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June 22, 2020


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"Oregon, where I live, has done much better than most states during the COVID-19 crisis. In large part that's because we have a Democratic governor, Kate Brown, who put in place a stay at home order early on and has managed reopening in a judicious fashion, allowing counties to relax social distancing rules only if they meet certain guidelines."

How do you figure? The New York Times just listed California as a state where the viruses are supposedly rising, and California was from the start (and has been for the last 3 months) more strict about lockdowns that Oregon has ever been.


Also, a lot of the supposed increase of cases has to do with differences in who's getting tested for the virus, how many people are getting tested, how these statistics are compiled and reported, etc. Kudos for a democatic gov? Obviously not that one in NY, or the one's that are freely letting their citizens burn destroy and loot in the name of kill whitey.

It's a mystery to me why anyone would revel in this interminable lockdown of our society and the mass incarceration of healthy citizens. Never before in history has American society been told they have to give up their Constitutional rights because someone might get sick from a virus that most people will never get, and hardly anyone will die from.

The solution to this virus problem is obvious. If you fear getting this or any virus, you simply stay home. It's the same solution for fear of anything -- you take personal precautions if you feel you're at risk, but you don't make your fear the problem of all of society. You don't demand that children stay out of school. You don't blithely ignore the fact that thousands of businesses have gone under and suicides are at an all-time high because of this senseless lockdown.


Nature Journal has posted this finding


You are confusing infection rates with death rates. Covid deaths make it one of the worst killers in the world today.

This year, Covid 19 is the number one killer among several major causes of death in the world, including hunger and malaria, war, drugs, flu, fire, terror, poisoning, meningitis, etc


Therefore it's everyone's job to help control the spread of this highly contagious disease that is ten times more contagious than the flu and five times more deadly.

And that means you wear your mask, you social distance, and you trace infections, which means you test as much as possible. Especially if you wish to end lock downs safely.

The solution to ending lockdown is compliance to these simple measures. And it is lack of compliance in America that has lengthened the necessity of lock down. America is the example to the world of the worst Covid death numbers that remain persistently high because for some reason or another people are not following the guidelines and wearing their masks, cleaning their hands, and social distancing.

When people don't follow these measures, death rates continue to remain high, because folks are infecting other folks. And therefore they carry responsibility for causing those deaths.

That means you actually have a responsibility for contributing to public safety. And you are culpable for harming other innocent people. The persistent death rates in America are hard evidence we aren't following the basic public health rules.

Calling people scared for practicing good hygiene during the worst pandemic in a century us oddly ignorant. But if some politician or extremist group whose skin color I won't mention, politicizes this by refusing to wear a mask in areas where they can contaminate others, or contaminate testing equipment, even while they carry assault weapons, then I would just mention one thing:

If you aren't afraid then why the assault weapons? If God is taking care of you and you don't need a mask, then why do you need a gun?

And if you love God, then treat each other with love and respect. Wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands, get tested of you have symptoms. If you don't like lock downs then stop causing them.

Wear a mask out of love, not fear.

@ Also, a lot of the supposed increase of cases has to do with differences in
@ who's getting tested for the virus, how many people are getting tested,
@ how these statistics are compiled and reported, etc.

I realize you added "alot" but it's not "supposed". Sporadic spikes in
Covid-19 hospitalizations/deaths are real and definitive so there are
increases in new infections. Real ones. They can't be swept aside
or fogged over as quirks of testing.

Otherwise hosp/death's wouldn't leap off a graph's trend line. They
do. They mushroom up even in areas that have started to plateau.
They are occurring at an alarmingly rapid clip in multiple states and
internationally too.

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