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June 17, 2020


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Brian - what a cool tale of being honest with oneself and how re-engaging in this way helps us to start recognising B.S. better. My own RSSB DDF (Dogma Detection Facility) was certainly developing during this time. I reckon this has to be part of our so-called ‘progress’ on the ‘path’.

A lot of Howard's story resonates with me. From the behaviour of RSSB management, the inaccessibility of the ‘Master’, the loss of that original closeness/loving vibe at home satsangs etc. One could say this is about people having to take much more responsibility for their so-called spiritual development and wake up. On the other hand it could all be about the demise of something that many of us used to (and still?) hold very dear and we’ve had to move on, probably both and more. Like in my recent comments with j over those Q&A videos, I still have issue (though it’s lessening) reconciling the ‘burn the books’, ‘soul is the truth’ side of GSD, with his standard dogma-filled party line approach, complicated by the big finger with ‘fraud’ on it that seems to point his way. Mystery.

I really liked that bit of poetry from Rumi - it [sufi poetry] continues to gel with something on the inside.
‘Who says words with my mouth? Who looks out with my eyes? What is the soul? I cannot stop asking.’
See even Rumi didn’t have it sorted! Maybe there’s hope for us all yet.

Do you know how Howard is doing now and how he views GSD/RSSB? Be interesting. Pass on my regards.


I like this post!!
So true for me too!!
In this new vids from Babaji it's so often about karma.
I hate that!!
Why not be more in here and now,instead of the karma calculating!
Still too often a sort of calculation instead of living from'' your heart''..

S don’t you get it karma is the here and now. It’s highlighted again and again so that we learn from our past mistakes don’t repeat them again and again. The whole world is going through the pain of Coronavirus discovered at a seafood market in Wuhan. The virus jumped from the animal host to the human host from handling or consuming. We all saw that happen and are still dealing and grappling with its consequences but did we learn????? nOT AT ALL. 2 days ago virus which was believed to be gone was again discovered where????? Seafood market in Beijing. 🙈
Talk about living in the here and now??? Let’s deal with this and learn about karma??
Karma karma karma cameleon it comes and goes it comes and goes 🎵 🎵

GSD, has totally twisted the use of karma. He uses it as a manipulation tool to say you are suffering and totally helpless because of it. He then uses karmic DEPT to say you are trapped by it and that you need the remedy of a perfect living master . So there's the bread crumbs and the trap people are walking blindly into which is rssb and GSD are the solution to these. He claims that he takes your karmic dept off you and then controls your karma. This is absolute bull, as there is no such thing as karmic dept as he explains it.
He has only put you in a fear mode where you become desperate and easily controlled and pulled in. The truth is that if there is karmic dept and added dept from this life , how does anyone ever escape it, even the so called gurus. Also why is it that the perfect guru is suffering from diabetes and cancer, and his property in Haynes park England got burnt and struck by lightening. He also discounts yourr power and your freewill to make choices and the simple consequences which make up the biggest portion of your life - Just look at your own life as proof. This desperate cult wants to hook you and keep you in its clutches through manipulation and fear. The only way to realise you are in a trap is by thinking out the box and question everything. You may find the fake guru who you thought was god on earth and his remedies were a spiders trap and the master rotten to the core .

A life wasted not lived if you ever get ensnared in Devil Dhillions Den. Best never to vist this evil lair of GSDs at Beas. Were he sits high upon a pedestal full of egotistical ego and then slowly weaves a dark magical spell with his deceptive evil eyes (Darshan) on the guilable Sangat which entraps the soul to GSD on behalf of his master KAAL The 5 names are of KAAL (Satan) given to GSD to initiate the person and to trap the soul forever on it's own accord willing to fall for the greatest trick ever played by KAAL who cannot take a soul without it's full consent. Then pushing the person to believe he's guilty the day he was born in to this world and now to repay the heavy karma accumulated by him and having to repent day and night, begging for mercy from a man made Joker of a Baba. Eventually living the rest of your life in disgust as to how great the Baba is compared to us pathetic shallow low life souls. Shame on such a Disgusting Oppressive Satanic Cult for pushing its malicious ways on the innocent people of this world. They say were living in the end days. And as we can see GSDs days are finally numbered now living a lie for only a allotted number of time. Karmas a nocking on his door for alot of undue payments. Time for some payback GSD you always knew it was coming...

The other Jen,
Yes ofcourse there is a learning proces..
but the right and wrong..
Everyone must make their own choices right?
What is good for one is not always good for the other..
I had to divorce long ago when being on the path..
For some it was not done,because we were
both satsangi's..judge was there..and that felt heavy.
Everyone makes choices..

Babaji allows milkproducts I know how heavy the suffering is..
That I do not understand.
People has to think for themselves and not depending on what master says..

Aren't living masters supposed to be heretics? They don't want us mired in fundamentalism and punditry, because then all we have is empty religion--Howard's point, as I interpret it.

Has the practice changed? I don't think so. Gurinder is only motivating from different angles.

The practice has not changed,but the teachings..
I think the teachings had changed for the better I thought..
More about ''Oness''..''The One.''.
But the initiation forms are still the same..
Sometimes Babaji talk different from other periods it seems.
Maybe he is not consistent in his sort of anwsers..
It depends on the listerners..?
I think that in the Western satsangs he talks different..
Not sure about it.
It also depends on the questioner maybe..

@ The fact of the matter is that he is not a friend and we cannot reach him.
@ This is a fact and there is no getting around it unless you simply identify
@ the master as a spiritual presence in your life.

For me, "master as a spiritual presence in your life" is the essence of
mysticism. The stage actor can never fill that void. Every word, every
gesture in that drama we watch outside is the sound of a shutting
door. Rife with doubt, contradiction, angst, bitterness, hints of fraud
and scandal. An evanescent moment that leaves only a profound
loneliness in its wake.

The key is befriending the Master inside as the mystics say. Reason,
plea, ask for help each moment, turn every thought, every worry
over to the Friend. Laugh, joke, share the most scandalous impulses.
Keep a "perfection" score card on the quality of help rendered. After
all, a true guru must be a 24x7 counselor for all the relentless demons
in your life. A teddy bear you internalize.

But imagination is not imaginary. One day the teddy bear inside can
become real. The stage actor outside is a prop, a favorite toy. You
revere the toy, smile momentarily, and then resume talking with the


Living in a fantasy never lasts for long, sooner or later the bubble always bursts. Enjoy living in cuckoo land for now...until you come back with a thump to reality. Wake up, the Rs Cult and Clown like Baba GSD are nothing but like in the movie IT, a Monster who preys on the weak. Stop giving your power away to a malicious dark force in disguise as a friend called Satan. Hell awaits.

@ Wake up, the Rs Cult and Clown like Baba GSD are nothing but like in the
@ movie IT, a Monster who preys on the weak. Stop giving your power away
@ to a malicious dark force in disguise as a friend called Satan. Hell awaits.

But the real "Monster" is inside us. It's our scattered attention, our
limitless capacity for self deception, and a stream of thought that
we can't control. If you conclude GSD and/or RSSB are enabling
that inner monster, look for an alternative path. Find one that will
empower you to fight the "inner monster" .

Then you can laugh at the outer master, the one on the stage,
however flawed, heartless, satanic, full of contradiction he is.
Tell him "I'll deal with you later. I'm busy with a project at home
right now".

Nice post Dungenss!!
Very nice.''.I am busy with a project at home right now''
And it's good at home..
Cosy and.. well at home <3
Sometimes inspired in the outside ofcourse but looking from the inside out..
If you know what I mean..
Staying in your own center.

I have to make up for those 7 days of no commenting (because I was too busy taking care of Andi who is flying like an eagle now :))

“Gurinder really is the number one heretic in the organization, very much like Kabir and other masters. I just think the organization is way beyond what one person can control no matter how enlightened. He has to delegate and people who accept the authority are by default usually the least loving.”

I objectively admit I like Gurinder’s version of Sant Mat (in theory) better than previous master in the RS lineage. However, despite his good sense of humor, charm and modern approach, his success really seems to be more about his marketing of RSSB. He’s excellent at that. Maybe not for us, but definitely for the novice seeker. He’s great at what he does. Doesn’t necessarily make it true, but has reaped great success nonetheless.

One very important thing to keep in mind with regards to the nature of consciousness and the power of thought—the more people who believe in a particular thought system the more powerful that thought system (belief) becomes.

Are you going to give your power to that thought system? Think first. You have more power than you know.

GSD is a total contradiction to his own teachings. In truth he has no teachings but plagiarized sikhism, buddhism, Hinduism and christianity. He has never given any personal insight, and is constantly hiding. You cant record him or quote him, and thats pathetic. His Q and A are a joke, with no clarity, just more confusion. He only says do your pathetic meditation, or leave it to the lord, or be balanced. What a total parrot. To think people travel miles for this clown show. So to conclude he and the rssb version of Santmat is a total waste of time.

His Q & A’s are recorded and published on YouTube now. You know that, right?

But if you want something to get really freaked out about then keep in mind he’s got 3 or 4 giant pentagrams engraved on the concrete surrounding the old Satsangar. They’re probably part of some sort of protection spell. And inside the never-used old Satsangar there’s undoubtedly a secret trap door to a cavern lit with hundreds of red candles and filled with enchanted artifacts that he uses for the really big incantations.

Of course, everyone knows the less powerful artifacts are the ones on display in the Museum of the Masters. (I don’t know what it’s actually called but it’s kinda cool.)


Yes I know he is very conveniently on you tube. He cant leave the sangat alone as he fears them drifting and the path breaking up. These are desperate actions, considering before he was very camera shy, and you could not quote him. Also yes I did notice the hexograms with the star of David around satsang house. Rssb works with spirits/ aliens for like you say protection and bringing in negative spirits during initiation and power and control. It won't surprise me if they make secret offerings and sacrifices to their god . How else has this cult expanded so quickly and far around the globe


I was joking about the magic thing. And I think they’re pentagrams (5 sided). I could be wrong but 6 sided stars always kinda hit me in the face so I was fixated on the 5 sided version at Beas and curious why they were pentagrams. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe everyone else saw six sides...

Don’t believe in aliens. Although, I’ll admit mathematically the odds are in their favor. But it’s kinda like defining God. What would constitute an alien? They’d have to have a physical body? (Unlike a disembodied spirit.)

99% of the universe is dark matter. So if we only use 1% of our brain at any given time then it’s because we cannot “see”.

Gdam what utter nonsense - pentagrams, demons, aliens, hobgoblins, the sign of the beast - all to be found at rssb HQ who just launched a 10.000- bed biggest covid hospital in the world.

Sheer evil. Never heard such BS in my life. Morons unite.

It was a joke, Georgy. Have you lost your sense of humor?

Ridiculous, and when you call Gurinder singh dhillan, a perfect sant, the god in human form who is sent from the highest regions of satnam , isn't that ridiculous to you. When you see by his actions that he would take 6000 crore from his nephews , yet hides his crimes as a fake guru on a stage - what sounds more ridiculous. These people want you to believe the devil is in your mind, even though the devil himself is disguised as a so called guru , right where you will never suspect him.

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