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October 31, 2020


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What is it, what is the concept?
What is it used for?

What is a car?
What is its use?

What is food?
What is its use?

What is god?
What is its use?

What is atheism?
What is its use?

Use for human beings, ... for staying alive!!

Discussions about the content of the concepts, the existence or preference are side tracks that end in conceptual deserts, quagmire, etc.

If finding purpose helps us overcome difficulty then that is a great strength.

That is finding something about one's own self... Our own attributes. What is inside is. Then, what to do with them?

We all choose what to believe. So, when someone says, "God has a purpose for me," they are choosing to believe this... It feels good to them, gives them motivation. That's fine. It's good to acknowledge we don't really know. But the idea someone knows, there is some rhyme or reason to all this catastrophe definitely helps. And it can give us strength. I don't knock it because I already know there is a reason for every grain of sand. That is the cause. And the direction we are moving in is inexorable, unromantic, and unflattering. Unless you consider the beauty and power of creation. And that we are a part of it. We have a destiny, whether we like it or not. Maybe we can help shape it to something a little more appealing, and a higher power might just be our way of connecting to it.

But there is absolutely power, and movement in this crearion, and we are connected to that.
There is most assuredly a higher power. The engine of this creation is a higher power than any of us. It may have no purpose we can conceive of, and yet it moves unerringly in its paces, each connected completely to the forces that move creation forward. Maybe we can learn to understand that power, purpose and destiny by observing more carefully, listening more carefully to what is within is and around us?

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