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July 22, 2020


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Hi Brian Ji
I love thr point about focusing on the material existence through scientific enquiry is unifying while religion, boasting to be the uniter of humanity, is actually the divider.

I think you are on to something. We can all learn to see things through the same rational filter, and share a universal common experience of physical events through science practice and thought.

Religion is a shared social experience based upon subjective beliefs that are extremely sensitive to culture and time, and thus becomes as much a divider outside those cultural limitations as a uniter within them.

Spiritualily is an individual experience that cannot be shared, and must rely upon explanations, metaphors and poetic allusions to more common experiences, resulting in a near hopeless attempt at communication and understanding.

Even describing the One, because it isn't an immediately accessible experience, can only unite people in a common hope, but is hopelessly culture - bound to different explanations and interpretations and the inevitable conflicts these generate.

Brian, I can agree with you on this one. For me too it's tougher than nails.

"Meditation is the scientific practice that, theoretically, brings this about.

(I say “theoretically” because the practice is darn difficult to practice, for me as for most other people)."

Here's some quotes on Surat Shabd Yoga meditation (introductory) from Jillian P. Johnson's - The Path of the Masters:

"...In this book our aim is to give the student
a definite outline of the general principles of the
Master's science. It is not intended to do away with
the need for a Master. That would be the utmost
folly..." (p.525)

"...Hence the Masters speak of closing
the nine doors of the outer world. The nine doors
referred to are:
the two eyes,
two ears,
two nostrils,
the mouth,
the sex organ, and
the rectum.
These are the chief means of holding communi-
cation with the outer world. All these must be closed—
that is, all attention must be removed from them..." (p.528)

"..When every ray of attention is inside, concentrated
at the proper center, with no wavering thought lingering
outside, then the student is in a position to get results.
He must get results. He cannot fail to get them..." (p.528 continued)

@ Yet meditation needs to be supported by a person’s whole approach to life. If
@ this is divisive, as when someone thinks they are part of a special group that
@ has a special claim to special spiritual knowledge, that attitude isn’t going to
@ lead this person closer to unity.

Yes, how true and deflating all at once. I think this "special claim"
is fear of losing a plaything. Someone will steal spirituality away if
shared. It must be kept secret among the chosen to keep owning

But, a whisperer reminds us we're lost, that we've forgotten
who we are. We own nothing here. It's the most frightening
realization of all.

The same whisperer has added another plaything though. The
first words of remembrance that loosens our grip. There's hope
after all.

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