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December 13, 2019


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Perhaps Gurinder caters to a rougher crowd. I’m sure he would have done well in the Merchant Navy.

What I don’t understand, though, is why he has such a difficult time with people criticizing him. It shouldn’t bother him in the least if he’s so tough.

Alcoholism and other addictions all stem from past trauma. It's not a life choice as most people like to think, it's self medication for deep pain. You would love the Gabor Mate M.D. literature on addiction. He is a pioneer in the field.
As I told Jen in the previous post, it seriously effects the electromagnetic field of the body which is why I don't drink or take drugs anymore even though the temptation arises when am stressed out!

Posted by: Maria de La Torre | December 25, 2019 at 03:09 AM

Thanks, Maria!

I will check Dr. Gabor Mate’s work. 🙏

Maria de La Torre,

I checked out just a few of Dr. Gabor Mate’s videos. His research and way of explaining addiction is so powerful. Addiction doesn’t run in my family at all. And I never had an “addictive personality” till after leaving Dera last December. It is no doubt trauma that requires the brain for these types of addictions.

Before joining RSSB I only drank from the ages of 21 - 31. I drank at a club one night when I was 18 and got alcohol poisoning so couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol after that. I didn’t start drinking again till I was 21 and then I stopped at 31 the year before I got initiated. During those ten years I never had a problem. I only drank once or twice a month and never more than a few glasses of wine.

So what happened during my 14 years as a Satsangi that would traumatize me so much? Or was it just a culmination of things? All I know is that when I got on the plane to leave India last December I started drinking and drank a lot every day until I finally joined AA in mid October.

Was it the trauma from last December?

It was a shock to my whole family and to myself. I try to look at incidents in my life that could prove I always had an alcoholic chemistry but nothing can explain why—when I was free to drink as much as I wanted (ten years from 21 - 31) I didn’t have any attraction to alcohol.


It was interesting to see what Dr Mate has to say about shame trauma and addiction and how it requires the brain. I think my brain was COMPLETELY rewired at Dera last December. Normally I would insert crazy face emoji here but it’s not funny.

Sexual abuse, depression, mental illness, suicide... none of those things are first world problems.

"I didn’t get that impression at all. He seemed quite polite and good humoured to me when spending 3 days answering often the most tedious questions."

Georgy, didn't you say in an earlier comment that you weren't a satsangi at all and that you knew nothing about rs?

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