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April 23, 2020


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😳🤭 (that’s shock and disbelief)

Oh dear! Trump's thinking is so chaotic, dangerous and divisive I'm constantly amazed that his supporters have not realised how toxic the man is.

To be fair though, I don't think he was promoting this crazy idea - he just seemed to ask the question. Which even to ask such a question shows his lack of grasp on the real world.

The fact that you can go to the fox news homepage and try to find the world disinfectant and light on their home page headlines is even more proof that it is so dumb a suggestion.

it isw so dumb that not even fox news are promoting it as a news story

Trump.... I love you for this. This year's Nobel prize for Medicine is yours for sure.

One study in my country suggests that cyanide also kills the virus instantaneously.

I've just watched the repeat of what he said - including his excuse that he was just being sarcastic to a reporter's question - completely untrue!

It seems to me that he has a grandiose idea of himself in that he believes he has got as much - if not more - knowledge of medical science than the med scientists. Its as if he is saying "Look fellow specialists, I have a great idea, what if we look into injecting bleach or sunlight somehow into people. You see, I have just as great ideas as you have - because I'm a genius."

Trouble is, he believes what he thinks and he thinks he's right. Someone save America.

Hope obviously drives some people to distraction. There's something about an American leader who offers hope about the economy (and wildly succeeded) that infuriates the folks who loathe capitalism and yearn for socialism. This current crisis is a dream for these people, and they revel in the shutdown of American business and would like it to continue indefinitely. They love this brave new world where the streets are free of traffic (and those polluting cars), where oil prices are at an all-time low, and where government excises total control over each citizen's comings and goings. It's a Green Dream even Greta couldn't imagine. They see it as a good lesson for humanity, who they hope will soon learn to stay home and stop buying things they don't need. It's all done with the pretext of safeguarding people's health, but we all know what it's really about.

Anyone offering hope is simply trying to kill people. It's just a version of the same story we've heard for 3 years now -- anyone not on our side is a fascist, a criminal, a murderer.

If only there were facts to bear any of this out.

We've seen that "science experts" have wildly overestimated the danger of this virus -- but all the scientists get a pass.

We've seen politicians horribly abuse their power and curtail civil liberties for no rational reason -- but they also get a pass.

Most absurd of all was the claim that the leader somehow knew that the virus would arrive and was told to shut the entire country down - - even though no one else seems to have known that "fact."

But again, what really drives them crazy is hope. To them, an able leader would have shut the country down on January 15th, even though there were no cases of Wuhan Virus in the country -- but the Dems who jeered at his actual shutdowns of Asian and European traffic, of course, get a pass. The previous president who dawdled on pandemics gets a pass. The front runner for the Dems who wanted China to keep the traffic going into the U.S. gets a pass. And of course, China gets a pass.

Nope, everything is about that leader who made an offhand remark. Another helping of fake outrage by the Hope Sucks devotees.

But the way, that drug he spoke of is still being prescribed by doctors this very day to help people with the Wuhan flu. Everyone gets a pass but us fascists.


Offhand remark? This is a guy who lies, manipulates, plays far too much golf, gives bad medical advice.... so much so that Lysol has to warn people not to drink it.

Sorry, but the Foxnews spin on this guy is incredible.

Imagine if Obama said as many weird things that Trump did.....

Your defense is defenseless...... unless, of course, you are auditioning for a spot on Foxnews.

BTW, science readily admits when it gets things wrong. That is precisely how science progresses.

A President who never takes responsibility isn't worthy of the job and one who tends never to admit to being wrong.

Wuhan isn't the point now. Being a great leader that unites is..... and Trump is not that person, never has been that person.

He is a cheat and he is cheating the American people.

BTW, I am a registered Republican..... which now makes me wince.

I wouldn't trust my daughter with this guy, yet we trust that he will take care of us?


@ But the way, that drug he spoke of is still being prescribed by doctors this very day
@ to help people with the Wuhan flu. Everyone gets a pass but us fascists.

A recent test of 368 patients concluded "More death, no benefit".


I wouldn't trust my daughter with this guy, yet we trust that he will take care of us?

Posted by: leadershipneedednotbadmedicaladvice | April 24, 2020 at 10:02 PM

Absolutely true. Your daughter would have been safer even with Hugh Hefner.

But the way, that drug he spoke of is still being prescribed by doctors this very day to help people with the Wuhan flu. Everyone gets a pass but us fascists.

Posted by: j | April 24, 2020 at 05:34 PM

Another display of stupidity. I doubt USofA has any qualified doctors.

Irony, the world's largest producer of that drug doesn't prescribe it as a treatment.

Breaking News:

Trump has dialled Krpton requesting 250k tonnes of Kryptonite. He plans to get every American to consume 500gms of it so as to turn them all into superman

If Krypton council doesn't accede to his request he is gonna threaten them of consequences.

You Americans are a lucky lot. What a smart, intelligent and visionary president you have elected.

People who embrace blind faith?

All the ideas the president has actually put forward had their origin with medical and public health professionals. If there's a place for criticism, it's that the president has trusted these experts too much regarding their embrace of end-of-the-world pandemic models and absurd advice that everyone needs to stay home, lose their business or be unemployed, for the sake of an impossible ideal - - that no one can possibly contract the virus.

If there's room for criticism, it's also in the blithe acceptance of the government's total abuse of American civil liberties in the name of "saving lives."

All that is ignored for the sheer glee some people have of playing gotcha for an offhand remark that hurt no one.

Signed: An obvious fascist

Love him or not, at least Fat Donald is facing the media. Unlike our beloved Bodjer who hides from his responsibilities.

Must see this SNL clip:


@ Must see this SNL clip:

Thanks :)

(Here's to Amy Poehler doing Dr. Debbie Birx)

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