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June 22, 2020


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Not sure if ther are any comments here yet, but I'll take a crack at it...Man that male bonding can be a hastle.

This thread reminds me of a day at satsang. Actually, it had not started yet, and people were still
in conversations so I went to give a hug to the guy who gave me such great advice on the, Life is Fair book -who happened to be walking by.

I wanted give the type of hug one gives to his brother, good friend or father. You know, with a pat on the back but briefly. To my surprise the guy deflected it almost like a shove.

I thought maybe he's having a bad day? But in all actuality the satsang was just about to begin and he was giving today's presentation. "Ah, I thought. Didn't know he was on his way up stage."

He gave a discourse and it was WEAK. Just kidding, no I haven't yet been to a discourse that I thought wasn't exemplary. Anyhow, it had been awhile since I'd seen the guy as I don't always attend and most times just read something like one or two chapters of 'Spiritual Link'.

But on this occasion, I had requested a Initiation Re-sitting where we crossed paths again. The one who originally initiated me on behalf of Baba Ji, forever in his debt. Being a hour and a half late and the advanced satsangi Dr. Saverese stalled out that initiation, knowing I had searched for over 20 years, and that day walked from Santa Rosa to Petaluma roughly 23mi for RSSB's full Surat-Shabd-Yoga form to add to my knowledge; Reiki, Hatha Yoga, Staring at a White Wall meditations, etc.

In short, I was late and missed some things and had to skim read the introduction so the meditation instructions could start reasonably. Back to the Re-sitting, the guy who gave me some great advice before saw me there, but as soon as I learned what I had missed from the original I got up to quietly leave. The gentleman rushed to see if I needed anything and to reach out.

Perhaps he thought I was upset about the bump that happened at his discourse months back. But I whispered, "No, no I have what I missed at the original initiation." Also thanking him before exiting a second set of doors.

Sometimes I guess that male bonding just doesn't work.


I love this "Now, I know both Dennis and Warren care a lot about me. They demonstrated their manly concern by telling me that I’m either going to die or lose my feet." Cracks me up laughing. Typical male, practical and down to earth. I have three sons and they are also blunt and honest and I wouldn't change them even if I could!

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