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August 22, 2020


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Truth invites inspection.
Truth invites you into her home for a meal as a family member. All you need to do is sit. She will show you everything in the house, give you the grand tour. She will cook for you, tell you her life story, the highs and the lows. She will undress for you to admire her, and even show you her scars.

All you must do is look, be gentle and show interest and a desire to respect and accept all these things. And you will share in kind.

Truth, real truth, always invites inspection. She wants intimacy, she wants you to see, and she wants to see you.

Truth invites inspection.

Where there is trust there is truth.

Where there is fear, and maybe fear of exposure, you don't get truth. You get secrets.

And as Freud wrote 'Secrets will make you ill.'

But real Truth has nothing to hide, can't hide, invites inspection. It's her nature.

"UPDATE: 6 AUGUST 2020..

..even wanting to congratulate him on his birthday.." (quoted from Important Message for the Sangat)

Mr. Hines,

I see you have been disgruntled by your own spiritual teacher, the late Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh Ji. But as you have ceased to visit satsangs and discourses by the new spiritual head you don't need go here.

I was there when my spiritual teacher made it clear about satsangis making a fuss about him, his own religion, and especially his BDay. If you know anything about caring for another perhaps you'll understand what he told us in Petaluma, CA that visit.

Paraphrasing, "Save your money, don't send me any holiday cards or birthday cards. Spend that money on yourself, I appreciate the thoughts. But I'd appreciate it more if you save your money on cards and gifts to me and do your meditation -that is my gift, those who'll just do their meditation."

But ..... is he a public figure?

Who is the the president?

Who is the master?

Can anybody imagine the president of the USA sitting in the oval office, addressing the audience, grasping his legs firmly and saying:

"Look .... THIS [the body} ... is not the PRESIDENT ..... and pointing the finger at the audience .... YOU are not the CITIZENS, the SUBJECTS.!!

But his uncle did do on several occasions..

Moreover, the literature is full of statements of mystics, that no mystic can be recognized by his behaviour.

If one would read the tale of Irina Tweedy in "Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master" apart from that mystical relationship she describes in that book, he probably would have ended up in prison and she in an institution. Compared with how he treated her things that are discussed here are just peanuts.

And what to think of the story of Milarepa?

If a person has lost his interest in the teachings, the personal motivation that made one ask for initiation, .... after a while just memories remain.

But .... turning ones back upon the same, due to finding faults, in the organisation, its patron etc will cause one to be negatively bound to the same for the rest of his life.

People do "marry" with their expectations and find the person to best full fill their wishes.
If that doesn't work and the "chosen one" doesn't deliver ... one will fight that person and one will divorce in the end.

Divorce, is just an unfinished battle, tug of war

Who entered a relationship without personal expectations, desires to be fullfilled by the "chosen one" ... ??
In a persons heart / mind it all started and there it will end.
It cannot be outsourced and projected on anybody else ... not even a guru.

That's as close to an admission that he is not a Sat Guru --- if anyone ever was -- as we're probably going to get.

It's also a direct contradiction to many of the main books.

Also patronising and arrogant. They probably want to get rid of people who still have some common sense and leave themselves with the most credulous / desperate.

Don't forget GSD is the master of mulvinder and shivinder. Mulvinder is still locked up while the real crook is out hiding in public as a perfect saint. Do you think mulvinder would have been in jail if he didn't realise his so called master was a crook in disguise and had his own best financial interests at heart. Would mulvinder actions have been to trust this baba if he had know he was a dishonest crook? The answer, in hindsight is obviously no he wouldn't have trusted GSD. This is precisely why GSD wants his sangat to be blind to his true nature, and why he has worked so hard to hide the truth of his criminal acts. Would anyone trust a con artist? GSD has been manipulating the sangat perception for a long time, and shaping their beliefs. They are truly put in a false bubble that traps them in a state where they would never critically see the bigger picture and always give him the benefit of the doubt.

The corruption at Ranbaxy appears to even predate Gurinder, given what the book Bottle of Lies reveals.
Malvinder is implicated in the mess even before the sale which is where Gurinder apparently comes in.

In any case, it seems as the cat is out of the bag, since the guru idealization is dead in the water.

Gurinder has accelerated what was sure to happen no matter what.

Privacy does not exist in today’s world. Perfect people have never existed in the history of the world. Even saints, mystics, spiritual leaders—none of them have ever been without faults. The idea of a perfect master needs to be rethought. Spirituality and spiritual leaders provide a great deal of comfort for people searching for something more to life than just science.

Objectively speaking, any guru or teacher should just say, hey I’m not perfect but I’m doing my best to grow each day and I’m committed to helping others.

There’s a trick to avoiding so much public scrutiny. Give people a lot to talk about and openly admit to it. Stuff that’s personal but not incriminating. It distracts people from the super serious stuff.

anyone heard the story of dadu?
the seekers make a mockery of him thinking he is the servant or gardener.

when he comes back and they realise he is the guru, they feel bad.

but he says "its okay to test the guru"

the core issue is something else:

the guru is not a magician.

i just heard a story of an old lady who asked to have an audience with the guru.
she was told he is not seeing anyone.
She said "ask him"
he agreed to see her.

Now she is dead.
hidden message:
He knew, hence he saw her.

the master knows all.

its these stories that keep the disciples going.
the stories spread like wildfire
everyone says "see - i knew it - he does have power - he just pretends to be ordinary"

the faith of the faithful is strengthened.

By definition, RSSB is a cult. Look it up. So, with one person being venerated, naturally the obsessive interest from his followers will result in a desire to know everything about his personal life. Hello internet.

One guy with 12 disciples we’re not too worried about. One guy with 20 million followers we are little worried about. Time to officially become a religion.

This isn’t twitter. No one person should have 20 million followers. And followers is not the accurate term anyway. We’re talking about 20 million initiated “devotees”. Devotees worship. That’s what they do. That’s naturally going to lead to a bit of stalking.

This is why he gets the God status in countries where “cults” are defined differently.

No more gurus. RSSB just needs to convert to a religion.

That would take care of most of their problems.

Gurinder will be remembered as the last guru and be praised for generations to come for what he did to help build RSSB (when it goes world religion status).

It’s time. It’s too big. The mantleship needs to stay on the mantle.

Well Sam ... that all depends on ... "What is initiation" ..... "What happens then"

Is it a ritual, a ceremony like an inauguration, or wedding?

Is it an administrative registration like getting an ID-cart?

All things that can be done by everybody everywhere around the world.

Matthew 16:19
And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

This was said by christ to his disciples, does this hold also for priests, cardinals and popes?

I came to understand in the tale of the shepherd and his sheep, that the gurus only have responsibility to the one that ordered them to collect sheep, initiate, whoever flock around them.
That the silver cord of the soul is taken away from the hands of the lord of the world and into the hands of the lord of the universe. That this are actions that cannot be none by anybody else and cannot be undone.

This is more or less the same what Christ says to Matthew.
It speaks of an factual transfer of power.

Again ... is that power still with the "priests, cardinals and popes"

That is what it is all about ... are these things facts.!

Al spiritual traditions speak of powers in the hand of their spiritual kings. If one reads about the traditions of Indigenous peoples, even today, one will learn that they consider their mystics as the ones that keep the whole earth going ...Kogi, Hopi, aboriginals et ce, Tibetans etc etc.

It brings us back to what happened to Abraham .. the man had an vision in which the lord set his people apart from the rest of humanity and gave them a piece of land for them to live on for eternity. No doubt that might have happened. My side mark is ... Allright but if that power exists, it forgot to inform the other tribes in the world about this decree, nor was there ever another human that was informed. Sooo ..... what remains is the HEAR - SAY ...+ .... THE BELIEVE in the hearsay.

What will remain the question .... is there a power that acted as was said by Abraham.

One can replace the actors in this story by all other people called mystics, pophets etc.
If that same power ordered to write a holy booK ... it certainly forgot the rest of the world to take heed of these words.

Are the sayings of the mystics not like abstract inventions like the wheel to make life more comfortable??

To get lost in the behaviour of Mr. Trump, is not the problem as long one sees clearly what presidency is and how that relates to democracy and welfare of citizens. The same holds for GSD

Unfortunately i cannot answer any of these questions ... i have to satisfy myself with a cup of tea, and the birds coming an going.


Personally I think the Bible is really weird and get creeped out when ppl start quoting it. I’m sure there are several good parables and points of wisdom in it but overall it’s a very weird collection of books all written by different ppl over a long span of time. And then some group at some meeting somewhere decided which books stayed and which should be taken out. Don’t know what their criteria was. The Bible is such a random collection that I get the feeling they just drew numbers.

It makes sense to have a spiritual teacher or a book of philosophy to follow if that’s what you’re looking for, but anytime a guru (and this is very particular to India) has millions of worshippers you gotta ask yourself, are they really getting quality time with their teacher? The answer would be no. “Jesus” which to me is more of a parable in a sense, only initiated 12 guys who were supposed to go out and start their own groups. Apparently that pyramid scheme worked. But churches today each run autonomously without being controlled by one guy. That seems more sane. Although, that Catholics do it differently. I can’t vouch for Catholics. The Pope thing is creepy too.

OK, first of all, Abraham was about to sacrifice his first born son to whatever demon-god he was worshiping. Like I said, the Bible isn’t cohesive. It’s like a giant scrap book of religious odyssey.

“Al spiritual traditions speak of powers in the hand of their spiritual kings. If one reads about the traditions of Indigenous peoples, even today, one will learn that they consider their mystics as the ones that keep the whole earth going ...Kogi, Hopi, aboriginals et ce, Tibetans etc etc.”

But did each of those teachers Personally work with millions of ppl? No. A good therapist can’t have millions of clients. There are many therapists and many teachers. Each teacher can only help a certain number of ppl unless they sell a Masterclass on YouTube or something. Even then you’re not getting real therapy or the best quality of education.

“My side mark is ...
One can replace the actors in this story by all other people called mystics, pophets etc.
If that same power ordered to write a holy booK ... it certainly forgot the rest of the world to take heed of these words.”

Who says a holy power ordered all of those books to be written? Some books were personal accounts. Some were written hundreds of years after the events (like the Torah). One infamous book was the diary of a bad trip (Rev.) and a few were just poems/proverbs. People just chose to write their books and an organization took a certain number of the works and put them into a collection of what is today known as the “Holy Bible”. Hole-y. And Catholics have 13 or 14 extra books in their Bible than Protestants or “the rest of Christianity”.


A little digging into the history of each religion takes the mystery out of it. People are people. God is a concept—probably best explained as oneness. And in Oneness there is no single person with more “spiritual power” or more access to “God” than another. The concept is very real, though.

From the point of view assessing a Saints worldly life it is difficult for the mind to be satisfied fully and its only plain belief that pulls the seeker on the path until such time one gathers something substantial inside when to him His spiritual height automatically merges into His worldly.

To me it is a gamble and a hard choice to just believe a person and lose oneself to Him. Efforts alone have little meaning.


Christ was anti money, he believed in the truth and that he and god was one. He was the light, the way and for those blind only a few followed him. How dare someone even begin to compare GSD to christ. GSD is a hypocrite, and a billionaire baba by fraudulent means. His only desire is to expand the cult/ religion virus as far as possible and create a name. I would say GSD is more of a Hitler as he managed to brain wash millions of germans through an IDEA, and got them to worship him as a messiah. He also had a desire to take over the world, which is the end goal of the rapidly expanding RSSB religion.

@ Dragon Slayer

If you had lived in the days of Christ, you would be a devote follower of the mainstream religion in those days professed by the high priests, claiming to uphold the teachings of Mozes, Abraham etc.

Christ would have been seen by you in those days as any other guru is seen in these days.

Probably, for that reason you would have been on the square before the court of Pilate and loudly screaming for him to be executed ... after all .... How dare someone even begin to compare himself with the prophets let alone the forseen Messiah?!

And ... nothing that christian dominations preach in his name to day, absolutely nothing, is to be found in the teachings of Christ ... these teachings as to be found in red print in the king james version of the bible, nowhere say that he had come to die for the welfare of his followers.

But that is an other story

@ Dragon slayer

For the record I used the name “Dragon Slayer a while back so want to make sure no one is confused here.

I never compared GSD to Christ.

I don’t think Christ was God anymore than the rest of us and I guess that would include GSD as well.

Yes, GSD is a bit of a snake charmer... but I’m only interested in the phenomenon of the power and influence India’s gurus hold. It’s fascinating actually. This goes waaaay beyond GSD. This is very much a cultural phenomenon.

I’ve been listening to ‘Bottle of Lies’ on audible. It’s a very long book. Kinda blowing my mind. I never realized the role Ranbaxy and the Singhs played in the whole generic drug market. It’s truly fascinating. I’ll summarize it when I’m finished... that’ll be a while.

To me it is a gamble and a hard choice to just believe a person and lose oneself to Him. Efforts alone have little meaning.


Posted by: Meditator | August 25, 2020 at 08:15 AM


I really want to write a book on India's spiritual teachers and the culture that supports them. It would be like 2,000 pages long probably. It feels like there is an infinite number of spiritual teachers, gurus, and leaders in India. Maybe that's why no one has tried to write a comprehensive book about it. If you can recommend a book that's been published on the subject, please let me know.

Wow. All I can say is wow.

You have to read ‘Bottle of Lies’ if you want a more honest assessment of the Singhs you have to read this book. It totally changed my perspective on Malvinder. 😳

@Christ would have been seen by you in those days as any other guru is seen in these days.

This is wrong, Gurinder Singh Dhillan is not equivalent in any means to christ at this time or any other time JC was tempted by the devil and offered dominion over earth with satan, but he refused, GSD on the other hand sold his soul to the devil aka the billionaire baba. His greed for money power and control is bottomless.
JC says it is easier for a camel to enter an eye of the needle than a rich man to enter heaven. Also JC authority was truth and god, GSD authority is lies and deception and secrets. Isn't it ironic the RSSB says christ comes from the third region and GSD comes from the highest region of sat puresh. Totally wrong way around, extremely arrogant, deceptive and superiority complex of a path. Also isn't it convenient to choose just a hand full of quotes that serve the rssb agenda from the bible when there are 66 books in the bible. Conclusion,
the entire RSSB and inparticular GSD are the paths to hell.

@ Dragon Slayer

You answer my words about you and what you would have done with words about GSD.

From your words here the suggestion arises that you are a Christian and probably belonging to a denomination that stresses the work of the devil, Greek and Russian Orthodoxy, Baptists or Testimonies of Jehovah.

They all, like all other denominations, base their BELIEVES on BOOKS ... books containing the HEARSAY of testimony of Jesus. A testimony that cannot be controlled in any objective way and meager as far as the sayings of Jesus himself is concerned. The words of Christ himself are highlighted in the KING JAMES BIBLE in a different colour. These words of Christ mount up to just a couple of A4 pages of text. That text in no way contains anything that justify the behaviour or teaching of any so called Christian denomination. The reason why Christ came into this world as advocated by these churches is nowhere to find in these meagre remnants of the teachings of Christ ... they are ATTRIBUTE to him without his knowledge an consent .... LATER, much LATER. He was convicted for the statement that he was a king over a kingdom, a kingdom to be found WITHIN. No denomination offers ways and means to enter that kingdom

Nothing wrong with believing, we all do believe something we have heard from others; we do it our whole life and everyday.

That said one can easy understand how believers of this day would have acted in those days.
You believe in the words of a person of the past and what they mean based on how it is presented to you. That is exactly as it was in those days....devout believers, believed the word of prophets as put before them by the scholars, the theologians the priests of those day. What jezus held of them and the believers can be found in the liile of his sayings that have survived.

In their eyes both the priests and the believers, Christ was an evil an heretic a walking danger for the spiritual welfare of the nation. Given the way how you write here ... you would have been on the square before the court demanding his death.

Again there is nothing wrong with believing. if there are no inner experiences to guide one.
We all need direction and a goal in life.

BUT ... all should believe to the complete exclusion of everything else and not bother about the believes of others. That believe is alright to which one can invest ones positive thoughts and feelings.

@ Dragon Slayer

an P.S.:
I had nor have now or anytime in the further a word to say about the spiritual status of any human being that is helt in high esteem by other human being as, prophet, saint, mystic, Guru or adept.

The choice I made and make are solely based upon my mental likings, both intellectual and emotional.

These likings have, if they do, some thing to tell about me and nothing else. The fact that I hold a person in high esteem, respect does not say that the person involved in anyway "deserves" that appreciation. The same holds for those to whom I don't feel any emotional or mental attraction ... they can be the greatest and most deserving of humanity.

Why have you put me into a box and labelled it christianity? And more generally what are you on about???? No one knows what the true teachings of christ were, and yet GSD and Charan are very happy to use them just like the guru Granth sahib and emphasis the parts that say you need a guru/ the good shepard/ the light etc. I notice the slight of hand manipulation that only rssb say you need a living master, that you need to worship and surrender everything to him. Isnt this similar to the Pope, and Vatican? a few minutes google research will show how corrupt the vatican are. Beliefs are for the sleeping , and arnt you and the sangat totally asleep and believe anything that GSD says without any independent research? You believe with no proof that GSD is a perfect sant , the word made flesh, here to save and collect his sheep . Any demon or entity, which RSSB says does exist, can show a light show on the inside, and feed you bread crumbs and lies, to lead you down the wrong path. All you have to do is look at GSD, and his outer behaviour and ask who or what is he really guided from the inside by? Providing you are not sleeping and your critical faculty are switched on, you will quickly see what's guiding him does ot have the best intentions for humanity. You will see massive doubts and see lies, deception, while hiding behind the mask of a saint - rather like the Pope.

@ Dragon Slayer

>>Why have you put me into a box and labelled it christianity? > And more generally what are you on about????<<

GSD is not the problem ... but ... how this or that person handles it.

Because a person stands in the pillory one is not obliged to leave ones house, go to the market and shout names, for everybody to hear. It is ones own choice and it is done for ines own reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with the one in the pillory.

The tale of Laila and Jamun makes it clear that the feelings we have, the sentiments towards a person are not fixed on that person but on the onlooker ... the beholder.

There is nothing to be said about the status of any mystic based upon his behaviour but our own sentiments.

To make another person responsible for our sentiments is a matter of outsourcing of personal responsibilities .... no judge in court will accept it. We can try so in personal relations by emotional blackmail ...if you do this or that, than you certainly don't love me etc.

If something is not according our desires or expectations ... get up and go ... don't blame that person.

And ... I don't want anybody to look at me as being a "perfect this or that", nor do I look upon myself in that way so why should I look upon others in that way???

If life is over, there will nobody be there to ask me what my opinions were about people. In case I am asked to be responsible, it will only be for what I personally did


'Puran guru' is translated into English as 'perfect master'.

But puran (पूरण) means 'complete' not 'perfect'.

I would just copy and paste the link here but few people like to open links. So I’ve included here the content from https://www.ibsafoundation.org/natures-precious-imperfections/ which describes a more realistic view of perfection:

By Luca Nicola Posted 27/11/2019
Rita Levi Montalcini, the great Italian scientist and 1986 Nobel Prize for Medicine winner entitled her autobiography “In praise of imperfection”. The science philosopher and evolutionist Telmo Pievani has gone one step further, and with his latest book “Imperfection. A natural Story” he actually writes a theory of imperfection.

But haven’t nature and the cosmos always been considered the symbol of perfection? This is, in fact, a false belief.

Let’s take, for example, DNA, which is the essential foundation for the development and correct functioning of the majority of living organisms. This is how Pievani describes it: “Perfect? Not at all. If it was, it wouldn’t work. It is here in fact that the most brilliant of imperfections comes into play. From duplication to duplication, DNA is easily transmitted, but not without random copying errors. Duplication has always been imperfect: slight changes, deviations, re-combinations. DNA has this crucial ambivalence: it is stable, otherwise there wouldn’t be any transmission of genetic evolution, and at the same time it is variable, otherwise there wouldn’t be any evolution. The error in evolution is that it is generative, it is the lifeblood of change”:

We live in a world that is developing, evolving and transforming by subsequent approximations. The key principle is that nothing is created from nothing, but that the existing is re-combined. This universal law is also valid for the “marvellous machine” that is the human body:

“The presumed perfection of the human body. Even this, dating back to what happened in the nucleus of every cell to the structure of our organs, is a time capsule that carries with it the traces and scars of a long and difficult evolutionary history”.

Seen from up close, many aspects of nature, humans and evolution are in fact chaotic, superfluous and often “adjusted” by strokes of luck. But this, paradoxically, is great news. We tend to think that the imperfections that fill the biological world are only a side effect, a cost to be borne in order to achieve a higher goal. On the other hand, they have a positive value and contain masses of creativity, which is the driver of evolution itself.

In view of these surprising observations, we must review the excessively anthropocentric perspective on which we have built our way of thinking. Pievani tells us, rather unsubtly, that as humans, we need a heavy dose of humility:

“The next time that you get caught up in a hunger for greatness and perfection, think of microbes: they were here before us, they chemically transformed the planet, we couldn’t live without them, and everything suggests that they will continue to dominate the Earth even after Homo Sapiens has left it”.

In fact, if we get rid of our prejudices, we discover that we have a large number of things in common with other living beings, to which we are closely interconnected:

“The upper limbs of a human being, a mole, a horse, a dolphin and a bat are used for completely different functions (to grasp, dig, run, swim and fly), but they have the same basic model, i.e. the same bones are in the same reciprocal positions: they aren’t perfect for what they have to do, but to compensate they are a sure sign of a common descent”.

What this means is that ours will not be “the best possible world”, but that it is, without doubt, an ingenious and vital one, where many interesting things can happen (nothing is determined in advance) and where its imperfections and differences are in fact its most precious asset:

“The moral of the story is that reducing diversity, standardizing the world, breeding animals all as clones, planting monoculture estates, everyone speaking the same language, everyone thinking in the same way, is never a good idea”.


As a follower of now decades, I have been questioning the voracity of this path for a few years already and the questioning is intensifying. I cam on to the path because after plenty of reading and searching I was looking for a Master to help me with my inner journey. GSD is not at all accessible and RSSB may as well just become a religion. There is no support for you as you meditate. Personal Rant Over. Posts like this are welcome because they are absolutely true. As a speaker in the Sangat for example, you have to abide by all the tenets of Sant Mat as you are now an example to the Sangat. So how should that not hold true for the Guru himself? And why should we not want to understand how he conducts himself in his personal life as you have basically said? This whole financial scandal has pretty much been my tipping point. It's just completely unacceptable.

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