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May 09, 2020


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I m using it
I but Amazon 'Time' from the UK
Helps for short term memory
Also Anahabad Shabd - the root tones - are more specific!

I have to order and see they have added some other stuff
Let's try

My doctor prescribed 10 years ago- when I was still young PIRACETAM -I used 4 years
but I never noticed an influence


PS = not un-importment
since 1994 50 mgr DHEA against DR_advice for the prostate
I have still a PSA check of : 0.9
Also flaxseed as prophylactic against cancer

I don’t feel disrespected - we simply disagree. I think he provides huge wisdom and I don’t think satsangis are remotely near that level of wisdom, and in many cases, are close to being insane.

I notice that many satsangis and exes are very sensitive and depressive. They are triggered by virtual anything and tend to look for all the negatives. No disrespect to them , and I suspect meditation does then the world of good, but I definitely don’t want to ‘learn’ from them. Many of them are bordering on ‘crackers’.

No I can spot a strong well-balanced mind when I see it. That is the guru, all the rest is chaffe and words. Perhaps there are other enlightened beings that walk among us - but none so far resonate with me like GSD. But I’m still reading, watching and judging - using my discrimination before committing and that is I believe how he has said it should be , rather than just jumping in. This is a massive committment.

Hi Sonia,

You may not be surprised to hear I heartily recommend lions mane, as well as a host of other fungi, for a variety of physical, mental and spiritual ills ;)

I would recommend using a mushroom blend to get a broader spectrum of health benefits? As you're in the USA, I have heard great things about this brand from reliable sources, who produce high quality mushroom beverages: https://us.foursigmatic.com/products/10-mushroom-blend

For Europe and UK, I wouldn't not consider the Amazon Time brand 7 mentioned, whose supplements I have used before, but I would personally recommend the following pill supplement: https://vegan-vitality.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/mushroom-supplements

I could tell some stories about my adventures with fungi, but they are probably too magical and miraculous to be believed. So all I will say is try them and see if they agree with you.

All the best my fellow fungi fanatics!! 😁

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