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December 10, 2019


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Courageous for sharing
Now slow down about 5-7 times

E, this is the Tai Chi speed my class rocks out on. Like I said, we’re more martial arts focused, and less typical Tai Chi “relaxing movement” focused. Plus, there’s no correct speed in Tai Chi. It depends on one’s mood and intention. And if this 6 minute video was five times longer, nobody would watch it. Not even me.

Really nice Brian Ji. Smooth and powerful. I like the martial arts emphasis. Flows beautifully, and also It's grounded. There are nice periods at the end of each sentence. You are moving a lot of energy, and clearly this is also a workout.

Wow, brilliant!

Very nice watch Brian!
I was smiling the whole video trough,I have been a dancer..
I know what you mean about what you say a bout the inner feeling and the outside outcome,what people see..
That is something I realise very much this period of time.

I adore that you ''showed''this!!

One morning long ago I observed older people doing Tai Chi in a
Hong Kong Park. They moved very slowly and held poses for what
seemed a long time. Yet there was a fluidity to it.

I marveled at the discipline of moving so slowly and deliberately.
Like watching slow-mo meditation. Very restful. A beautiful pause
in the tumult of Hong Kong.

Brian, that was awesome! 🙌

Thanks for sharing. It was very peaceful to watch. I agree with Spence, “Flows beautifully, and it’s also grounded”. Besides, you have good chi. That’s something I’ve always noticed.

I’m inspired. :) maybe I should sign up for Tai Chi 🤔 but I would be moving a lot slower. 😂

Why is it atheists are some of the nicest, most grounded people I’ve ever met. I believe in God as I understand him to be but it truly makes you wonder... 🤔

Cool form. Every time I've tried to learn Tai chi I get impatient to remember all the steps and end up reverting to qi gong which seems much easier. This sequence you're doing would take me a month to memorize.

I still think you should do a podcast or YouTube videos. Your voice is perfect for it and you speak really well. You'd probably get into a rhythm and figure out your own style pretty fast.

Tai Chi is bullshido. Be thankful you have that background in hard style martial arts – that’s what you'll use in a self defense encounter. Have done Yang, Chen Man Ching, Chen, Hao and Wu styles over a span of 40 years and can say that nothing I learned has been the slightest bit of use in combat. In a handful of real life encounters it was some early training in judo and karate that saved my neck.

The ‘compact' form you demonstrate does not align with any traditional Tai Chi form I’ve seen. My guess is that it’s one of the modern forms concocted by the Beijing Sports Institute (BSI). The sequence of postures in Yang, Hao and Wu styles is similar and is designed to circulate the chi through the body organs in a certain order most beneficial to health. That traditional sequence has been abandoned in the BSI forms. There is some health benefit, but less than that gained from traditional Tai Chi.

My suggestion is to abandon your current instructor and seek out a teacher of traditional Tai Chi. Yang and Chen Man Ching styles are probably the most widely practised. With respect, there are many mistakes in the way you execute that form – mistakes which would have been corrected by a competent teacher.
It is time to move on…

Regards, Neil

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