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August 07, 2020


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Very nice :0)!!!

In mindfullness..one does not believe..
One undergoes..
I love that...
One has not to believe anything..
just because ,as you say,we ca'nt know..
We know nothing..
It's also fun..
Actually living as a child..

That is what you get when people grow older :-)

Slowly and steady, in autumn the leaves grow yellow and brown and finally drop down.
If one is aware it might look like a marvel but even if not, it still does happen to all leaves.

Meaning drops .... culture drops .... what remains is nature.

So called 'reality' is what we see, hear, feel and experience with our senses on this planet. If our brain is damaged then our 'reality' changes dramatically. When some of us are old and become senile this is because our faculties are not functioning properly any more. Everything around us is still the same but for the old senile person it becomes confusing and frustrating. So, 'really real reality' is simply created by the brain and its not really real at all.

“That sense of independent selfhood is part of the imagining that keeps us from really knowing reality. As Rumi says, our imagination and our sense of self have fallen in love with each other. They have waylaid each other.

Yet neither truly exists. They are both nothings, or nothings-at-all. The departure of those images leaves behind... reality. At least, that's my current understanding. Tomorrow, or the next moment, I might look upon things differently.”

This makes sense from a Buddhist oneness perspective but how does it fit into a materialist’s belief system?

Reality is a matter of perspective.

Everything is energy.

What you want to believe in or not believe in is the question.

We used to believe that time was linear and constant. That there was only past, present and future. It’s not intuitive to believe that time can be altered but in reality we live in some kind of weave in which only a sequence of events exists. For many years the question was “What is gravity?” But the question is backwards. We used to think that there was an invisible force that pulls or pushes us against the earth, but really it was just a curvature of space-time. From your perspective, it feels like a force pulling or pushing you down but really it depends on your point of view. Because you could say the earth is movie upwards. Everything is relative.

The human mind trying to catch reality through the senses and thinking of the human mind is a dog chasing its own tail. Spinning in circles. A dog's circles are spun on the lawn, and the only record, the circles of torn grass on the ground, soon healed by rain and the growth of new grass.

Human beings leave tomes of written circles on electronic blogs that technology records. They inspire others to join them running in circles, chasing their own trails, hungry for the narcissistic view of their own backsides.

@ Fear the existence in which you are now!
@ Your imagination is nothing, and you are nothing,
@ A nothing has fallen in love with a nothing,
@ a nothing-at-all has waylaid a nothing-at-all.
@ When these images have departed,
@ your misunderstanding will be clear to you.

The mystic says our attention has become wholly extroverted.
We're entranced with objects seen outside and have forgotten
the observer. Our fabrications of who we are have waylaid us
as Rumi says.

We obsess over the imagery as it flows past 24x7. We exult. We
cry at each passing cinema frame. We have given it our power.

Yet the observer is the real power. Mindfulness looking within at
that power drain can reclaim it. To become aware of the prison
we've built becomes the first step. Awareness cuts a hole in the

Ironically, the mystic says imagination itself becomes a power
tool in that reclamation project. We listen. We imagine ourselves
repeating a mantra or seeing the form of a teacher, a beloved
friend. All of it inside in imagination.

Like a child absorbed in his inner toy, he can let slowly go of the
chaos and reclaim his lost power... his precious attention. The
same imagination which traps you helps free you.

Hi Brian

Nicely put and also cool to see the door being left open ..
I was shockingly brought back to ‘earth’ the other day while working. Inadvertently touched a live wire on the other side of a fence and ‘BOOM’ - didn’t get thrown backwards but man my whole body felt this massive belt (wondered what they were trying to keep in - an elephant?) Been somewhat more ‘electrostatic’ ever since. So the science of positive and negative and the flows between, certainly don’t go away if you stop believing (don't pay attention?) to such things at least in a physical sense.
The great sages Ren and Stimpy pointed this out: ‘Don’t whizz on the electric fence!’

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