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March 24, 2020


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No advertisements, no self congratulating.

Posted by: Jesse | April 06, 2020 at 06:08 PM

Media coverage of RSSB has changed in the last decade or so. Especially by the local Punjab media.

For an organisation without its website until recently, ascribing self promotion through its charitable activities is a bit far fetched. If publicity and self promotion was ever an intent, by know RSSB and GSD would be a household name.... Much like Sadhguru or
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or the many other well known Indian Godmen.

Participating in the call with Modi was national headlines.

And are you aware that Modi in in interaction with media bosses on Covid suggested amongst other things that press should carry positive and inspiring stories.

Finally, putting up links to independently published articles on their websites - isn't advertising by RSSB.

"ascribing self promotion through its charitable activities is a bit far fetched. "

Oh that's weird because they have a section of their website promoted to promoting their charitable activities which you mention 2 sentences later when you say "putting up links to independently published articles on their websites" but then contradict that statement in the exact same sentence by saying "isn't advertising by RSSB.."

Advertising isn't advertising.

You're really smart, and I respect you like totally a lot.

"Perhaps such slander and libel of a good man, moves God to bring such suffering to the world?"

If that's the case, we should expect deadly disasters every five minutes. Slander is a part of the human experience.

Posted by: Jesse | April 06, 2020 at 06:04 PM


But for believers in God, every thing that happens, happens as per the will of God. Else it cannot happen.

So this calamity is because God wishes so. And isn't this world full of disasters anyways? All around death, disease and suffering. It's not every 5 minutes Jesse. It's every minute/second.

Thanks, Trevor. That was really deep.

"Brian I think you should make this the topic of your next blog post. RSSB Seva reaches 1.2 million needy people everyday in India during covid19 lockdown. The amount of work and money is astonishing. Oh but it’s positive RSSB news and it’s not your style to write anything positive about the organization or the head right?"

Yes, Brian, I agree.

I don't follow the discussions here too closely nowadays, but I have noted the multiple reminders of RSSB's charitable actions during this crises as directed by Gurinder Singh.

Whilst this is of course highly commendable, I do not find this to be a particularly remarkable action for any religious organisation to make, damn, here in the UK there are plenty of secular people making similar personal sacrifices and risks to serve the greater community. It is, imo, truly beautiful to behold all of this.

There is only one way this is particularly interesting or worthy of investigation .... And I agree that you Brian would be all over this story if you are even half the RSSB truth-teller your acolytes on this blog claim you to be.... Is the degree to which Gurinder's aid to the government is motivated by gaining political influence for the upcoming fraud cases in court?

Ahh, tis a Netflix show in the making, no doubt... 🤔

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