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May 05, 2020


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We can certainly get out of our way through meditation. The less of me, my habits and addictions, the more clearly I see.

"The way out is in. "
Tom Curtis

What J. Brewer is describing as “Being in the flow” is pretty much what Hagen is referring to in Brian's previous blog. I come across people from all walks of life experiencing and talking about this; when climbing, dancing, painting etc. and also just when seeing – as though something is seen as if for the first time.

We all probably have these experiences, although they are soon dismissed in favour of the 'so important', often irrelevant stuff the mind throws up. But, in a sense it doesn't matter. Just to have registered it – although briefly – the brain/body is refreshed having been in touch with reality.

Yes, awareness or meditation practice can open up the ability to just see more consciously – it can become a part of everyday life, nothing special, just an openness to all that is experienced. No need at all for the professional, guru, spiritual teacher etc. Just life experiencing life.

Flow increases dopamine (one of my personal favorite neurotransmitters;)).

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