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July 16, 2020


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Take it as a badge of honor, Brian Ji.

I would take it as a compliment since you must be doing something right to get so under this person’s skin!!!!

Absolutely adores you. So much that he cannot find any words to express it.

Reminds me of a story of the Buddha I heard. A man insults him. Probably not as badly as this commenter, but he at least had the courage to do it to his face, not in cyberspace, hidden by a fictional identity. Obviously there was no cyberspace back then anyway.
After he finished Buddha asked just one question,
“If someone comes with a gift and you don’t accept it, who does it remain with?”

Wow, I would strongly recommend social distancing and PPE
for rants like that.

A quarantine on the "I Hate Church of the Churchless" blog
might be perfect for those unmasked infectious spreaders.
Haters need a little love too.

In the time of Buddha there was no cyberspace, no terrorism , no terrorists , no British Empire and no slaves of British Empire, no British Conquest of Punjab.

Hey Brian,.....the only one that could have earned that much Pay back Karma gir such a Rant against you is Pres. Donald Trump. But that’s just love and kisses, as. compared to how you have trashed him.
Jim Sutherland

Dear Jim
I don't think Brian Ji has trashed any one. He has chronicled and reported accounts of activity around RSSB and Gurinder. Some of this has been corroborated, even by Gurinder himself, such as the movement of a billion dollars of illegal funds through his bank accounts. Others are the single eye witness testimony of wrong doing, such as Osho's experiences at Haynes Park.

This isn't abuse. It's not ignoring facts. Now, the extenuating circumstances, corroboration, context, that's all open to interpretation.

Basically truth invites inspection. It's a simple principle also within Sant Mat.

But people react to it personally. This is a place to learn not to do that.

Because information is one thing. Our interpretation of it, our reaction to it is another.

Now, you may take this however you like, but my eye witness within is that Brian Ji is master's bulldozer. He serves the Lord directly. And I think Gurinder and Maharaji are very pleased with Brian Ji's uncompromising integrity. Because Brian Ji was willing to give up the love of his life when facts, as he saw them, painted a different picture.

When a soldier gives up friends, and lovers, to go into battle for the sake of truth and compassion, who cares what country they live in, or the reasons that brought about the battle? Certainly not God.

Brian you are doing a great job exposing RSSB and Gurinder Singh Dhillan. The guy has nothing but insults which shows mentality of a almost Islamic jihadist type of person typical of a blind sheep that would even take a bullet for this pathetic so called charlatan guru. The brutal truth hurts. Keep up the good work Brian and keep this dialogue going .

Dear Spence,....please read my comment to Brianji carefully. I never said any thing about him trashing Gurinder Singh. I said he was trashing Donald Trump. Many here do so, and I know as a Liberal, you are certainly no Fan of Trump either. But every Coin has 2 sides, and being fair, is on occasion, a RARE occasion, here, the other side of the Coin should be examined before tossing in in the sewer.


Jim Sutherland, Deplorable Meditator Surat Shabd Yoga Meditator.

Sounds like that Ashy fellow on "I Hate Church of the Churchless" ...

"I'll start off the fun by copying in some comments that I've gotten from "yliadin" and "Ashy," who almost certainly are the same person: Ashy Heller, a Radha Soami Satsang Beas initiate from Cape Town, South Africa."

Maybe this could be the reason of his hatred and anger...

"The Cape Coloureds are a heterogeneous South African ethnic group, with diverse ancestral links. Ancestry may include European colonizers, indigenous Khoisan and Xhosa people, and slaves imported from the Dutch East Indies (or a combination of all)."


Re: https://youtu.be/EUEW5sc4JaM

Liz Crokin, the "journalist" in your YouTube video is a QAnon kook...

Seriously, does Donald Trump visit you in Radiant Form within?

Clearly loves you.

This guy is not a happy bunny 😂

anami,.......are you suggesting that any thing Liz Crokin said about Donald Trump is fake, or untrue, or that are blatant lies? If so, please indicate which ones, and state your sources.

Jim Sutherland

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”

Mathew 5:44 KJV

Wow, and that commentor regards himself as spiritual, yes?, and fully counts on an enlightened being to show up at the time of his death. AND escort him to the purest region shining with L🧡VE. Hey, anything is possible.

The strong do not attack because they see no need to do so. Before the idea of attack can enter your mind, you must have perceived yourself as weak.

Wow. Someone broke out the thesaurus for this one. LOL That is a love letter for sure. Almost worth framing!

"anami,.......are you suggesting that any thing Liz Crokin said about Donald Trump is fake, or untrue, or that are blatant lies? If so, please indicate which ones, and state your sources.,

Hey, Jim.

Not exactly. She talks about actual occurrences, but she's made a career promoting Trump through conspiracy theories. The link I posted highlights wacky claims that she's made, and I'll repeat them:

- Republicans actually won the 2018 midterm elections in a “red tsunami,” but allowed Democrats to think they won so their fraud could be exposed.
- God caused a mudslide to destroy Oprah Winfrey’s California home as revenge for Oprah criticizing President Trump.
- Hillary Clinton put a witch’s curse on her, causing Crokin to lose several fingers in a 2018 surfing accident (though Crokin sued the surf shop whose board she was holding when the accident took place.)
- Thousands of pedophiles have secretly been arrested by the Trump Administration, but the media won’t cover it because they’re also pedophiles.
- Barack Obama worships Satan and is a sex trafficker.
- The 2019 college admissions scandal was actually a QAnon plan to “prepare the public” for the news that their favorite Hollywood celebrities “eat babies.”
- Jeffrey Epstein was assassinated in prison on the orders of the Clinton family.
- Tom Hanks will soon be arrested for his role in a Satanic child sex cult.
- Celebrities are contracting coronavirus through a tainted supply of “adrenochrome,” the supposed wonder drug extracted from the glands of frightened children.
- The coronavirus pandemic is a hoax and the U.S. is full of empty hospitals because so few people actually have it.

Fantasy and delusion are Liz Crokin's stock in trade, and she's a freelance propagandist for Trump. We can't trust her glowing opinion of him.

She wants us to believe Trump is pure of heart, blind to race and never the subject of scrutiny until his Presidential bid, but he's been battling allegations of racism starting with federal lawsuits in 1973 and 1978 for housing discrimination against Blacks. The list goes on and is very long...

Besides, Trump made himself a high profile figure long before politics, chasing the spotlight to sell the TRUMP brand.

Liz Crokin lists a few of his random acts of kindness. Here you'll get a more nuanced view and even see a few others...

He did play Santa Claus now and then, but all in all there are less than a dozen instances over more than three decades. $10,000 here, $10,000 there. What's that to a billionaire? And the cameras were rolling, by the way. He reaped benefits in publicity and I'll bet he impressed a few sexy women along the way too. If he were truly serious about helping people, he would have run his private charity much differently.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation became the subject of a NY State investigation.


"On June 14, 2018, New York attorney general Barbara Underwood filed a civil suit against the foundation, Trump himself, and Trump's adult children—Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr.—alleging 'a shocking pattern of illegality' with respect to the foundation's money.[9][10][11]" It was dissolved in 2019 by court order.

"In a June 2018 petition filed by the office of the New York attorney general, it was explained that: "... none of the Foundation's expenditures or activities were approved by its Board of Directors. The investigation found that the Board existed in name only: it did not meet after 1999; it did not set policy or criteria for choosing grant recipients, and it did not approve of any grants. Mr. Trump alone made all decisions related to the Foundation.[54]"

"In an exhibit attached to the filing, Trump Foundation treasurer Allen Weisselberg claimed he had not been aware that he was the treasurer or on the board of the foundation until he was approached by investigators.[19]"

"Under New York State law, a not-for-profit foundation must register as a "7A Charitable Organization" if it plans to solicit outside donations over $25,000 in any year.[55] The Trump Foundation was initially registered as a private foundation set up solely to receive his own personal donations. As long as it was private and did not solicit outside funds, it did not have to file annual audited reports with the New York State Charities Bureau[55] However, records show that Trump began soliciting donations at least as early as 2004[55] and possibly as early as 1989.[56]"

"In 2015, a Trump Organization spokesperson told the New York Post that Trump made all decisions regarding the granting of the foundation's money.[4]"

"Through 2015, Trump contributed $5.5 million to the Trump Foundation, including money from his book, while outside donors contributed an additional $9.3 million.[25][26] His final gift to the foundation was $35,000 in 2008.[4] Many of the outside donors to the foundation have done business with Trump or the Trump Organization.[27] Several philanthropy experts noted that having a family foundation primarily funded by outside money is unusual.[25][27]"

"Law-enforcement investigations...discovered various ethical and legal violations, including failure to register in New York, self-dealing, and illegal campaign contributions.[5][6][7]"

In essence, the Trump Foundation was front for influence peddling. He moved around millions of dollars in other people's money to advance his business interests and political aspirations.

USA Today:

"A series of Washington Post stories in 2016 raised questions about the foundation's fundraising and expenditures. The New York Attorney General's Office followed up, alleging that substantial sums of foundation money were used to pay business debts, finance the presidential campaign and even purchase a giant painting of Trump."

"State Supreme Court Justice Saliann Scarpulla of Manhattan ruled....that Trump pay $2 million in damages to various nonprofit groups to settle allegations that he and his family used the Trump Foundation to further his political and business interests."

"the lawsuit alleged that Trump violated multiple statutes that prohibit the use of nonprofit revenue for business, personal and political purposes and require directors of nonprofit boards to perform their duties in good faith. The judge ruled that Trump admitted to the violations in a settlement reached to end the lawsuit."

Not surprisingly, Trump blamed his enemies.

"Though Trump admitted the misconduct in court documents, he issued a defiant statement in which he accused New York’s attorney general of mischaracterizing the settlement process for political purposes. Trump claimed he had been attacked by 'political hacks in New York State.'”

Let's call Trump's Random Acts of Kindness what they really were. Window dressing!

Hey Anami, ........I’d need to write a book listing all the dirt the Clintons, Obama and most of the rest of the gang of Jackals of Democrat Trump hates have tried to dig up on him. No doubt, you must be enjoying the on going torching of Portland, Oregon , while only objecting to Trump sending in ICE to arrest the Domestic Terrorist Antifa protesters? Come on, admit it. You and Brian, and the Trump haters must be loving every moment of it.
Jim Sutherland

Hey, Jim.

I'll sum up your new position.

"Yeah, Trump lies. Yeah, Trump is corrupt. Yeah, Trump is a fraud. But the Clintons, the Obamas, protestors in Portland, Brian and anami are so much worse."

Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?

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