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August 05, 2020


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Perhaps we need statues of the brain instead of Buddha, Christ, Crucifix. A holographic one would be really cool. Very sci-fi.

Hail the Almighty Brain. Blessed be thy synapses. Thou hast given us life and limitless combinations of complex connections creating confusion and delusions of consciousness.

“Conscious models are tools enabling those who can understand them, to share a common awareness. In the cyclic process of drawing together, weaving, expanding outward in a direction, and observing the result, consciousness is the interval between the outward expansion and the observation of the results. It occupies the outward phase, not the inward phase. To use the example of the archer, from Tibet,

Pulling back the arrow in the bow is perception.

Aiming the arrow is matching the perception with memory.

Releasing the arrow is consciousness (a response - the word, like the arrow, escapes you).

Observing where the arrow strikes is awareness (because it is a surprise whether it misses or hits the target).

Consciousness as the Creator
Consciousness creates social organization, or culture, and maintains its existence and growth by allowing the members of that organization to perceive more and more about themselves and their common surroundings.

We know together via communications. Communicate derives from the Latin communicans meaning to make common (by sharing or imparting information).

The essential aspect of consciousness is a process of shifting information from one level of communication to another, higher level.”

Sam Harris is working day and night trying everything to figure out consciousness.
Perhaps it’s the topic of his next book.

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