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August 27, 2020


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I am reminded of the three basic stages of meditation, the three rungs of the ladder.

First, to simply engage in Simran and Dyan, hearing the words and seeing Him, or hearing the words and just sitting in His presence in the dark.

Next, to become the words, merge with them, put my entire consciousness within them, speaking my whole situation to Him in each word of Simran, engaging Him directly in that dialogue. Simran, and His response, love and peace. And merging with Him to become that love and peace, opening the orchestra that is Him.

Finally, to merge in the resounding Shabd.

Let no day's meditation pass without working through each of these three.

When you can see that the entire world around you is actually constructed of the words of Simran, living and ringing with Shabd, then what these wordly constructions look like, how the blocks have been stacked up by time, chance and impressions, and reactions upon one another, hardly matters, but for the love they are actually made of. And you are that.

Beautiful to hear that and so without transgressing Brians rules
Now I see why I need a whole fresh birth to feel fine again =. :-)

7. 77

Beautiful to hear that and so without transgressing Brians rules
Now I see why I need a whole fresh birth to feel fine again =. :-)

7. 77

Posted by: 77 | October 18, 2020 at 09:46 AM

Funny, I’ve always know that I’d get reincarnated into another life—2040 born in France. :) Not that I really want another life but it’s my destiny. It looked like a nice home with a loving family. I’ve seen it—the vision was as real as my waking state is right now. I guess that means I’ll die before I’m 68.

I had the vision between the time I applied for initiation and actually got initiated. I had this angel or whatever grab my arm and pull me through time to the year 2040 (swear to God). It was so bizarre but like I said it was as really as I am typing this comment right now.

Don't tell the atheists they won't believe you

Karma can’t exist without free will and free will isn’t free.

I believe You but dates might vary
It ws BEFORE initiation
These fantastic revelations can only be believed if one had some themselves
like serendipities that atheists have maxi one time per life; mostly "to late";
but what is to late!

What would an All Powerful Being, (God)
BEYOND TIME , Self Existing, Almighty
possessing everything , . . still need?
LOVE is the answer, one can never have enough of that.
So S/HE does anything imaginable & un-imaginable
and each resulting quantum or being will transform in LOVE
Via Karma(s) it may take long ( many many Big Bangs) or flashed ( in a nanosecond)
the result is fantastic
You ( Reader here ) are HIM / HER
Even if one Soul per Galaxy succeeds p. year , this is a Giant Stream
and thatt' only for this little universe
of Love
Please ask the AI_20/500QUBIT IBM Quantum Computer - It will confirm.
Even a stone will transform in Love
There is just no other place to go!
Great concept

It 's only a misunderstanding about who u are

Seeing each nanosecond that U are God
softens largely the eventual " hardships "
and enlarges exponentially the sweetnesses

Writing this even without mentioning the giant Anahabad Shabd



Can’t remember if I already shared this with you:

Time isn’t constant. So, nothing is set in stone. Might be a high probability for me but nothing is certain. There’s always that pebble that gets thrown and creates a giant ripple through time-space. We’ll see. Otherwise, look me up in 2040 :)

The relativity of time—

The relativity of time should be a big wake up for Karmists. 😯

Shahid Kapoor and his wife keep asking questions that make it sound like there's a lot of trouble in paradise. They do realize everyone knows their voices, right?

Sonia said : Otherwise, look me up in 2040 :)

That would be so nice

Like physical laws, yes time is dynamic, never the same
Time indeed is a Jeeva , exercising this task
Nothing exists what is not HER/HIM

Take care in between but HE will do that

777. 🍀 🍀.🍀 🍀.🍀 🍀

I really hate overachievers, but this is a very cool video. Highly recommend this for anyone and everyone.

"Time is elastic"


(its' a Kaltura/Ted Talk/Youtube thing and this is the only link I have)

Here’s a better link: https://youtu.be/n3kNlFMXslo
Time management... time is elastic...

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