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December 31, 2019


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That’s really inspiring. Kindness is beauty and giving love is the most important thing we can do as humans.

I had an extraordinary revelation about my ordinary life. And by revelation I mean, the understanding hit me in a way that felt profoundly real. And the revelation is I have to stop being so critical and stop taking things and especially people for granted. I don’t want to lose the ones that I love.

Happy New Year All 🙂

Kindness is not ordinary. It is the cream on top of the cream.
May we all find within ourselves a deeper capacity for kindness this year, and the strength to exercise it continuously, under all circumstances.

May we all understand a little better how indescribably extraordinary this creation is, within and without, and find greater strength in the good, greater power in the good within ourselves, than in the darkness.

May every dark, gray day in these closets of clay be met with a moment within in open daylight, upon the highest mountaintop, with a view that takes our breath away. Even if just for a moment. To restore our faith in the mystery of love.

I wish for All Today, this New Day be the best day, as tomorrow will never come and every day of your life will be the Best Day.

Thanks to Brian ji and all the Gurus of this blog.

I thought this was pretty cool because it tells you how many hours, minutes and seconds there are in a year. Fun facts. Apparently there is enough time in the year to:

~ Allie Brosh

“Wishing you successful 12 months, Joyful 52 weeks, lovely 365 days, memorable 8760 hours, blessings of 525600 minutes and happiest 31536000 seconds. Happy New Year!”

>>I aspire to being as good a person as the woman with stage 4 cancer, or the man who walks dogs with a wheelchair. I have no interest in emulating saints, gurus, holy men/women, or any other religious personage.<<

This makes strange reading for me.


Because I don't understand why one would emulate another person.

If one is gifted with a talent for music, why would one desire to become like the teacher? Developing one's talent with a gifted teacher, Yes, but that is something else.
Having respect or even love for a teacher is a great help too, but certainly not a must.

Talents cannot be emulated and are not an example.

Hi Brian Ji
You wrote
"I just want to learn from ordinary people who are able to live their lives with love, peace, acceptance, and courage."

Please carve this on my gravestone.

Please write this with a Lazer beam across the heavens.

It is one of the highest and noblest sentiments. Worthy of a true Saint.

Thank you for these brilliant and towering words, Brian Ji.

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