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July 06, 2020


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Parents ' faith in Trump killed their daughter.

There seem to be countless pockets of "consensus reality" which together form the chaotic nature of the human collective consciousness. Lately I've changed from believing in the power of intention to believing in the power of attention. They say time is money. Well, attention is time and money and power (power in either the good or bad sense--it's up to the individual). What we give our attention to will shape us and empower that particular "consensus reality". The fact is, many are deluded or selfish... perhaps dishonest. And since all of our thoughts and actions contribute to the ever changing nature of Reality, it's good to give attention, give thought, give power to the consensus realities which are benevolent and are useful and beneficial to all.

Blogger wrote: "So Trump has taken to claiming that everything is going fine with the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, ignoring the inconvenient truth that cases have skyrocketed after states began reopening too soon"

Here's an inconvenient truth for those who want the virus to continue to be bad and harm Trump's re-election:



Outkick? Clay Travis? Really? This is what his wife had to say about him:

“He might be looked at as the person who supported Trump when he went after black athletes,” she said. “I hope he’s not remembered for that in history.”

Also, no one wants the virus to continue.

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