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June 10, 2020


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Let me get this straight. Honor Confederates who soaked the American flag in four years of blood, but take a knee for three minutes during the national anthem, that's when they scream traitor.

History is history it doesn't have a moral conscience

Otherwise Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, Sir Francis Drake, Lord Horatio Nelson and Napoleon Bonaparte should be struck off the record. And how many other notorious figures?
So too perhaps soldiers like George Custer and George Patton.

I see there's a new BLM movement afoot in the UK to have Winston Churchill’s status degraded as being racist and likening him to Hitler.

So how far do they want to erase all historical memorabilia in order to make current sense of historical evidence of what transpired in history? They can't rewrite history to suit current political PC sensitivity, they should be able to recognize it for whatever it was and move on.

Norfolk defends Nelson in statue racism campaign | Eastern Daily Press


I’ve read about that experiment before but that video didn’t show the part where the monkey receiving the grapes helps his primate buddy.

Animals don’t possess the causal/mental/reason faculty but they are fully emotional/astral creatures. I want to choke every scientist who needs to see extensive studies and tests believe animals have emotions. When “intelligent” humans are that stupid it’s no wonder racism runs rampant among our species.

I’m thrilled Black Lives Matters is gaining momentum. I can’t help but wonder if Floyd’s murder had happened before The Great Quarantine would it have attracted the same public response to such a degree?

I guess what I’m saying is there’s something about the psychological state of the nation in the context of a pandemic that most likely contributed to the greater outpouring of empathy and support for George Floyd and the BLM movement than if this had happened pre COVID-19.

If we find out Amerigo Vespucci owned slaves or had slaves in any of his ships, we’re screwed. That would be a monumental renaming task.

I'm guessing that the surveys the NYT refers to all have generic questions such as this one from SurveyMonkey: "From what you have heard or seen about Black Lives Matter, do you mostly agree or mostly disagree with Black Lives Matter, or don't you have an opinion either way?"

How many surveyed knww that BLM wants to abolish ("defund") America's police departments -- in their neighborhoods?


Asking for the 3rd time: what evidence are you looking at that convinces you that American police are wantonly violent and racist? Where is this overwhelming evidence that the left keeps hinting at, but never citing?

As for what Trump must do now if he's a decent human being: why didn't Obama say word one about confed statues during his 8 years in office? For that matter, woke white liberals, why did you?

5 years ago and more relevant than ever.

It was nice being reminded what life was like before the current pandemic.

Are All Cops Racist? Trevor Noah

Donald Trump is immoral for failing to rename military bases which were named after the losers of a war. It's more moral to celebrate those who kill more and win wars.

You're losing it.

Everyone read this entire thread, and afterward admit that you're ignorant and you have no opinions of your own, and you only care when the media tells you to. In other words, be honest for once, and stop being cultists.


That "j" actually is racist enough to demand proof that America' s police are racist. He might as well deny that America stole America from the real Americans. When I say real "Americans" I am fully aware that "America" is itself a racist and imperialist term that came from racist Italians like that Columbus who needs to have all his statutes removed immediately, but anyway until the correct term for this landmass is settled you will have to bear with me. Sorry for that digression. Actually, I'm not sorry because Truth should never be sorry to speak to power, but anyway, about racist "j" and his demand for evidence. Hey "j," turns out things are worse than anyone even dreamed. It has been an established fact for the last 200 years if not longer that the police are all racist and murderers of the innocent in the landmass you call America, and the evidence it simple and clear. All these politicians and celebrities and corporations weren't endorsing Black Lives Matter, which has been saying for years that the police are all racist. So truth bomb time, all these whites knew the police were racist but were ignoring it!!! None of them were saying jack about racism until couple of weeks ago, and now they're kneeling?? Pretty obvious they were caught trying to get away with being racist and letting the police murder people. Good thing the looters brought them to their moral senses, like finally. All you white people should be put on the stand with those police officers, cause you're just as guilty. All you ones with blogs say you believe the police are racist? OK, you say that now, but that means you BELIEVED IT AND KNEW IT for ages, but, didn't say nothing about it. You're all busted. March all you like, we will not forgive you.

I think this and the COVID crisis are going to reshape this year’s presidential race.

Is it possible for Obama to run as Joe’s VP?

@ Is it possible for Obama to run as Joe’s VP?

That'd be kinda dodgy wouldn't it, since, if he had to
take over for Joe, he'd run afoul of term limits?

Michelle O. on the other hand, would be fine.

( Of course they'd have to ensure her birth cert.
was certified authentic)

The latest conspiracy is that George Floyd isn't dead it's a setup hoax. A media movie by some behind the scenes mainstream media players (apparently the usual suspects Soros/Clinton/Turner/Rockefeller foundations) designed to inject outrage and chaos in the American social structure to destabilize society and chuck Trump under the Libdem bus.

The so called cops involved are apparently also fake cops, stage stooge actors who rock up whenever there's a crisis to enact the fake setup.

Apparently George Floyd did not die, he wasn't even properly diagnosed or assessed by the fake paramedics who simply loaded up his 'lifeless' body on a stretcher and carted it away (notice nobody was wearing masks even though this whole pantomime was played out during height of Covid19 quarantine regulation), he even attended his own funeral under disguise of a different alias.

If you can believe this shit you can believe anything. (Like Armstrong and Aldrin never set foot on the moon or Al-Qaeda wasn't responsible for twin towers 9/11 take down - was an inside job)

But then who would've believed that JFK wasn't taken out by Lee Harvey Oswald but by some other sinister forces with other huge axes to grind?

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