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August 30, 2020


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Four poles in the ground, steel wire to connect the poles and there we have it, the meadow for the animals. In nature there are no meadows, they are only real in the minds of people.

Like the movie all cultural things are games ... democracy, and dying for the national flag, honour
All things that are alive in human minds but do not exist in nature.

In order to live a cultural life in a cultural way, you have to believe it is real.

The worst is when you get really into a binge worthy TV series and all of the sudden you see the characters as just actors. You can imagine the directors, sound guys and cinematographers running around. Then you realize it’s not real. Total buzz kill.

I wrote a personal blog recently(11 days before you posted) just for my friends, which slightly touched this topic. I talked about people thinking ghost stories are based on reality and the "spiritual" people who exploit them using their made up theology.
I'd rather mail it to you than post it here out of embarrassment(I didn't even proof read the blog) but you haven't responded to my last mail since around 5 years now. The blog name is based on a joke about how I'd be able to punch mountains into the sun if I encountered Ghosts for real, ignore it.

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