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July 30, 2020


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Wow. This is probably my favorite article that you’ve written so far. Just so apropos to every facet of life really. We tend to forget about the actual cost of intangibles. And intangibles are often far more valuable than something more concrete or “measurable”.

"...it would be a hit to my reputation..." This reason is why people stay in religious orders. I know when I was living in a monastery, I planned to stay come hell or high water so that none of the other nuns could look down on me for quitting. (Thank the stars that the Universe had other plans for me and I was asked to leave).

The moment you realise that things are NOT as you thought - you have to re-assess and evaluate.

Not make the new facts just fit in by force.

some examples to clarify:

1. Dr Johnson states: I will first examine the man - to see if he passes the test of being a "good human" only then will I proceed to the next stage. If he fails the first test - the cannot be a master.

Most people would agree with this assessment. After all - you are accepting a human to be a master and are about to devote your whole life to this pursuit of divinity. Doesn't it make sense to make sure the guru is worthy?
Charan Singh also used to say, "evaluate first, then decide if you want to follow this path"

Clearly with all the evidence in the media something doesn't quite fit.
Why did Babani die a broken and depressed man, when he spent his whole life in RSSB and was so close to Charan Singh. Does that make any sense? He himself accepted it by saying "It's my karma" - but what example does it set? Why bother doing seva if this is the result?

Why are the poor farmers around the dera making such a fuss? Why are they making allegations if they are not true?
If YOU were that farmer, and your land was taken the same way - I am sure YOU would complain.

Here's the bigger question we should all be asking.

Is HONESTY not part of sant mat? Then why does the dera not BUY the land at market value from the farmers if they wish to expand? Why the obsession with expanding without regard to others?
Nanak himself stayed with bhai Lalu rather than the rich man. The story illustrates that HONESTY is important.
Then the entire issue with the Singh Brothers. Regardless of whatever you might choose to believe - definitely there was dishonesty involved.

Then there was the incident that happened with me. I don't care what anyone believes, I know the truth because it happened to me. And what decision does the guru make?
He publicly announces "I support my sevadars"
what? even when they commit crimes? in this case - theft and assault.

The answer I got from a few satsangis I know was this; "They (sevadars) are not perfect - so I just focus in my seva." Nobody is asking them to be perfect - just have a little normal human compassion instead of being thugs.

So when all this is happening - you have to ask yourself - if this is the net result of decades of NAAM simran and meditation, then clearly it's not working.

maybe it's time to do a U turn

@ Osho

Have you ever examined yourself and your way of life, your commitments etc in the same way as you do that of others in general and GSD in particular?

You shall not kill but vehicles /cars, trucks, aircraft created have already killed thousands. And the countries that followed that model , thousands have been killed in accidents. U G Krishnamurti warned about the collapse of western values if they did not step back.

Have you ever examined yourself and your way of life, your commitments etc in the same way as you do that of others in general and GSD in particular? - um

Yes - always and constantly.

If you find you are bored, or not enjoying the ball game, withdraw. There is so much entertainment all around, within and outside. Just watching people. Tens of thousands in a ball park. Look carefully and watch their stories emerge into your consciousness. Many beset by life's problems but here, finding a moment of peace. Or a moment of connection with old friends, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. The last game together before the old man must be placed into a home? The return on college break to this family outing. The tailgate connections... The ticket price to see all this, and be moved by it, is cheap.

I remember my first Red Sox game with Sam. We were losing badly. But the Red Sox, up to that year, were never a great team. We were up at bat, and with two strikes against us, the batter bunt the ball.

As he dashed for first base the crowd roared as if he had hit a triple homer!

I thought, wow, this Boston crowd loves their team! But they were making a statement of affirmation about their own condition, and the nobility of just being able to bunt the goddamned ball, get to first and hang on for just a few more moments of life, and one more nearly hopeless, but never completely hopeless, chance at bat.

Who would ever leave then?

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