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May 04, 2020


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"When we drink in reality in a single big gulp, rather than a series of small conceptual sips, that's when we see things rightly. Zen 101. "

"Ultimate Truth, on the other hand, is direct perception. And what is directly perceived (as opposed to conceived) is that no separate, individual things exist as such. There's nothing to be experienced but this seamless, thoroughgoing relativity and flux."

Is this possible or is it just a nice idea?

Ultimate Truth is all there is. Otherwise truth is relative. And by its very nature Truth cannot be relative.

@ So what we are looking for isn't distant, supernatural, mystical, or to be sought
@ for. It is right here, right now, directly in front of us. That's reality -- the MacBook
@ Pro screen I'm looking at as I type these words, along with the sound of the
@ dishwasher running that I can hear, and Hagen's book that is lying on the
@ table next to my laptop.

I agree "here and now" is exactly what's sought but that's not
disparate from mysticism at all. The mystic simply introspects
far deeper than the casually mindful.

When the average person "sees/hears" he is responding to what
the mind whispers to him he's just seen/heard... if anything at all.
Without that nudge, he sees nothing or, if he does, the image or
sound is often eclipsed by the endless chain of subsequent
imagery, sounds, associations, and thoughts being triggered. They
often remain entirely in the unconscious completely forgotten and

Then the mindful may find himself thinking obsessively of a book
passage... only to flash on forgetting to load a dirty pie plate in the
dishwasher. A moment of focus quickly interrupted wondering why
the hell the rinse cycle is running so long. Dammit, stop thinking how
good the pie tasted.

Yes, mostly we humans are more or less operating unconsciously. We unknowingly live from our minds, from concepts. Just to see this is to awake - no mystery.

Alan Watts summed it up quite nicely:- "Most people never use their brains; they use their minds instead."

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