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December 25, 2019


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I love this post!!! Lol 😂 😂 😂 Fun!

No one has a clue who Jesus was, not even the pope. So the question is mute. Poll is irrelevant.

Otherwise the middle answer should suffice.

I chose the middle answer too. But still enjoyed playing the game.

I’m sorry you’re going through such a tough time right now (I have an uncanny ability to tune into a person’s mood by their writing).

I think the sun rises and sets each day to remind us everything is cyclical. No sorrow lasts forever. No joy is eternal except for the one real joy which is true love—and by that I mean the kind of love that doesn’t ask for anything in return. God’s love.

Merry Christmas anyway.

@No joy is eternal except for the one real joy which is true love—and by
@that I mean @the kind of love that doesn’t ask for anything in return. God’s love.

For most of us ideas of God, love, truth will resonate to some degree
but who can grasp what they really mean? We get hints at best. We
smell the fragrance but are mute afterwards.

A movie director explained it well as trying to capture something he
knew was there but that eluded him. We're seekers grasping to find
what's everywhere but yet hides itself when you start looking.

In the previous post Brian quotes Steindl-Rast:

... 'We shall not cease from exploration
... and the end of all our exploring
... will be to arrive where we started
... and knew the place for the first time.' --T.S. Eliot
... "That is Home. Home is where one starts from."

I couldn't answer the poll. Not honestly. What I believe or suspect
will never be enough. You have to go all the way home. To see it.
To experience it. And know the place for the first time.

The correct answer is " not sure " for everyone. Nobody knows that God exists therefore we can't know if we're sons and daughters of God.

If God doesn't exist (or whichever name you want to hang the force of life on to) then no one or nothing exists. Not even you.


We may not “know” that God exists but we know that love exists. And love is freedom from fear. There are really only two things we know for sure in a “spiritual” sense—love and fear. And they are opposites—heaven and hell.

But then again, how does one define “God”?

If god exists, why would he care about us?

My father too was born on 25 Dec. He lived exactly the way Christ did, lending a helping hand or settling serious issues between the people.
Christ lived in more difficult times and prevailed in leading people to a righteous path.
Obviously, he was Son of God.
I too was born on the day of death of Jesus ie. on a Friday. I too have inherited His legacy and start of now from Punjab India.
With strife all over the world, innocents being targeted since His times till date, let's all pledge to bring peace to the mother Earth.
All the religions have not been able to settle it all due to obvious reasons.
Let's all see the Christ within us & be the change.

The answer is yes and no, both.

Its the way we approach Him -
if by His teachings and His subtle guidance/ conclusions about God and associated/intrinsically linked World


simply took Him as a good guy who had offered good talks to the poor around Him, cured them and helped them pass easy time, more as a favourite placebo than God or son of God.

To me God or son/s of God are synonymous. Like rest of us I do belong to Him - in waiting to realise Him, my true essence. I can not be distinct, separate from rest as also from Him.

Whodunit wrote "If God doesn't exist (or whichever name you want to hang the force of life on to) then no one or nothing exists. Not even you."

Posted by: Whodunit | December 26, 2019 at 01:24 AM

This is the most profound statement I've seen on this blog in a long time, least of all expected from Whodunit.

Hope everyone is enjoying time away from work and family (if that's your work!)

Concepts about Jesus lead us in the wrong direction.

In my view there is nothing but God (just a word with lots of baggage).

Try "Consciousness".. another word with somewhat less baggage.



God is such a misused word. Fascinating how fixed people are about their beliefs in religion. Check out the history of all the different beliefs on Wikipedia - Timeline of Religion - from pre-historic times to modern times. It seems like we are desperate to have some kind of understanding of life after death but beliefs are just imagination and wishful thinking. May as well believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden, my fond belief when I was a small child. Nowadays I like the simulation theory, some people think that it will be proven, then the question is, who created the simulation? Uh oh, not that God fella?!

Every name given to God and the names of certain well known saints carry baggage. I mean they have carry a certain weight and meaning that is unique to each person that’s based on personal life experience. If you have positive associations and experiences with any particular “name” of God/consciousness and/or a saint then you will find that name/path and description comforting. On the other hand if you have negative experiences with a particular name or ideology then you will reject it.

Duh 🙄

If you’re raised by compassionate atheists there’s a good chance you’ll own that. If you’re raised by cold and abusive nuns in a Catholic boarding school (like my mother-in-law) you might grow to despise the Catholic Church.

I think it’s similar to natural selection—when you’re brought up in a self righteous, unloving environment you will reject whatever faith those unloving people subscribed to, even if the faith had some merit.

Sincere people gravitate towards love. Ego driven people gravitate towards self righteousness.

Yep, that’s my word of the week—self righteous. It made my childhood miserable at times. So, I completely understand why one would have antipathy towards a particular faith or choose not to believe in God at all.

But then again, people interpret self-righteous behavior differently. I think Georgy Porgy sees GSD as being sincere because he doesn’t sugar coat things. And some people might view GSD’s behavior as self righteous because he’s harsh at times (and doesn’t believe in chai or cookies 😡 or funky old tea gardens). He’s 50/50 with me.

But, it’s all about association and personal experience.

Appearances were everything in my family. My mother was “perfect”. So perfect that absolutely everyone was always telling me how perfect she was. She never yelled at us, smiled all the time and said “nice” things but she was REALLY anti-fun. Anti-fun just seemed immoral to me (and it is!). So, I rejected being “perfect”. I embraced imperfection. I just wanted to be happy and have fun. We didn’t speak much for many years after I left home.

My mom has since been through some pretty intense stuff and has changed dramatically. Today she is truly one of the kindest most loving and forgiving people on the planet and light years ahead of me, but we’ve learned a lot from each other. And we’re truly the best of friends. Growing up I never thought that would ever happen.

@ Chritmas time.

How much sin do people commit in that turkeys have to die to satisfy their stomachs .

And christ ain't gonna help them. I know a few commentators hard on about christ lol. He is dead and if you aint got a link with whilst he was alive. You would be 2000 years old. See ya. Yes he would have been ecstatic to see stuffed turkeys at the table. Karmically those people will suffer as we all do.

You dont go to a dead doctor if you.are diseased. Catch my drift.

Lets move on I say


Amen. And everyone with any sense at all knows the December 25th is not Jesus birthday. Dec 25 was originally the holiday of the Sun God. The Romans took the holiday that everyone was used to celebrating and designated it as Jesus birthday to make the new population of Christians happy... or something like that.

No one really knows when this Biblical Jesus guy was actually born.

Sol Invictus:

And Jesus wasn’t white!!!! 😂 Seriously people!!! If I see another white Jesus I’m going to scream.


From the great Mahatma of modern times.

Yes. Jesus could be a Son of God. He was a Realized Soul, for sure. It is clear from his teachings written by his disciples ( whether it is exaggerated or incomplete).
Then what is God? It is that creative intelligence which permeates the whole universe and its "alarmingly marvelous" creations, including you. That soothing energy you feel when you go deep deep inside you and touch the " I ". (Is it not our birthright to find out what we are, each and every one of us?)
Yes. Science is fast growing and very soon it will find out an equation for this creative energy! And that will be the equation for God himself and that will be the moment of Self Realization of the human being !!

"And Jesus wasn’t white!!!! 😂 Seriously people!!! If I see another white Jesus I’m going to scream. "

Why do you care? He wasn't black either, yet he's painted that way often and people celebrate it.

Huffington Post, like many ____ news outlets, exists to push for a race war and otherwise disturb society in negative ways. Horrible people. May they burn in hell forever.


That was kinda MY WHOLE POINT. Race doesn’t matter but people paint Jesus white so that.... wait, did you even read the article??

IMO the Huff Post article was trying to do just the opposite. But I guess you can interpret it however you want.

Well why not ask him.
All these people claim to be Jesus





This Jesus is unfortunately dead so can’t ask him now. Sorry.


Surely they can answer


Dad would have told me if I had another brother.

Lol that was funny but wasnt christ an only son!

@Lol that was funny but wasnt christ an only son!

No, the others were disowned... they weren't white enough.

I’ve always felt like this was my first life as a white person.

Even in Indian and African and other places, fairer skin is often seen as more desirable. But everyone knows the whiter you are the worse you age. 😜

That’s why white Jesus had to die at 33. OK, I guess every race believes he died at 33 but still...

"wait, did you even read the article??"

No, got a 404 error. But huffo is so bad that that I normally won't read that site anyway.

Artists painted using local models, which is why even in the Coptic icons Jesus is pretty fair. Plus, had you ever met any Palestinians, Lebanese or anyone else from that region, you'd at least be open to the idea that Jesus was pretty light skinned, and possibly with blue eyes as well. I married an Indian, but if she ever bounces, I'm going Middle Eastern for my next round or commitment for that reason.

"But everyone knows the whiter you are the worse you age. 😜"

Often true. My Norwegian side of the family start looking like raisins by the age of 50. I already see it starting in my hands. I had a baby face for so long. 'Twas a good run, but the signs are unmistakable. It's over for me. Fat bald and wrinkly from now on. May god have mercy on my skin.

The Jesus in you is all that matters. He exists. Or She. Or It.

Find Him /Her/It within. If you are drawn to Jesus, I think that's a real connection and should be pursued.

But like all things the human mind corrupts, the different ideas of Jesus, different people's Jesus have led them each to hate, to exclude, to take, to presume entitlements. To war, and to kill.

"Let He Who is Without Sin Cast The First Stone."

"Love One Another."

"Judge Not lest Ye Be Judged."

These are very noble sentiments. People try to water them down because to live them seems impossible. But I believe they are fine and worthy of pursuit.

So whether Jesus existed or not, He is real to me. He resonates within me, as a living being, because Love is alive and conscious within each of us, waiting to be found. Waiting to be pursued.

It is within these ovens of clay, within this fire of life given to us, that gold is liberated from its impurities, purified. And we are active and knowing participants in that process, if we choose to be.

Hi Spence,

It’s true, we really don’t know what any of the past saints were like. Mohammad, Buddha, Jesus, Jaimal Singh. All we have are some writings but nothing well documented the way it is in today’s digital world. :) So, really we can only hang out hat on what that particular “saint” or teacher represents to us.

For me, the idea of Jesus represents forgiveness. It was a concept that pushed the envelope back in the day. Forgiveness of sin?? Without having to pay or suffer?? Unthinkable!! Anyway, that’s how the world was and still is.

Good to see you’re back again! I assume you went on holiday??

Sant Mat starts off with the premise that we all have lifetimes of karma to pay off and can’t go home until every last little itsy bit of karma is paid. And the God of love put Kaal in charge of doing his dirty work because God can’t be seen as judgmental. What would people think of Him!? 😱

But worry not, your knight in shining armor appears! And he says, “Repeat after me, One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Now, just do that 2 and half hours a day every day with your eyes closed. And when your eyes are open repeat it all day long and all your sins from all your past lives will be removed... in one life or two or three or four or who knows, possibly more.” Then he waves his magic wand and disappears into the night.

He leaves you knowing you are full of sins and karmas because you are very guilty indeed. You must remember this all day and all night and say those five words constantly or else you will come back to another miserable life. Guilt and shame. Guilt and shame. What lovely gifts he brings. If it weren’t for the Master we might not know how truly horrible we really are.

Honestly, I think it might have been easier to walk the Corduroy Road beating yourself with a spiked ball and chain.

Hi Sonia
You wrote
"And the God of love put Kaal in charge of doing his dirty work because God can’t be seen as judgmental. What would people think of Him!? 😱"

You can see how something got lost in translation. Many things.

It's all urban fantasy, a backstory. What can it mean? Nothing. If it fits a culture where people are brought up in karma theory, it makes sense culturally.

But I think the point is to make your own little miracles partnering with the true Master inside you. And meditation is a basis, quite perfect and powerful for some of us, of that relationship and teamwork.

When those miracles start happening it all makes sense, at least to the person so engaged.

That's what Sant Mat is to me. And I say my understanding is as good as anyone else's. It's my own Sant Mat, just for me. It is what works for me. When I put quote after quote and people claim it's wrong and I'm preaching, that's their Sant Mat talking.

So you can make your own Sant Mat. We already do it. But if you make your Sant Mat something that works for you, naturally that has more utility than making it something that doesn't work.

If it isn't really anything at all, then make it something. That's Sant Mat. Other votes mean nothing on this one. Own your own Sant Mat.

Hi Spence,

Funny, before I read your last comment, I was talking to my husband about cultural interpretations of Sant Mat. He grew up in an RS Sant May household and perhaps hearing about past lives—multiple lives—of karma didn’t scare him because he heard it from an early age and grew up somewhat numb to it not being overwhelmed or afraid of all his “lifetimes of sin”. Being raised ardently Protestant (Baptist thanks to my mom) I was comforted by the idea of forgiveness. However, I was also numb to all the horrific stories in the Bible (and there are many). I didn’t realize how many bizarre and somewhat terrifying tales were recorded in the Bible until I was much older and hadn’t read it in 20 years. There are loving texts in the Bible in then a lot of really weird shit. One has to discern. And I agree, one has to create their own Sant Mat. After all, they say over and over again that it is an “individual path”. I’m not shy at all and I love connecting with others. I love having a sense of belonging so the “individual path” was a bit weird for me. That said, I do love my time alone simply because I feel drained after being around lots of people for extended periods of time. But I love people, community, my furry friends... :)

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