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March 27, 2020


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Great book and I really enjoyed his section on thermodynamics and its relation to evolution by natural selection. He also gave a great interview on Joe Rogan podcast.... he is a vegan but has a real phobia about
closed spaces.... including his fear of tunnels.

Greene says "Life is physics orchestrated."

I say - Life is death in disguise.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson replying to @MLB:

“We've suspected for some time now that the laws of physics across the universe might not apply to some pitchers -- we have top people looking into this. But what is certain is that he can't do that on the (airless) Moon, a place where nothing curves sideways.”


The only thing that could possibly supersede the “known” laws of physics would be further discoveries about the laws of physics.

Nothing can supersede a current scientific fact until it has been scientifically disproven. If and when that may or may not happen. Life is endless discovery.

Here’s one example:

We humans LOVE certainty. Science is the closest thing we have to certainty. But science is a growing field and occasionally certain theories and laws are disproven or are incomplete. And that’s cool. We can’t possibly have discovered everything there is to know. How boring would that be?

I find it oddly ironic that we humans seem to be hardwired for certainty because this is one of the greatest limitations on knowledge and discovery. We seem to have an almost phobic aversion to not knowing. This is especially true when it comes to religion, philosophy and even to some degree, science.

We are also hardwired to want to live, no matter how miserable we may be.

Uncertainty about what happens when we die. Could anything be more terrifying?

Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory tips him another one at one of his talks. The book being nonsense off course lol. Classic scene

Lately I am having a re-read of some of my books. In Steve Hagen's book – 'Why the World Doesn't Seem to Make Sense'. To make a valid point he imagines a conversation between a physicist and a philosopher:
Physicist: … and so we conclude an electron is a particle.
Philosopher: But you also claim that an electron is a wave.
Physicist: Yes, it is also a wave.
Philosopher: But surely, not if its a particle.
Physicist: We say it is both wave and particle.
Philosopher: But that's a contradiction, obviously.
Physicist: Are you saying its neither wave or particle?
Philosopher: No, I'm asking what you mean by “it.”

In all this hullabaloo of science and logics defining and analysing material phenomena and some of us tending to cross over to analyse spirituality - a non material arena beyond senses with same yardstick we miss out badly on one thing I.e. in knowing our consciousness and which is the 'one' we are basically fighting to preserve from a kiss of baby corona ( or death) , a new born in corona family now worldwide.

If the author wishes to discuss physics and physics only well it's good. But applying physics specifically to the phenomena of igniting life and then death in the objects whether in flesh or not naturally is beyond the scope of physics.

Santosh - why do you hate Modi so much? Isn't he spiritual too?
Thank you


I not only hate Modi but all the fuckers who don't follow Dharma(righteousness).

Modi is an exact copy of Hitler. He has killed millions of people which include both Hindus and Muslims-


A person can only be called spiritual if he follows dharma-


And people should not trust leaders of countries as some saints. All the politicians and leaders are criminals.

Only the supreme God and True Master are worth worshipping.

Santosh - why do you hate Modi so much? Isn't he spiritual too?
Thank you

Posted by: seeker | March 30, 2020 at 02:01 AM

There are many such frustrated Indians. They can't bear to see someone trying to fix the problems that have afflicted the country as a direct consequence of their master - the Gandhi family.

Noise pollution is all they result in.

Anyways I hope this fella hates anyone and everyone Narendra Modi personally engages with.

Thankfully then he would soon be an exer.

Earlier today in India. 👇👇👇


It's the PM interacting with the important spiritual heads on Convid. And figuring therein is GSD

Love supercedes the law of physics.
You could try to marry the law of physics but they won't be good company.

Any good friend exceeds the law of physics.

And sometimes physics smells funny.

But a good friend will always be polite, bathe and wear Deodorant before a date.

Physics can be too loud and too harsh.

But a good friend won't be either.

A good friend definitely supercedes physics in most things that matter.

A good friend will help you get through COVID 19, and anything else you have no control over.

Physics will help find a cure. Physics is a good tool. Physics is inexorable and inevitable.

But it will never supercede love.

So why do physicists want to explain love in physical terms?

Why do they need to describe Spirituality in physical terms?

All that you will conclude is that there is no real love or Spirituality within physics.

I challenge anyone to explain physics in terms of love. Be prepared to offer real evidence, not just formulas, theories and other scientific mythology. Prove that physics isn't just love.

All that you will find is that physics doesn't actually exist, from the very real world of love.

In the world of love, lovers fly. Lovers can be thousands of miles apart but in a single word on a single piece of paper they have intimacy. In a single word spoken with love on the phone thousands of miles apart, there is love in one place, and both lovers are transported there.

Does the physical world even exist? Well, not so much for lovers.

You've got to be willing to let it go, to find love. But more often than not it is love that will pull you in.

Is love a mistake? To a lover of physics, could be.

But to a physicist in love, never.

If a cure is ever found for COVID-19, physics (biochemistry, biology, genetics, pharmacology...) will surely hold the answer. Necessity will be the vehicle. But neither will take us there. Only love, pure compassion, will ever be the fuel to carry us there through all challenges. . Love is the force driving life forward.

The ventilators are composed of physics.

But physics didn't design, manufacture and ship the ventilators.

Love did that.

"Nothing supersedes the laws of physics."

As Brian Greene is a theoretical physicist:

In theory,
would supersede.

"For the rock, there is no higher level story. When you use the laws of physics to describe the bumping and jostling of the rock's molecules, you're done."

According to the University of Oregon:

-- which are made of --


-- which are made of --


-- which are made of --


-- which are made of --

protons, neutrons, & electrons

-- which are made of --

subatomic particles

-- which are made of --

who knows what"

Hence mostly everything is made up of subatomic particles, studies have shown:

"For both large and small wavelengths, both matter and radiation have both particle and wave aspects. The particle aspects are emphasized when their emission or absorption is studied, and the wave aspects are emphasized when their behavior in moving through a system is studied. But the wave aspects of their motion become more difficult to observe as their wavelengths become shorter. ...For ordinary macroscopic particles the mass is so large that the momentum is always sufficiently large to make the de Broglie wavelength small enough to be beyond the range of experimental detection, and classical mechanics reigns supreme." –by Eisberg & Resnick (1923)

Since we have no more physics or studies that go beyond the subatomic, metaphysics or a firm belief in something greater thus becomes a sounder theory. Physicists like Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, & even Brain Greene held on to belief in some religious sect of Christianity, Zionism, Vedic, or traditional Judaism:



https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/feb/06/brian-greene-theoretical-physicist-interview-until-the-end-of-time (Question to D. Greene: In your book, you talk about the “majesty of religion”. What do you mean by that?)

So postulate why such great physicists, such like minds, all have faith in something outside and beyond physics; a God, Jehovah or Yahweh, Christ, Brahman or a Higher Supreme Being!

Their source of genius perhaps?

1. Laws of nature
2. Love
3. Consciousness

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