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December 14, 2019


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Noted. And thank you for not publishing a few of the insane things I’ve written. 😬 I’m very thankful these posts are moderated.

Thanks for the reminder, Brian. I felt so incensed when Time To Leave was attacked for no reason I responded in the heat of the moment, but as the saying goes, 'Revenge is a dish best served cold!' The punch line should have been:
"A well-balanced person has a drink in each hand." Billy Connolly
Although I never feel anger towards my cats and never shout at them, no matter where they poo, vomit, decide to sleep or use as a scratch post, if anyone were to hurt them I would attack like a tigress.
Humans are far more challenging though and require far greater patience!
Mia culpa!

[NOTE FROM BLOGGER BRIAN: "j" is mistaken here, so I'm using his inaccurate comment to educate him and other commenters. If a blog post I write is political, or focuses on a political figure like Trump, then naturally it is fine to leave a comment that relates to the topic of the post.

But as I said in these commenting rules, it isn't fine to leave a comment about Trump on a post that is about something else -- like changing one's mind. If someone wants to comment about Trump, use the Google search box in the right sidebar to find a post that is about Trump. I said that in this post, but I guess I need to repeat it. Or leave the comment in an Open Thread.]

You won't even publish my comment? I tried to be tactful but now I'll be plainer:

You're the one here who has insisted on making political comments. If you don't like feedback on your political comments on this forum, then take the initiative to stop making them altogether.





Fair points Brian

We are all guests on this blog and should respect the guidelines set by our host, I don't know if the English have a thing about good manners but I find people incredibly rude to each other on here at times and also to Brian. It gets to be like target practise on occasions instead of a mutual sharing of information and personal experiences.
It's the unprovoked personal attacks that create a defense reaction.
Time To Leave was given a virtual punch on the nose by someone for no reason at all, other than his empathic defence of the poor farmers who are being intimidated. It was horrible. I felt it. Then I felt angry.
Poor Brian having to edit all the comments first thing in the morning. Yikes!
One venomous attack can poison the whole day and one positive affirmation can lift the spirit into joy.

Kudos to Brian Hines for taking a stand against the disingenuous trolling and flaming that always seems to permeate the comments sections of so many sites online these days.

Trolling and flame wars are the heart and soul of the internet. Without them, the whole system will die.

Tend to agree with Jesse

It’s mostly just tedium. Do you think ppl would actually be interested if their viewpoint was not challenged.

Unless you basically so narrow-minded that you only want ppl that agree with you - what is actually even the point?

Warrior Jesse: "Trolling and flame wars are the heart and soul of the internet. Without them, the whole system will die." Without moderation, message boards would become occupied by a small handful of trolls and all the sane people would go someplace else. Trolls are attempting to be the dictators and censors of others, subverting what might have been meaningful dialogue into pointless conflict. The trolling flaming mentality has never been about reason, making honest rational arguments. Just another form of road rage, selfishly getting off on preying upon others, another kind of entertainment or computer game. It's the neanderthal heartlessness and soullessness of the internet, and THAT should die. THAT should go extinct.

"It's the neanderthal heartlessness and soullessness of the internet, and THAT should die. THAT should go extinct."

I think neanderthals had much larger cranial capacity aka bigger brains aka they were likely more intelligent than modern humans. What you wrote would be considered thoughtless/racist/soulless/bigoted/etc if we were using your Minnesota nice standards of passive aggressiveness.

I'm not sure how you get from starting a flame war to "preying upon" but it's a massive leap. Trolling is the most efficient and beautiful way to expose hypocrisy and make people analyze themselves, and if you don't embrace it, you are akin to someone who drives a car without a steering wheel.

I just visited the ‘I Hate Churchless’ blogspot.

It was depressing. A real downer. A good reminder though... how insane insults are and I’ve been guilty of that. But, hey it’s Christmas! So, I’m making a vow to “not attack” in my comments going forward. And not just in the overt way, but in general. Like my dad always says, if you don’t have anything nice to say just whistle. :)

BTW, that was my first time ever viewing the Hate Churchless blog and the last. 😟

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