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May 15, 2020


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"But nobody can know what existence is, what life is, what consciousness is."

-- Why not? That is what it is. It's so obvious that we overlook it thinking it must be something else. We are what it is. God crawling around looking for itself under a rock.

-- Why not? That is what it is. It's so obvious that we overlook it thinking it must be something else. We are what it is. God crawling around looking for itself under a rock.

Posted by: Chet Frell | May 15, 2020 at 11:03 PM


"Science doesn’t have a clue."


Taoism minus the ism part is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We're all idiots by birth and by nature, and that's the state we need to return to if we feel like it. If not, then we should do something else.


--Well, maybe a rock. More likely in some practice, book, path, religion, person, substance or belief, but what is looked for is where we look from, in my experience. It already is the case.

"We are what we’re trying to know." (from blog post)

I think that's it. A sort of game of hide and seek. The Infinite infinitely discovering itself.


I think it would be more accurate if you said “the infinite infidelity discovering itself”.

“There’s a joy in being a religious fool.

I could feel the pressure of got to know… got to know… got to know dissipating. I felt emptier, lighter, freer. I realized that I’ll never know, you’ll never know, no one will ever know. Not everything. Not the deepest mysteries. They’re unknowable.“

I’ve never in my entire life met a single person (or even heard of a single person) who was truly sure of everything.

I ate a fortune cookie tonight which had the fortune “Logic is incomprehensible to the spirit”. I took that wisdom with a grain of salt as the fortune cookie was about as delectable as a styrofoam packaging peanut. Maybe we need to find a different place for Chinese take out... 🤷‍♀️

Who knows. Sometimes you find wisdom in the strangest of places.

'On the Taboo of Against Knowing Who You Are' is the title of a book by Alan Watts. He states in the preface:- 'This book explains an unrecognised but mighty taboo – our tacit conspiracy to ignore who or what we really are'. It was many years ago when I read this book – and I did not feel like reading it again – but the title and preface is intriguing.

As they say in Zen teachings:- “The Zen practice of “not-knowing,” or “don’t-know mind,” is one way of honouring the absolute dimension of our lives – even as we engage in “knowing,” as necessary, in the relative dimension. It involves centring ourselves in the here-and-now, and recognizing that all “knowing” is ultimately an abstraction and not reality itself”.

Perhaps this is saying that knowing or not knowing can both be a conceptual stance, and, when the mind is engaged in neither position then what remains is, well, just this, the here and now. Or, as Dogen paradoxically said “Do not think you will necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment”.

And could it be that we don't really want to know, are we afraid and insecure that we might 'see' (as in just be) the simple nature of reality, of who we are? For then we may have to stop playing at searching, stop playing our 'spiritual' games – which can be so very stimulating and exciting and even give our lives some sort of meaning.

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