF ....if the experience of Abraham, peace be upon him, is caused by something other than himself, he, that cause, could and SHOULD have informed the elders of all tribes in the world about his decision, that the tribe of Abraham would be his chosen people and the land of Israel for all days to come their heritage. He did not, and see the consequences thereof in history, until these days. I guess a court would find an article in the books of law, on which that cause can and should be sentenced, dipriving people from information that is vital to their welfare.

The same holds for things as karma. reincarnation, afterlife etc. ...IF .... if there is a cause that has a plan with people on earth, he could and SHOULD have that known to each and every living creature. That would be fair instead of delivering them to HEARSAY, speculations etc of clergy and the lonely mystic that had an experience.

Every living thing and creature has an build in drive to stay alive .... the abstract projection of that drive makes people believe in after lives etc based on hearsay, who use it to their personal advantage in this world.

What you wrote, is a stage play, a drama, a game ... written by humans, believed by humans, acted out by them. For some it is a pleasure for others not; makes it live easier or more problematic.

It is a pity that games have to be presented to others as reality, to be believed and played properly.!!

Hi Um
Abraham could only speak to his own experience. He experienced what he believed was God's instruction. And he followed it, and led others as well. It was his truth and it became the tribe's truth. It had utility for the time, and there is inspiration for others. What today can we take from Abraham's own journey? That we can find connection within ourselves, that God can live in us. But that is a personal God. If you believe my God is also yours, that becomes your personal God, which you choose. That is you own chosen faith, by choice, your commitment to it: your BarMitzvah. You make that personal choice. You stay with your commitment and develop yourself in it. And His presence can give you great peace, strength and insight. There can only be one God for anyone, and yes, physically, biologically, it is the same God. A personal God.

God 's covenant with Abraham and all the people of Israel happened in a dream, if you will re-read those passages. He found himself in a place where flesh was divided, and he walked between the two halves of the flesh to meet the Lord. And that is where the covenant was made, at twilight, where two realities were divided and Abraham walked between those, having separated from the flesh.

There is the inner reality, where we find God, and there is also His presence with us here, where we walk through this divided world in His company. And we ourselves must separate from the two halves of the flesh, and as our conscious self, walk through that narrow pathway between to meet the Lord within ourselves.

People trusted Abraham's vision and believed this was the covenant meant as the path for all the Israelites, and that would be everyone in the world. In other words, each of us must walk on that path for ourselves. That is the covenant. If we will do that we will find nectar, food in abundance, and the Lord 's peace and protection. And that may appear different to each. The mind is a symbolic machine.

In Isaiah you can read that on God's holy mountain all people return to that inner Israel. And in Leviticus all the citizens of Israel, including foreigners living there, regardless of belief, are forgiven of their sins by God himself every year. And in the year of Jubilee, all people in that nation are to forgive each other and even all financial debts. We can do this right now for ourselves and each other. We could make 2020 the year of Jubilee just forgiving all loans and all tresspasses. We would only need the faith of a child in our own path, in our own connection with His presence. Then He will, through love, teach you all about letting go for a greater treasure, all about forgiving.

Then each of us can rend asunder this flesh and rise above it. It's not complicated.

You already have an inner experience, Um. It is for you to listen to it, observe it, honor it, become its student, and let it blossom within you. That is your own portable holy scripture. There is none holier. For that you need faith in what is within you. As Christ said, what is within you will save you. What is not within you will destroy you.

It doesn't mean a symbol is what you think it means. But it does mean a symbol reflects something very real, and if you can find that peace within, you can find those teachings right there also.

And that strength, and the Master, and that journey beyond the stars.

Hi Helen
When a crime has been committed, decades ago, there is penance. There is every effort made for those decades to make recompense. The presence of the Master gave me the strength to do it, to give away all I had. And to dedicate my life to my beloved son. Those were His gifts. He made the path easy.

Judging others who have no connection to our life can also be a terrible distraction, a lesson I've been learning.


I don’t know what your ethnicity is but here’s an interesting article:

I guess when more than have the country is forced into an arranged marriage it’s more likely people search for love outside of marriage.

Arranged marriages are sad. They’re purely for maintaining ones status in society and keeping a race “pure”. They’re horrible. I’m writing a paper about it for sociology. This of course is my opinion based on a lot of things, but I haven’t found one good aspect of arranged marriages in my research other than people in countries where arranged marriages are the highest are more likely to tolerate adultery. And that’s not a good thing... it just means those marriages will likely last because the spouse doesn’t really care what the other one is doing OR the spouse is completely trapped in the marriage by society and has to put up with the infidelity, mental, emotional and physical abuse.

Bravo 👏

I can’t remember exactly who it was, but some influential Indian guy was going on about how much better arranged marriages are. Of course, he’s racist too so go figure.

The Queen’s Gambit TV Series is set in my hometown where I grew up... https://youtu.be/CDrieqwSdgI

It’s a smash-hit. I loved it!


@ Spence

>>Abraham could only speak to his own experience. <<

That is not the point, Spence!!
How could he and all those with inner experiences do otherwise?!
It is not about the content of these experiences that I wrote.
But about the claims made based on these experiences and the consequences of believing these claims.

The fact that all these experiences are individual, raises the question if there is a cause for these claims outside and beyond that very individual.

I use the example of Abraham as he told his tribes men that their god had made them his people and that the land of, milk and honey was forgiver theirs .... so far so good ... but that cause, if there is one FAILED to inform the rest of the world .... staring with the people living there .... look friends, I, your god, gave this to Abraham and his people, and you do well to heed my words.

It is this failure and the meaning and consequences for the rest of humanity of this failure that i was pointing at.

If there is a cause that created the experience, and that cause is related to ALL of humanity, that that cause could and should have, informed them too .... he FAILED to do that!! ... and that is the point.


You should watch Britannia. The gods are weird. And the Druids were freaky. Oh, the lakhs and lakhs of gods... 😁 I think that’s the thing. A lot of people worship gods and never get to the oneness/“emptiness”/ultimate reality.

Buddhists have a lot of gods but no supreme god which actually makes sense now that I think about it because at the supreme level there is only one and we are all it.

So, there is no God because there is no god separate from us because we are god. Finally, I get it. But it’s all semantics. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother arguing about it.

I don’t understand ppl that preach. Never have. Never will. I just find it might amusing that those who preach loudest are often the biggest sinners. And then when they pulled up on it - it’s o but we are all sinners and show me he who cast the first stone and all that.

I mean what kind of useless characters are these ppl. They all the same kind of holier than thou shrieking from the pulpit bush Baptist’s that Christian countries and its offshoots tend to produce.

And worst of the lot, when the one person they should hold most high fails, or doesn’t even fail but is deemed by them to have failed, they turn on him like a pack of rabid hyenas. I just don’t get these kind of ppl, let alone so-called disciples. Who needs enemies. With friends like those. As for spiritual adepts, don’t make me laugh.

Wierd ain’t it?

Maybe I am setup a different way. I don’t particularly give a flying fk about arranged marriages, extramarital shagging or any kind of moralizing - but it strikes me if someone does something v good for you or your family, you should try repay that kindness, rather than trying tear that person down. Anyways It looks like the main man is innocent - no surprises there really.


Think each second that You are HER
The "Who am I" is solved
Next mandatory mix with :

"So says Nanak, . . the lowliest of the lowly
sacrifice I am unto Thee, Oh Holy"

That s IT



It’s funny how some people have the ability to get under your skin more than others. Anyway, would wish you a happy thanksgiving but that’s not really your thing.

Play some chess.

Maybe I am setup a different way. I don’t particularly give a flying fk about arranged marriages, extramarital shagging or any kind of moralizing - but it strikes me if someone does something v good for you or your family, you should try repay that kindness, rather than trying tear that person down. Anyways It looks like the main man is innocent - no surprises there really.

Posted by: Kimosabe | November 23, 2020 at 03:05 PM

Princess Georgina, I seriously doubt your guy goes around hating people as much as you do.

Yeah, Georgy, we already know you don’t give a “flying fk” about morality. You’ve made that abundantly clear.

One last thing—

I don’t know about Spencer’s son’s experience, but as for my husband’s experience at the Christmas party, you have invalidated that by everything you’ve said and done. Party tricks. I’m more worried for his soul than ever before and yes I’m well aware of the time.

How to have a nice balance between chakras
( sex & divine arousal )
with ( 4satsangis ) the accent on the highest chakra


With lots of humour
Corresponds with my idea of Love :
"One needs TWO to dance the tango"


@ Spence e.a.

Yesterday I saw an interview with "Joseph Chilton Pearce". The first video on youtube when you use his name as search subject. He is the writer of the crack in the cosmic egg.

Probably a man that speaks your language of the heart. :-)

Speaking that way seems to be reserved for those who have inner experiences.
What i have to say about that subject I did.
As far as I understand these experiences like NDE etc are all sort of "gift"...what doesn't mean there is a giver but only to say that they were not generated at will by them but received.
Some, most?, found later on, an way to re-create those experiences.
Having found these means of re-creation they did share them with those around ...understandable :-)

Now the question arises:
"can these experiences be artificially generated by others, using the manipulating of the mind/body as done by the "mystic" the one that received the experience first."
and ....
"what happens at the time of initiation?"... pearce, initiated by Muktananda speaks of "transmission of power" [the opening of the doors of perception].

I wonder if that transmission of power, or the use of these manipulating techniques work for ALL people or only for those few who are born with the needed receptivity like having a talent for say music.

Pearce e.a. use the content of their experiences to enter the world of child psychology and have their say on how the world works and how children should be raised.

One has to realize that the mystic when he speaks uses the same cultural goggles as the one that hears what he has to say ... if they want to communicate. ...and ... doing so he attributes to the notion that ..."things can and should be changed for the better" ... what in turn will add up to the frustration of "not being good" ... which will lead to even more negative feelings they say that are created through the cosmic cultural egg.

I feel that people have to deal with what they encounter in their personal life and nobody else can do that for them.!!

So the mystic has to deal with his experiences like the person that is born rich or poor, healthy or disabled, in this country or another, with his.

To make it clear what I am after ....
There has been in the past a man that was terminal Ill and the doctors could not do a thing for him; whatever they did, didn't work. When he realized that they were not going to help him, he took things in his own hand and started an search. In the end he found that he could cure from his illness by eating grapes. On having refound his health he decided to share his experience with the world and wrote an book on grapes as the cure for all and everything.
..... It didn't work that way for all and everything.

There are more stories around from people who hat gone through the same trajectory.

I came to the conclusion that they were not cured by the means they used but by their determination to live and taking responsibility for it instead of outsourcing it on the medical world.

So it seems that for sowing, the ground in which the seeds falls does matter and if the ground is not fertile,
the quality of the seeds doesn't matter.

That being the case mystics add to the missery of others by making them believe that they too can change, take part in their abundance.

I hate it that i have to write in another language @#%$^%$#


OK... well then, thanks for sharing.

That was a pretty good Ted talk but it really is a complex subject. I think society way oversimplifies it in general. It can be spiritual or really base but either way nobody wants to talk about it. So strange.


me with some super help


Posted by: 777 | November 15, 2020 at 10:31 AM

I just watched this for the first time. Lovely song. I'm impressed that you attempted to play it. Looks like you have quite the studio. Who is the woman on your profile pic? Or is that you? LOL

Hi Um
You write
"The fact that all these experiences are individual, raises the question if there is a cause for these claims outside and beyond that very individual."

That cause would be whatever filtered into that person's psyche.

You write
" I use the example of Abraham as he told his tribes men that their god had made them his people and that the land of, milk and honey was forgiver theirs .... so far so good ... but that cause, if there is one FAILED to inform the rest of the world .... staring with the people living there .... look friends, I, your god, gave this to Abraham and his people, and you do well to heed my words."

You see if God came from the heavens and said do x, y and z really what is the point? I'm not sure I see your point. It's for the person who received that. And if it happened to them and they chose to believe it?

If it happens to you then you can you make your own choices.

Because Abraham said ' I had this weird dream where God came to me and said we Israelites should have these rules to live by...'And if we do that everything will be fine... "

And others said, 'OK, that sounds convincing..let's do that..'

That isn't proof of anything. It is their choice on how to live and what to believe.

That seems to me the point. That it is a matter of choice precisely because it is not a physical truth but a subjective one, which can change as we learn and grow. Or the more we learn the more we change.

Others heard about Abraham and said," well, I follow the teachings of someone else. I was brought up with those and they make more sense to me..."


When it comes to beliefs it's always a personal matter, not a matter of physics. That's a very human thing. We get to choose, and we can be wrong, and if we are fortunate, we learn a few things from experience.

The problem we get into is when you believe your beliefs should take precidence over mine in how I live my life. That leads to wars and bloodshed.

It's the human condition. It's the cost of believing what we choose. But we must choose. We don't get God coming down from the heavens unless that's what' we want or He wants. And sometimes it's not what we want but it is what He wants. Like most things. And then we learn to enjoy His company and want it. And then that's really just for us alone. If it helps us help others I say it's good.

Did Sam, when he was eight years old, really see Baba Ji standing over my shoulder with a smirk on his face? He never wanted to be a Satsangi, never had asked about initiation. Never wanted to be a vegetarian. But I believe he saw what he said he saw and what he drew.

That was not Sam's choice. It was Baba Ji's.

But who knows? Do you need to impose your interpretation on that to feel ok holding to your own beliefs?

O can it just be part of the human experience?

Does it need to be invalidated for you to be comfortable with your own beliefs?

Or can you allow that two contradictory events can actually be part of the human experience?

Maybe miracles do occur? They are certainly experienced all the time.


My Satsangi Wife
Actually she is each and every day and night communicating with beloved MaharaJi Charan Singh Ji.
Saying this, myself after being The Shabd and being HIM
once we changed in exalted BabaJi Gurinder JI,
wonder of wonders
Don't ask me about the billions, . . I only know it's precisely correct karmawise!
up to the penny

Pleasy hear my Obama Song too

"The deepest problems of modern life derive from the claim of the individual to preserve the autonomy and individuality of his existence in the face of overwhelming social forces, of historical heritage, of external culture, and of the technique of life. The fight with nature which primitive man has to wage for his bodily existence attains in this modern form its latest transformation."

'The Metropolis and Mental Life', Georg Simmel

Everything we are is a part of something greater than ourselves. From our DNA to our personality to our place in society. All of it is dependent upon other people and events. We don't own anything except our soul and even that is questionable.

Hi Um
You wrote

"That being the case mystics add to the missery of others by making them believe that they too can change, take part in their abundance."

Well I'm not sure that is so for everyone. Because my experience resonated with the teachings of the mystics and I was seeking some help or guidance with my own experience, I found their teachings enlightening. They describe my own experience quite accurately, and the practice has helped me to expand upon that experience. The experience of Shabd is there, and I am sensitive to it.

So the teachings are right for me. Now, when I read the Bible I see the teachings, in ever more beautiful poetry, simile, parable and metaphor. That is my experience. They are all speaking to the same teachings.

For someone else they may feel differently. Some feel betrayed, etc.. Some see different teachings that appear to them to be unrelated.

So we have not only different experiences but different interpretations of the teachings, hopelessly bound by that level of personal experience.

You can't say they are wrong. That is there experience, and they are honest to own it, to acknowlwdge it. And there are different teachers, some who may be better than others.

But if it is honest to acknowledge one with respect, we should acknowledge them all, if they represent the personal truths of the individual's experience.

I don't think we are in any place to judge the veracity of someone's sincere admission of their experience. Doing so hopelessly imposes our own limited culture, limited thinking.

We may glorify our limitations calling our beliefs 'God' or calling them 'Science'. That is all mental thinking bound by mental limitations, cultural limitations, limited experience. And accepting our limitations is part of accepting the variety of human experience.

Accepting all actually opens the door to acknowldging our own experience and limitations, which is most important. That is all you have to work with. Teachings exist only to help you expand upon that experience, deepen your experience, develop your own innate capacities as a human being, gain enlightenment where there was ignorance. Gain understanding where there was prejudice and bigotry.

But that can't happen unless you can acknowledge that we all have such limits. Not ten years ago. Today. Not 'I was ignorant' but 'I am ignorant'. Because we don't know what we don't know. And we often believe we know what we only believe.

So learning, practice, teachings, following, taking steps, trying something, persisting in working through something, these are all to grow the capacities for love, for understanding, for helpfulness, for compassion, and all the things that make for the best of humanity. And grow the strength to do the right thing. There is no limit to our capacity as human beings to become better people.

Even accepting everyone's personal testimony we still have to take responsibility for our own progress as human beings and that means focus on our own next step. That matters most.

Some make progress by seeing where others are wrong. But the most efficient progress comes when we see where, today, we are wrong. And where we are right. But who thinks they are wrong?

And as for me, because Shabd has always been central to my life, a constant force, that will continue to be what I work with. We work the talents we were given.


You wrote: “Even accepting everyone's personal testimony we still have to take responsibility for our own progress as human beings and that means focus on our own next step. That matters most.”

Yep... I wrote a little while ago that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with analyzing, evaluating, dissecting information for truth. The biggest lesson I’ve learned through this journey of questioning everything is that most of the time we’re all saying the same thing. It’s just that we let words get in the way. :)

I’m less afraid and less judgmental (except for when in comes to Georgy because he knows exactly what to say to push my buttons—you’d think I’d be better at handling that by now).

We’re all little parts of the whole. Interdependent, interconnected individuals. It’s ironic.

I think Shabd (the Force) is central to everyone’s life. I mean, you wouldn’t be alive without it. It’s just some focus on it more than others. Just curious, do you hear the Shabd?

@All my Friends

This at my 84th year might be my last post

Shabd currents are raging through in & out my body which
is partly numb, without any meditation effort
My Imac is close , so I try
although as U know the 5 word package is also hammering
Nothing is unpleasant but merely in sublime expectation
and beautiful
Charan didn't come but came at initiation hals a century ago
and I never told him to go
Also my nose is a kind of numb
We Satsangis like all Souls are surrounded by "angels" ¨¨
but they are in ful admiration of the processus of so called death

It was a real pleasure to participate in discussions here
although it was always feell_like_know vs tiny IQ; also warm Love vs Icy blackness sometimes
Maybe do some corrections before to late
OFC it's never to late but lets say : more light instead of heavy

Try to be the best piece of art you can be via compassion_always and everything will end fine
In the end there is no other place to go and be imbued with and it is "FINE"
Each of us is HIM/HER in amnesia
Wow and Yes The moon was placed 4 billion years ago
for some of their race whoat that time were to cold
So is IAPETUS and Phobos
All for develloping 7 chakra bodies at the right time

Try regularly to see the Sound - it was always in You
but we were to misguided with strange hobbies

It's so fascinating
Sounds are arousing / kind of roaring through my whole body
and it will culminate at the highest point where we trained a little
to keep that place a streaming broadcast thing

So many people die today at Thanks Giving in agony and lonely
but it doesn t have to be that way
The iRanbaxy billions wer exactly following the right karma, some Japanese karma
Please read Jap Ji , . . . the link is on the right upper sight
of my youtube Ankhaton channel
There are 5 or 8 Agi Granth pages and they can bring any Soul to great Hights
Bye Bye everybody
Seek the High Pleasure!
You don t have to drop the other pleasures


@ Spence

Please to read my message again and again. ...

@ Spence

>> And as for me, because Shabd has always been central to my life, a constant force, that will continue to be what I work with. We work the talents we were given. <<

The last word spence sums it all up!!
If you understand that you might understand also what I wrote.

Even a mystic like Christ, knew what I wrote about when he spoke of the seeds falling on different soils.

Experiences are only for those who are given them ... for others what they have to say about them can be a source of missery.

Again, there was ONE man in the past by the name of Abraham that had an experience in which his tribe was given a piece of earth for ever to be theirs and that those belonging to his tribe were the lords chosen ones ....now see what blindly believing this man has caused for missery over the ages until to day. ...

IF that same power that he suggested spoke to him, had spoken to ALL of humanity about these two promisses than there would have been no problem but he failed and by failing one can doubt that there was a causal voice speaking to Abraham in the first place..

I just use it as an example for all claims made by mystics and prophets etc.

And yes i also understand that it must be impossible for those who have these experiences to believe thatreceiving and experience doesn't mean there is an causal giver.

To send a younster to a music pedagogue, that has not talent and make him believe that if he only does his best in following the instructions of his teacher ... does and must add up to the missery of that youngster.

Is it it that difficult to understand?!


Are you kidding me??? Shabnam passed away on this day a year ago. This is REALLY sad. I was just getting used to you. 🥺

Peace be with you. 💗

Now I feel really depressed. 2020 has been a dumpster fire. 😖

I will miss you

Hi Sonia
Thanks for your note. Yes, I hear Shabd all the time, like a flute. At times it deepens. When I focus, when I read a book, when I do a round of Simran. In high school, before I knew there was such a thing as Sant Mat, I would lie down after school, close my eyes, and just listen to the sound of the orchestra, feel the pull of the tide, and watch the lights.

This was one of the things that brought me to the path. And the other was my friend, Tom Curtis.

Within meditation I can traverse the many forms of Shabd. With just a few rounds of Simran I'm sitting in a concert hall and it sounds like an orchestra warming up... Flutes, bells, horns, all at the same time. With focus the bell deepens. In deep meditation it reverbrates deeply and strongly, and there is lightening, the pull, as of the tide when we swim in the ocean, only pulling up. The tide is a vertical one! If I am too heavy I can't move. But the deeper I focus, the lighter I become. It is mental work, but more like excercise. And then transcendence. Along the way there is Master's smiling face. These things are always there but our limited attention takes us to our tasks and our compulsions. There are days, after a heavy meal or stress of some kind, that I can only hear the flute and nothing else. And all I can do in meditation is calm down, with much effort. But I'm thankful for that.

And while I can feel Master's presence, he is not visible. Those days force me to look at my vows, behavior, diet and lifestyle, and work on them. It's a lifetime project. No strong emotions. That's what works for me, though I am an emotional guy. So, that's my life work. I'm polishing the stone in my heart, wearing it away little by little.

And then there are moments when for no reason I can think of, the flute becomes the tide, and draws me in, Master is there, and I must stop, even pull the car off the road, and withdraw for a while. I could go on about it.

Sometimes in the middle of stress Shabd comes and I am in Master's company, feeling protected from my own stupidity. My anxiety is always due to my stupidity. At first I feel He is protecting me from other people. But once I access the higher consciousness, it was all my own blind action and reaction.

I'm surprised that no one here has that experience, except 777.It was common among a few of the Satsangis in my Sangat. And there were those who were working for that experience. But almost everyone I knew had some experience of Shabd they had access to.

But what is the point? Start where you are. I'm not in control. I have limited control. I'm living in a bag of chemicals and have to deal with that. My opinions change day by day. They weren't worth much. But a few convictions are important in these times. There are some things worth fighting for. And we just have to own our own experience honestly.

One thing for certain. In deep meditation you are seeing and thinking with a different mind, a higher part of the brain, a completely different, balanced and wiser self. Nothing here is any value what so ever, seen from there. Gold pours down like a river, and gems like a shower of rain. So because of that experience I don't hold my views here too seriously. I'm better than this, but this is what I've got to live with here. The two are nearly completely distinct perspectives. And I can't sustain that consciousness here for very long. So meditation is essential to becoming my full self, and that is where I'm most comfortable.

I'm a physicist at night but drive a taxi by day. Go figure.

We wish you well, whether to go or stay, as you wish. You gave us poetry and inspiration around the great Truths.

Write if you find the tide brings you back to this shore. Otherwise, Bon Voyage, friend!

Hi Um
You write
"To send a younster to a music pedagogue, that has not talent and make him believe that if he only does his best in following the instructions of his teacher ... does and must add up to the missery of that youngster."

In all events he will be a better musician. Even if he rejects the elite conservatory for the high school orchestra. It happens. It's real for him. And the high school plays well also, including the marching band.

Street musicians are also fabulous.

Seed has been planted. Conservatory is inevitable. So you can say "how miserable" but even exposure to great musicians, even if you are not one yet, is a good thing.

In college there were not enough students for separate levels of Russian, so ten students at different levels were all in the same class. For me, as a beginning student, it was miserable. Two thirds of the stuff I had no comprehension of. The Professor would speak to me randomly and ask some question I had no answer to. I could only shrug. Frustrating, miserable? It forced me to set my own expectations. What words would I expect of myself today? What phrases? I still struggled with what the Professor asked. I was still willing to trying to learn on the spot what he threw at me, and then answer the follow up question. I watched clueless the third year students having lengthy and lively conversations with Professor Prohaskah, as if watching a foreign movie with no subtitles. So frustrating. How was this a good user of my time? In a class of ten the whole hour was the Professor calling on individual students for dialogue.

You just learn to put up with it. And then you understand this is what every child must do to learn a language. Most of what they hear, all of it to start, is outside their capacity for years. Natural.

They have to struggle where most of the environment is busy working, well over their head, and try to get attention to dialogue with the one or two words they are trying to learn today.. Every child is born into a foreign country. Even trying to dialogue with the dog... And mom and dad love that. They think it's silly. They make a game of it. But for the infant it's all work all the time in a very confusing setting.

So leave the Conservatory which is life, and find a club or practice your music on the street, or in the high school band. Whatever 's easiest. That's life too, in its classroom environment.

But the full brunt of reality is just you and reality, inner and outer, and it is far more than some text book description. That's your own experience when you come to accept it. There is far more there, once you open that door by acceptance, than you can handle. But try take it in it's raw state. Learn to see it that way. And if not, then reduce it down to what you can digest.

That's for you to do, at some point. Until then, you can just accept what you can understand, and call the rest "false" if it makes it easier for you.

No God does not write out instructions to reality. God is the reality. The God we read about is the boiled down experience filtered. Real Creator is beyond thought and indestinguishable from every cell in your body, every atom of this creation and all the space around it.

Thanks for reminding again of that movie Togo. I especially cried when after pulling Mr. Seppala through so many miles of treacherous snow Togo finally lies down in the white-out and will not go any further.

Seppala gets off the runners and goes and pleads with him. “Togo, if you stop we die.” But Togo won’t get up. Then the blowing snow clears and Mr. S sees that Togo brought them through it all and they have in fact reached their destination.

@ Spence

I have read both your well written answers to me and Sonia.
There is nothing to say, react or whatever but to just turn around and walk silently away, and forgetting in two or three steps what I read, looking at the birds and the trees around.

Hi Spence,

Thanks for sharing your experience. After doing some research it is apparent that the experience of shabd/sound is a universal phenomenon among all spiritual paths. Today people from many different spiritual philosophies and religions describe having experiences like yours as well as all the inner experiences that the Saints have described.

Each person has to learn how to love. Patience, self-control, discipline are the keys to making progress. What good is a teacher if you don’t have the discipline to follow them. The responsibility starts with us. We can’t blame anyone else.

I think life is a series of lessons. We keep struggling with one thing until we finally learn the lesson it’s trying to teach us. And then we move on to our next lesson. Often we are learning multiple lessons at a time. A lot of people call this karma. If we believe that karma is simply to make us suffer or to tempt us with pleasures that will distract us then we usually end up extending that karma by creating more karma. What I mean is, “karma” is just a temporary lesson. Learn from it and move on. And it’s true you can’t run away from the lessons life is meant to teach you but maintaining your integrity and being disciplined will help you learn those lessons much quicker.

Anyway that’s just my belief based on my own journey. I always had such a bad temper. I don’t think I’m nearly as bad as I used to be but still definitely have more that I need to work on. I’ve never met anyone with a really bad temper who had a peaceful life. So, I guess that’s one of my big lessons. We’ve all got our stuff...


Yes, at that point I wasn’t sure who the Master was. It seemed like Mr. S was the master but in the end it was really Togo.

Gosh, I didn’t really need anymore reasons to cry today. 🥺 I’m exhausted from emotion.

Why attack the messenger if the message rings true?

Is it because such truths are uncomfortable?

Are these not the gems we all seek?

Why attack the messenger if the message rings true?

Is it because such truths are uncomfortable?

Are these not the gems we all seek?

Posted by: Hotlips Hoolahan | November 27, 2020 at 09:33 PM

Who is attacking the messenger?

It was a mini or micro stroke
But a special one
It happened out of the blue a month ago
It's called Bell's Syndrome
Left eye lid and mouth paralysed

Google says it happens @30% above 50 years old
and 50% above 65 years old
Doctors seem to prescribe Prednison but half have some auto healing
which start after 2/3 weeks up to restorring in about half a year

So after what I descriibed it was over, totally restored
Kind of heal processus instead of kill
Made me think of dear professor Batnagar
who started giving away what he possessed, saying I will die
but it didn t happen
Also made me think Gert Schmidt who, having a nice Mercedes
showed Maharaji the long then famous dyke in Holland
and MaharaJI saying I must pee
and Gert just stopped, as no restaurant was in sight
and when Huzur pissed on a tree , Gert felt a hot feel on his prostate
and a week later his doctor said that his cancer was absent

So, I'm just in time to state that all this pain that happens has been generated by our Own SELF
So blame WHITHIN Guys
You are the Creator, without hate, without fear, the Being beyond time

Here it is Sonia :
💗 JAP JI : 💗
By the Grace of the One Supreme Being,
The Eternal,
The All-pervading Purusha,
The Creator, Without Hate, Without Fear,
The Being Beyond Time, Self-existent, The Enlightener, Incarnated, The Master

True at the Beginning, True in the Primeval age
True is He and True He shall be.

Thinking avails not, how so hard one thinks;
Nor silence avails, howsoever one shrinks Into oneself.
Nor hunger goes With the loads of the worlds.
Of a myriad cleverness, not one works.

How then to be True ?
How rend the Veil of shame, untruth?
His Will forsooth
Inborn in us, ingrained°°° in us,
Thou follow.
Thus is Truth attained

The Mighty sing of His Might, and the Blessed of His Light,
some sing that He is distant Far, . .
some sing that He see-eth , watcheth All

Oh Countless sing of countless things, . . He fills them all to overflowing.

True is the Master, True is His Name, . . what offer to make to see His Court,
What words to utter for His support?
meditate thou in the Ambrosial morn on the true Name.

Deathless become they who who hearken to the word, . .
A devotee is foreever joyed and his pain and sin are destroyed.

fathom the deeps of virtue all,
are Glorious like a King, a SHEIKH , a PIR Divine, . .
even the Blind will see the Path Sublime.

They who hear the Word , are the creations Cream, . .
The are the ones approved suprime, . .
are honoured in the court of God, -such beings-,
look beautious in the Counsels of Kings
they fix their minds on the one Master only
they say and do what's thoughtful, Holy . .

And know that Gods doings are beyond the count of us beings, -
Who is it that supports them, . . 't is God,
Whose eternal finger has writ the features, . . and color , kind and form of
all creatures . .
Oh, would one dare to write the account, . . How staggering the count

How Great is His Power, . . How striking His Beauty, . . and of his gifts ,
Oh, who could tell with surity

One Word and the whole Universe throbbed into being,
and myriads rivers of Life came gushing, . .

Powerless am I , Oh Lord , to describe what thy excellence be, . .
sacrifice am I a myriad times unto thee, . .
that what pleaseth Thee is the only good done, . . O THOU the Eternal The
Formless One

Countless the ways of Recitation, . . Countless the ways of Devotion,
Countless the ways of worship, . . countless the aussterities, their
hardships, . .
Countless the books, . . countless the reciters, . .Countless the yogis, .
Countless the men of piety, . .countless the men of merci
Countless the devotees on Thee ruminate, . . in Silence meditate . .
Countless the Heroes who face the steel, . . how powerless I feel Oh Lord, .
To tell what Thy Excellence be, . . sacrifice I am a myriad times unto Thee.

That what pleaseth thee is the only good done, . . Oh Thou
The Eternal, The formless One .

Countless the Unwise in black ignorance reel, . .
Countless the usurpers and those that steel, . .
Countless the Rulers who force their way, . . .
countless the cut-throats whom violence sways, . .
Countless the sinners whom sin engages, . .
countless the liars who wander in Mazes, . .
Countless the wretches , . . have filth as fill, . .
countless the slanderers, carrying loads of evil, . . Himself much is vain, . . and will look small in God's
A King who's dominion is like an Ocean and
has a Mind like a Mountain equals not a worm in whom dwells The Lord

Limitless his praise, . .Limitless its ways, . . Limetless His workings, .
Limitless his givings
Limitless the Sounds, . . Limitless the sights, . .
Limitless the mysteries of His Mind . .
Limitless the Creation, . . Limitless the expanse, . .
Oh countless struggle to find , Who can?

The more one says , the more is Yet to say, . .
Great is The Lord , . . High , High is His Mansion
To know the Highest of the High one may try, . .
If one be as high as He, . . HE alone knows How Great He be.
It's GRACE that brings us Merci.


Priceless the virtues, . . priceless the Trade, . .
priceless the customers, . . priceless the purchase,
priceless the dealers, priceless the Treasures,
priceless the weight, priceless the Measures,
priceless the devotion, priceless the absorbtion,
priceless the Law Divine, priceless the Masters Court ,
His Shrine,
Priceless , beyond word, beyont thought,
They who seek to tell, knowing it Not, . .
The Vedas say, the Bibles say,
and the Learned they read, . .
interpreting as they may.

Say the Brahmas, say the Indras, say the Gopis, say the Krishnas,
say the Shivas, say the Siddhas,
say the many many Buddhas, . . . say the Demons, say the Gods,
the Seeers and the Sages,
some have said, . .some may say more, . .
others have said and left the shores, . . . .

How Great He is, . . only the the True One knows,
and he who presumes and says he knows , . .is a fool
among fools and as such he goes.

How does a human merge in the great peace of The Eternal Lord ?

Oh, . . He who has the Masters Nectar Name in his Mind and
Dwells on it, becomes invaluable
and all vegetation seemeth in blossom and bloom to Him

For Nanak, This is the Highest State of Bliss, . . that His Mind
remains imbued with Thy Name
Oh Tongue, utter thou the Lord's Praise, . . Night and Day, .
By the Lord's Grace do we dwell upon the Name

Not believing something exists
is like taking a teaspoonful of water from the ocean
and denying sharks because they are not in your spoon


This line is not for anami 🦋🦋🦋 Thank U


It ain't over till it's over sang the sad girls of the night




Glad you’re alive. Then again we never really die, do we? 😇

Teenagers are a nightmare.


If it's been a fair deal it wouldn't (or shouldn't) be over. Then it's likely that both the media and the judiciary are owned by you know who.

Alternatively it could be more overwhelming over than they may ever have bargained for.


I love children. I absolutely adore them. But teenagers... they are a different kind of human. They’re God’s way of showing you all of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. You thought you had your shit together and then you have a 13 year old.

I know this will pass. I was 13 once as well, but Christ Almighty... I thought I was really messed up. Turns out I was a really normal, well adjusted teen compared to the complicated mess of adolescence in 2020.

Maybe the COVID thing has exacerbated things. My rose colored glasses have grown a bit dim. Perhaps this is normal. Or maybe I’ve set my expectations too high. I don’t know...

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not harsh or mean. I bite my tongue all the time but I feel like I’m going to lose it at any point.

Glad you’re alive. Then again we never really die, do we? 😇
Posted by: S | November 28, 2020 at 12:07 PM
I"m glad too
I read 'No Death' it's in the December N° of NEXUS scientificly


Welcome back, psychedelic seven chakra sewadar! I was excited for your Shabd rushes though. And your Bell's palsy resolved? Amazing!


That’s seven sevens. :)

84? When’s your birthday?

I have tremendous respect for Tony Robins and his wife, Sage, for their dedication to help victims of human trafficking and their efforts to try and stop it. It’s a topic that’s too upsetting for most people to even think about. But it’s serious and people need to wake up. I found something very interesting today when I was doing research on countries with the highest rates of depression:

According to the World Health Organization, the ten countries with the highest rates of depression are:

1. China
2. India
3. United States
4. Brazil
5. Bangladesh
6. Russia
7. Indonesia
8. Nigeria
9. Pakistan
10. Iran

I searched and searched to find something that all these countries have in common. The only thing I’ve found is that these countries are all in the top ten lists for countries with highest incidents of human trafficking and/or slavery.

Bangladesh was the only country not listed in the top ten for either human trafficking or slavery, however, the link between child marriage and sex trafficking that should be impossible to ignore. Bangladesh is the country with the highest rate of marriage involving girls under the age of 15 in the world.

This points to A LOT WRONG with these countries. So naturally, a lot of depression.

This is a very serious problem that’s conveniently ignored but we will all pay the price eventually.

266,000 soldiers lost
What would happen to the General

AaaaaH what about Bonaparte
he lost much more
is still on a pedestal

Quote 777 :
"@All my Friends

This at my 84th year might be my last post

Shabd currents are raging through in & out my body which
is partly numb, without any meditation effort
My Imac is close , so I try
although as U know the 5 word package is also hammering
Nothing is unpleasant but merely in sublime expectation
and beautiful
Charan didn't come but came at initiation hals a century ago
and I never told him to go
Also my nose is a kind of numb

... (rest of the post cut out for brevity) ..."


Dear 777,

I tend to keep it zipped here, these days, but I do browse Brian's articles and the comments every so often. And this comment of yours kind of leapt out at me.

I'm very glad that, per your subsequent update, you're back now, and better.

Hang on there, old friend. I found your post extremely moving, and at one level aspirational even, despite my skeptical nature compelling me to take this otherwise uplifting comment with a pinch of salt. By all means enjoy your sound currents, et al -- whether real or imagined! -- but do take care of yourself, and follow your doctor's prescriptions about what to do and take and what not. Don't let your beliefs get in the way of that, hm?

I wish you many more years, happy years, full of, among other things, your delightfully puzzling posts here! Cheers, old friend!

Here's a fantasy tribute...

"Try to be the best piece of art you can be via compassion_always and everything will end fine
In the end there is no other place to go and be imbued with and it is "FINE"
Each of us is HIM/HER in amnesia"
"So, I'm just in time to state that all this pain that happens has been generated by our Own SELF
So blame WHITHIN Guys
You are the Creator, without hate, without fear, the Being beyond time"

A couple of comments from 777 that totally resonate with me...
Thanks 777
from Jen

@Spence, he wrote
Nothing here is any value what so ever, seen from there. Gold pours down like a river, and gems like a shower of rain. So because of that experience I don't hold my views here too seriously. I'm better than this, but this is what I've got to live with here.

Once I described (with an invitation) to MaharaJI the beauty of our Garden
and HE wrote back:
"Compared with tthe beautie which lie within us
all we see around is an heap of Garbage"

Thank you for the shabd description from youth on
That was so clear
It s always, but we hear it when we want to hear
Next you can say "More please My Love" and often he does
It's a living vibration and the Holy Spirit and can be roaring
when U can stand it
In me it s never stable, . . IT lives, . . . the word package is IT.
It s such a beautiful system and we can BE that all the time, forever
It is also the SatGuru because he is in it too , no, . . . HE IS THAT
Therefore Charan is still present.
Once I said alous :"What is HE Lovely" and a sports plne with an advertising crossed our house that precise second
with on it : "I Love U too" ( the word love as a big red heart )

So lovely what you wrote

@S Thank U too

Does anybody know this medical condition I have now :
which makes sleep hardly possible

Imaging you eat spicey food and start hot sweating everywhere

I have that the moment I put my head down on a pillow

Going up again I feel fine after a minute
But I cannot go horizontal to sleep

My wife sais : Meno pause flashes - 10% of men have that
Sometimes I err between 83 and 84 - That's old age too - It's 1937


Great Video
He surpassed largely his grandfather in evil
but how can I say that : The lowliest of the lowly

I guess they can take away his american citizenship
Obama would like that


Yes Jen
And in your case then suddenly you see that HE never left U for a second

Hi 777,

The cause of your night sweats (nocturnal hyperhydrosis) could be several things. You should see a doctor. If you just started having this problem then it could be neurological.

“Common neurologic conditions—such as stroke and autonomic neuropathy, and Parkinson’s disease—can make patients prone to night sweats. Since sweating is related to your nerves and how they function, the damaged nerves caused by many of these neurological conditions will result in faulty signals sent to the sweat glands, causing them to overwork and cause profuse nocturnal sweating.”

Definitely see your doctor because there are several conditions that can cause what your describing.

Thank You so much
My doctor doesn t know
She gives me Diuratics which helps a little

Yes , . . my father had Parkinson
He had HYDERGINE which was fantastic ( Ranbaxy then SUN now exit )
which I take now too, . . can not be bad

The very strange thing is
I lay down my head - nocturnal hyperhydrosis - starts - next i go more upright -
in one minute it ends - and I feel better than ever
even while missing so much sleep

Thanks a lot


so I never got PARKINSON
There is no remplacant
I should visite MALVINDER IN JAIL
and ask how to make it


Hmmm... how long has this been going on? It can also be caused by infections, cancer, hormonal shifts. I used to have the same issue for several years due to a health issue that was finally corrected through surgery. Now I alternate between freezing and burning up. So difficult to find that perfect temp.

33 was hilarious. I know it wasn't meant to be, but the serious face and rolling eyes cracked me up. Serious face! Wow. Well, I guess things are serious...

My health is better than ever (just FYI). Finally reached an equilibrium. I learned a lot about life from my friend's recent death. Makes you look at everything differently. Appreciating the life you've been given is paramount to peace and happiness. I mean, it doesn't mean you'll always be happy but it definitely gives you more strength.

I think you named it
In fact it started around th day
the Bell Syndrome paralysed my left eyelid and mouth

So this must be a little micro fuse in or outside the brain
I think outside because my head_positioning is influencing it
as I said : in a minute
Then massaging cheek might help

Here we see how tiny, super tiny influence
we exercise over our bodies

And that a person better equipped in higher quantum_environment_region
just serendipiti -es it on it withoiut any effort
That s what this blog is all about
free will, no free will at all . . it doesn't matter
we just are on a mission to learn Love (compassion)
Meanwhile we are allowed to play ego a little
so special we are in a rather high grade and we see it
and see those who have more love & stuff than we have ( Saints )

So, . . as the Bell Syndrome healed in a week
with roaring sound
and not 6 months, I hope/trust for the best with speed :-)

I appreciate you co-thinking with me
and also all the advises on my email, . . thanks U all


Here comes the TRUTH


It does not matter what the question was
but this quantum PC will immediately start to find out if this universe
is usefull
and find that love aacumulation (God)
is ferfect


and nobody can prevent what will follow
Trojan Horse!!!

See again my Thesis :

What would an All Powerful Being, (God)

beyond time, Self Existing
possessing everything , . . still need?

LOVE is the answer, one can never have enough of that.
So S/HE does anything imaginable & un-imaginable
and each resulting quantum or being will transform in LOVE
Via Karma(s) it may take long ( many many Big Bangs) or flashed ( in a nanosecond)
the result is fantastic
You ( Reader here ) are HIM / HER


This is also Reason China is collecting Diamod Gel on the Moon
but THA might end in destruction of actual "humanity"
or is already on it's way

I write this here because their ManyQUBITS Quantum Toy will read this


Soul mates ❤️ https://youtu.be/FTn8g406kvc


I've been thinking about your night sweats and insomnia. I suspect it relates to blood circulation, because when you lie down, your heart doesn't have to work as much against gravity.

Temperature regulation and circulation are related. You might try going to bed with warm socks to signal to your body that it doesn't need to turn up the heat everywhere else all at once.


If you're already wearing socks to bed, then you might try going without, just to give different input to the body's thermoregulation computer.

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