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April 21, 2020


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I can relate to this part:

“When we act based upon what arises in this moment -- rather than upon what we hope, or expect, or pretend -- we no longer need a script or set of guidelines to follow, because we have a clear view of Reality -- and of the Universe. We have the True evidence of direct experience to guide us.”

Life is suffering as the Buddha said. People, especially men (as a a woman I know how incredibly selfish men are when it comes to any sort of relationship) will always disappoint you. It’s important to learn that your life is complete as it is, not needing anyone else.

Yes yes and yes....

Thank you for this beautiful telling..
It is exactely how I feel this too.


"Not surprisingly, it bugs me hugely when I hear cavalier talk of relaxing Oregon's Stay Home, Save Lives governor's order to get the economy moving again, even if some vulnerable people die as a result. That attitude reveals an astounding lack of compassion for those who are older or sicker. Life is way more important than money. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to think again."

Many people are asking if we're actually being guided by science, or by a politician's agenda.

For example, why are small businesses that sell children's clothes forced to shut down, but Walmart is allowed to stay open?

Why are people being handcuffed and led off to jail for swimming in the ocean, or walking in the park?

Why are abortion clinics allowed to say open, but people who need joint replacement surgery are told to wait indefinitely?

Why are all the scientific models of what the Wuhan virus is supposed to do are so totally off the mark? Can it all be put down to the effectiveness of social distancing? If so, how did science arrive at that conclusion, and not the more likely one that many people simply aren't affected by this virus?

If the virus is largely transmitted through touch or being in the range of sneezes, why isn't wearing a mask at work an effective deterrent? Why do millions of people have to be unemployed, indefinitely, until our scientific leaders deem if safe for them to work again?

Public protest is an American right. That means protests about any subject. Why then show disdain toward people who are severely affected economically by this crisis, and are simply exercising their civil rights and demanding that their governments explain these radical curbs on their ability to survive? I hear horror story after horror story of small business owners absolutely crushed by the lockdown. Do these people not count, or is the moral yardstick now that the world needs to be locked down indefinitely to prevent one person from getting sick? Wouldn't it make more sense to follow the Swedish model? Do our political leaders have the right to make draconian limits on our freedom and because they can claim "science" is on their side?

Where is this pandemic anyway? I had to visit the hospital yesterday and was expecting to see bedlam. Instead the place was like all other businesses in my area -- barely functioning due to lack of traffic. I asked my nurse about this and she told me that there have only been a few cases in the area. And this is a very populous area of the U.S. I live in. Pandemic?

It seems obvious to me that the truly scientific response to the Wuhan virus is to protect the elderly, and not to shut down society indefinitely. Indeed, that's looking like an insane response to me, more so every day. Many people feel the same and are wondering about the scientific acumen of experts who predicted AIDS could be spread by kissing, and are now saying that no one should shake hands ever again -- but it's okay to hook up with sexy someones on Tinder.

Brian, I think you have distilled the essence of Hagen's book. What Hagen is saying and what you have condensed is more or less what Zen and Taoist teachers and recorders have been pointing out for ages, also more contemporary writers such as Alan Watts through to the writing of people such as Stephen Batchelor and lately also coming from present day research into neuroscience.

Because the message of just seeing means (as you say) - “Liberation lies in just seeing, in being present, in living by experience, without reliance on belief or intent, in the true freedom that is sorrow's end”. There is a great fear in people that if belief drops away in favour of truth then, to quote Hagen (page 5) “This is just how we fear Truth. It is nothing less than the fear of the loss of identity”.

Hagen also says, regarding perception - “We do not experience an I - we assume it. We only experience perception, thought and consciousness. Just as there's no lurking 'something' beyond the phaneron, there's no thinker (no self, no 'I') to be found behind the thought”.

Now who's up for that? Most enquirers into these areas quickly retreat back into beliefs, self-maintaining stories and concepts for it means in effect that 'seeing' may mean seeing the insubstantiality of the 'I', the 'me'. No, folks would rather live in habitual illusion preferring to remain asleep as to who, what we and life is. 'Waking up' is too scary.

In Holland it is an over the top reaction about the ''pandamic''.
But what I see in your country is worse.
What the heck is this??
Here in Holland lots are also in panic about their jobs.

“Truth reveals itself only in the moment we stop making up a story.”

— when we start being honest w/ourselves and stop being afraid to change

“Truth is Truth. It will not change upon being seen. What changes is simply that we no longer see incorrectly.”

— perception is essentially self preservation even if the “self” is destructive

“It's only through our faulty explanations, upon which we base so much, that we suffer pain, sorrow, loss, and lamentation. And it's only through just seeing that we may end such suffering. The end of suffering is correct seeing.”

— requires humility and the courage to let go of what is unhealthy

“But in taking on our difficulties, which must include accepting the suffering of others, we no longer have such difficulties. The world is transformed, for we no longer deny Reality.”

Reminds me of this quote by the Dalai Lama:

“ If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

Brian your book called: Life is Fair: The Law of Cause and Effect...

Do you still believe in cause and effect? I have to believe in reincarnation and the law of karma to accept that life is fair. Otherwise why are some people so lucky, for example your beautiful home and lifestyle. Was this simply chance? Thinking about the many problems and difficult lifestyle that so many very poor people suffer from. I believe that life is suffering and believe in reincarnation and karma because that makes sense, otherwise how can it be fair when there is so much suffering in the world?

"Reality is inconceivable. But still, we can see It. We can, and do, perceive Reality."

"But in taking on our difficulties, which must include accepting the suffering of others, we no longer have such difficulties. The world is transformed, for we no longer deny Reality."

If we accept the suffering of others the world is transformed? If Reality is suffering and there is no such thing as karma why do some people experience more suffering than others?

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