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June 21, 2020


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Hey Brian
Here is a fact.
When I google search for the CotC, it does NOT come up with your picture anymore.
What a world

Is it ok/allowed to call someone an asshole?

Mike, you shouldn't joke around on Father's Day about super-important stuff like my photo not showing up on Google. Google Images has my photo as the first result. Whew! And in case you're wondering, my ego loss is coming along fine. Just not quite there 100%.

Confused blogger, it is perfectly OK if the person is Donald Trump, since he is undeniably an asshole. Depends on the context, I'd say. In general, I'd prefer that people not call their fellow human beings assholes. But if someone is a public figure, like a guru, say, and they act like an asshole, then, sure, it would be fine to call them an asshole if reasons were given for this insult. Obscenities should be deserved when they are given.

Brian your a public figure and in my opinion you act like one so I can call you an asshole?? You would accept that post?

Confused blogger, if you gave some reasonable reasons why I'm an asshole, sure, I'd accept a comment that calls me an asshole. But here's an example of a comment I just got that, while nicely literary in its stream of consciousness insults, didn't contain enough reasonableness to justify publishing the asshole mentions. I'm sharing it now as an example of how an over-the-top use of asshole doesn't fit with this blog's comment guidelines.
Dummest moronic asshole is the author of this blog site who finds it fit to call those who know his own soul inside and out an asshole while he himself continues to act like the archetype asshole of all assholes the world over. Dumb idiot asshole assuming that he's been cleared of his own dumb moron actions and reactions, or thinking and believing he's in the self righteous clear of retribution. Moronic morally bereft baffled bafoon doesn't realize what an outright idiot failure of an asshole he is. And don't go kidding yourself, your massive self aggrandizing self inflated ego is not in the least taken care of, not yet and not by a long shot. The most self absorbed imbecilic asshole of all assholes thinking he can manipulate and instigate his pathetic vindictive vengeance because his massive self inflated egocentric opinion of himself got taken to the cleaners. The delusional idiot deluxe is still going to have to face himself square on and face himself he will. Make no godforsaken mistake about that.

Hi Brian Ji
When anger gets out of hand there are good places to go and get the help one needs. Those who are experiencing rage can get help.


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