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July 03, 2020


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"Jesus overthrew the small-minded dogmas of the Judaism of his time. But when Meister Eckhart attempted to overthrow the small-minded conceptions of the Catholicism of his time, he was condemned by the Pope as a heretic. Thus spiritual independence becomes a vice after an original independent spiritual vision has become codified into a rigid theology of do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs, approved truths and condemned heresies."

Some context: Eckhart was a Dominican priest and taught in Catholic schools. He was representing the Catholic church as a priest and theologian, and, like all organizations ancient and modern, it had a set of guidelines on what was acceptable teaching and what was not.

Eckhart's day was the 1300s. in 2020, we read every day of people who are forced to resign their jobs because of something they wrote on social media. This isn't happening in religious organizations either. Secular corporations everywhere are enforcing a policy of absolute fealty to politically correct speak and behavior. Free thinking isn't allowed at Google or Facebook or Nike.

If we have no problem with this climate of censorship and brute intimidation, that makes us no better than the ancient popes and their inquisitors.

This is eerily in line with GSD’s Q&A 011 that was just released yesterday. 🤔 🧐

J, it is brutality and hatred that is rightly being protested. When white Republican Racists celebrate pointing guns at innocent Blacks; when they praise the very police officers who brutalized and murdered Blacks; when whites riot and destroy property to undermine the true call for peaceful protest by Black Lives Matter ; when white college girls share a video laughing gleefully in celebration of their new swastika tattoos, it is appropriate for employers and schools to say, "no. You may exercise your right of free speech, but you may not belittle our brothers and sisters by celebrating their torture and murder while working here or attending our program. You can do that where you like, but not here."

That isn't censorship. You can say what you like. But every organization is free to establish their own standards of conduct.

If you don't like those standards you can take your business elsewhere. It's a free country.

"J, it is brutality and hatred that is rightly being protested."

Apparently, Salem Oregon is a hotbed of racism and white supremacy. Otherwise, the woke champions of liberty wouldn't be protesting there.

(Re censorship on social media) "That isn't censorship. You can say what you like. But every organization is free to establish their own standards of conduct. If you don't like those standards you can take your business elsewhere. It's a free country."

This free country has established legal precedents about corporate trusts and unfair competition. When large corporations have so much control over the marketplace and/or speech that they compromise citizen's rights, then those corporations are out of line and guilty of using their power to control the populace. They are subverting democracy.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter have immense control over how information is shared. All of them are actively promoting one political agenda over another, and censoring input they disagree with. We should all be against it. "Take your business elsewhere" isn't a compelling argument when progressive corporations control the internet, book publishing and distribution, and advertising.


"Oftentimes, it can. 'Private employers can fire you at will,' Lata Nott, executive director of the Newseum Institute's First Amendment Center, tells CNBC Make It, as long as their reasoning does not infringe upon your civil rights. Title VII protects your age, national origin, race, ethnic background, gender, religious beliefs and pregnancy status from discrimination."

Poor racists and sexists! Like they're the only ones wounded in modern capitalism! I see it as a compromise. The boss still gets to be a dick but not a total dick.

diversity otherwise marks the way.

OK . . Diversity in Shabd, at the beginning . . . OK


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