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September 11, 2020


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Security, insecurity has nothing to do with "You shall not lie" commandment. Half truth is a big lie. The karmic reaction of that can be apocalypse and wiped out developed world. It seems you have become too much Sant Mat critic to miss out on Christian Apocalyptic books and destruction of world.

Security is not actually based upon permanence. That is a false equivalance the author makes in attempting to describe the false thinking of those other people his book seeks to enlighten.

Security is based on immediate safety. Are we safe right now? And if so then we may embellish that, imagining we will always be so. Or we may seek a belief system that justifies our right to feel safe.

Are we unsafe? What is threatening us? Can we rightly assess the threat level? Can we do anything about it?

What tools do we have within us to see through the fog and have a better picture of what is around us, behind us, and ahead of us?

And for that our mental practice, our meditation practice, our spiritual practice is the source of our true safety and security. What is in us will save us. What is not within us will kill us.

One thing is certain, ignorance is no source of security.

Perfect timing. Great reminder.

“...Sanity, wholeness and integration lie in the realization that we are not divided, that man and his present experience are one, and that no separate 'I' or mind can be found.”

So true. The easiest way to break free from attachment or get out of a miserable relationship is to stop responding in any way. It takes your mind out of fight mode and gives you peace. Then your attachment fades away. We never get “attached” to the things that are good for us because those things are natural. We only get “attached” to what’s unnatural or destructive.

When we’re not attached, we’re not insecure, and then we don’t care if that person or thing comes or goes. That may sound cold but it’s not intended to be. I’m just saying attachment isn’t love and it isn’t fun. It only leads to insecurity and destructive behavior. Peace is the road to bliss. Desire is the road to attachment and attachment destroys any hope of joy.

This world that we perceive is indeed a projection of our mind. But science shows us there is a real world here. Our brain takes information from it, creates a movie for us, and shows us that movie.

Our brain projects the world we see. Our brain labels what we see as good, bad, threatening , peaceful. There is a real world. We are in a dark room watching a show projected by our brain, which also sends us images meant to trigger emotion. Like any film director. We don't usually speak with that director in us. She is an A. I. doing the job she was programmed to do. Oddly enough she is under contract to us. We hired her, gave her the script a long time ago. All in us, all a part of us. Her script is us also.

This is a dark room in a building, this body, from which there is no immediate escape. We are in it, it is in us, we are the building, the room, and the projector. And even the A. I. we have never met.

What happens to them happens to us. What threatens them threatens us.

But through meditation, prayer, concentration, we can watch the movie as a reviewer, as an associate director, as a costumer helping with wardrobe. And not as a viewer caught up in the drama.

Then, realizing this is a dark room, we recognize there are small lights and subtle sounds in this theater, along the walkways, meant for viewers who are sight or sound impaired, which lead out to the lobby, and from there to the other rooms (we own this building) . It is there we can explore. The body is connected to reality. It is a part of it. The rooms of the body are connected to other rooms in this reality.

The more we explore, the more we find those connections which are persistent, reliable. We can call that real, but it's all real, all part of the same machinery.

It is us, but with a little effort, we realize we have only been chained to the theater and the movie by our attention. Focusing on the lights or sounds in the theater itself helps us separate from our complete involvement in the movie. We are not chained to the theater. We can learn to explore as the separate consciousness we are. I can look at my hands and inspect them. I can learn also to discuss the film with the AI director. And to explore the other places in this machinery, behind the stage, under the stage, in the lounge, even out in the sunlight of the street. The problem is that we can believe we are doing this when we are still actually just watching part of the movie.

The only way to really stop watching the movie is to attend to what is in the theater that isn't a part of the movie... The lights and sounds placed there for patrons who need to use the bathroom or simply to leave the theater.

They lead out, and once in the lobby, we can step outside the theater. We notice construction workers driving wrecking balls towards our theater and only then remember that we only leased the building, which is being torn down this afternoon. And we catch an Uber home, the place we forgot about while watching the movie.

I give the movie a B-.. It was convincing, but I won't be watching it again. Anything that takes my attention so far away from reality that I forget my lease is up, the wrecking crew is slated for this afternoon, and my beautiful home in the mountains overlooking a lake can't be healthy.

Security, insecurity has nothing to do with "You shall not lie" commandment. Half truth is a big lie. The karmic reaction of that can be apocalypse and wiped out developed world. It seems you have become too much Sant Mat critic to miss out on Christian Apocalyptic books and destruction of world.

Posted by: Vinny | September 12, 2020 at 03:13 AM

Come again? The karmic reaction of a half truth is an apocalypse that will wipe out the developed world??

“The world you see is based on ‘sacrifice’ of oneness. It is a picture of complete disunity and total lack of joining. Around each entity is built a wall so seeming solid that it looks as if what is inside can never reach without, and what is out can never reach and join with what is locked away within the wall. Each part must sacrifice the other part, to keep itself complete. For if they joined each one would lose its own identity, and by their separation are their selves maintained.”

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