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December 07, 2019


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Mindfulness is awareness of fastidious people. Atomic energy realm is beyond mindfulness because when this energy was present there was no mind then, no creation and only energy.

Calculus is used to describe motion, volume and time. Consider that Calculus not only divides continuous functions into discrete series, but in doing so, time as well.

From the perspective of Calculus, and indeed all equations involving change and time, time is considered an infinite series of static, discrete points. Points of time that themselves do not move.

Movement is nothing more than an infinite set of immovable and unchanging points. We move through a static series of infinite realities, each entirely unmoving.

Motion pictures, and even the brain, works in the same way.

What we perceive as continuous motion are the many fixed snapshots our brain captures of a reality Newton (and Liebnitz) described as a series of static unmoving events.

From this perspective movement doesn't actually exist, just as in a motion picture, no movement exists. We perceive movement in the thousands of static images flashed before our consciousness.

Time is at best, using Newton's model, an arrangement of a series of fixed and unmoving elements perfectly arranged.

It's like traveling on a train through scenery. It seems all the scenery is moving. But only we are moving through it.

Newton perfectly depicted this analogue world in a discrete digital model that has since moved technology forward in wonderful ways. But within it remains the secret of this reality.

Because the rate at which our brain takes snapshots is not the same as the rate at which we can perceive.

The hidden secret of Mindfulness is to see apart from our brain's movie projector. To see the static snapshots directly, to examine one or two. And in doing so, for that instant moment, Step outside of time.

I used to have Namaste in big letters on a wall in my my room. When my brother (who excelled and math—breezed through calculus) saw it he said, “What did the mathematician say? Numbers stay 🙏”.

I know it’s an old joke but I hadn’t heard before and I thought it was so funny at the time (not sure what state my mind was in) that I bought the domain name. 😂

More on this later! I love this topic!!

Whatever has been in the physical realm is definable by some law, theory, system, science etc but not a non-entity as the conscious 'observers' - the real we, wherein lie the surprise of surprises.

Badal and RSSB relationship is so strong though Badal group claimed to believe in only SGGS .... not any living human guru but involved with GSD to deep .. who tell others that SGGS can't be guru...


Mortal remains of Radha Soami sect chief''s wife consigned to flames
Amritsar, Dec 6 Mortal remains of Radha Soami Satsang Beas chief Gurinder Singh Dhillon''s wife Shabnam Dhillon were consigned to flames on Friday. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

She had passed away in a hospital in England on November 27. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

Her last rites were performed at the dera headquarter, also known as Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, nearly 45 km away from the city of Amritsar.

She is survived by her husband Gurinder Singh Dhillon and two sons-- Gurpreet Singh Dhillon and Gurkirat Singh Dhillon.

The pyre was lit by her elder son Gurpreet Singh in the presence of family members and relatives.

Shabnam Dhillon had developed some complications after undergoing a stomach surgery.

She went to England on November 12, where she was operated upon on November 20.

Shabnam had undergone a surgery earlier at a Gurgaon hospital.

Prominent among those who attended the cremation were SAD chief Sukhbir Badal, his wife and Union minister Harsimart Kaur Badal, Akali leader Bikram Singh Majithia, Punjab ministers O P Soni and Vijay Inder Singla. JMS CHS RDK RDK

Hi Spence, sorry for my previous knee jerk reaction to your comment on Open Thread. Hope you can forgive me. I need to have more patience. We all have different mindsets.

Now this comment of yours on this thread I find very interesting:

"The hidden secret of Mindfulness is to see apart from our brain's movie projector. To see the static snapshots directly, to examine one or two. And in doing so, for that instant moment, Step outside of time."

Spence, every now and then I have something like a photo flash in my mind which surprises me and its a picture of something that happened in the past. Its quite strange at the time but I find it interesting. Wondering how long memories are stored in the brain and why sometimes a random memory will suddenly appear?


I read this post several times for some reason. It was as if my mind was telling me there’s something very important in this.

Turns out the “very important thing” was simple: when we’re truly in the moment we don’t feel the ups and downs. At least, that’s how my brain interpreted it.

We hear this sort of thing over and over again. The way we frame concepts gets to be like buzz words. Over time they carry less and less weight.

Water actually tastes different in different types of material—plastic, paper, glass, etc... Concepts are like water. Sometimes you have to put them in a different container to make them more palatable. And by palatable I mean understandable.

Thanks for putting this beautiful concept in a new container!!

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