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November 06, 2019


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Interesting! Brian, my first Spiritual Master, Dr. Il Bung Seo Kyong Bo, was from the same Korean Son lineage tradition, and he taught me the same koan, "What is This?" Years later, I was in India, and ended up at Radha Soami Satsang Beas.......

Nice selection of quotes. You have captured the gist of the book rather gracefully it seems. To complement the first quote, here is something that Stephen mentioned in a talk titled The Ethical Life on 17th of Nov, 2015:

"Dharma practice is not about gaining some kind of private enlightenment but it's about re-configuring or re-construing one’s life in its totality and in this respect it includes virtue (sila), contemplation (Samadhi) and philosophy (panna) together. In other words if we take that to be the core of the dharma practice, then its primary frame in which we need to contextualize it is ethical."

If we take that to be case that is. Noble Batchelor, never affirming or denying anything, even when it happens to be the core of his teaching.

We like to believe that meditation practice somehow makes us enlightened, and the practitioner morally or ethically superior. But even to suggest such a thing, although free of Metaphysical notions, doesn't seem right.

To say we can't know reality as it is, isn't true. We already witness it as it is, including our filters, from this one point. Simply reflecting on what we see helps. But that is also mental regurgitation. We may only understand mentally, from conceptual thinking, by filtering experience through the same set of biases in retrospect. It can help our objectivity a little, I guess, but it's limited and can also self - justify our biases. We see what we have been conditioned to see. And then we allow ourselves simply to accept that, we are just accepting our own tinted view that on its own replicates the same perspective in processing all experience.

Where I agree with Batchelor is that in calm and gentle focus, we can receive in real time a broader milieu and our vision and understanding expands. We can consciously choose to attend to some things we hadn't noticed before. Things our mind isn't conditioned to highlight.

But any practice that helps us calm down and gently focus, internally or externally, will accomplish this.

Where that leads is internal experience.

You are calmly listening to the stunning inner music, the divine orchestra, and then, you find yourself slipping up, being pulled up.

This is a natural, physiological process.

To claim ethical or humane benefits is problematic.

When we give up our attachments, yes, we tend to be open to understanding others, to seeing intuitively from a broader place.

But to claim some moral high ground turns a beautiful neutral experience into a religion, and practitioner ego.

I guess that's understandable too, but it's not seeing more. It's just another blind spot.

I don't get the association of vision as being narrow, and listening being more broad. I often look up at the whole sky as if I'm part of it, or focus in to listen to one specific nuance of a single instrument in a recording and observe it like a physical object.

Humans are weird, and we all talk too much.. It's just filling in space to hide the anxiety caused by the horrendous anti-life world we've created. None of this makes any sense. Reality as we know it is breaking down. Good luck.

I’ve read this four times and still don’t understand what they are on about.

The people who wrote this ChopraBollox style garbage make too many assumptions to labour some bizarre point which makes no sense at all.

Thinking back, there is more truth in the RSSB slash Santmat stuff than you will ever find in these new age Buddhists.

We perceive the world about 80% through the eyes and 15% through the ears.

I do listen sounds, may be always inside me but I do not say I am enlightened.

Enlightenment to me is the free run from outside to inside and out into Universe in astral form etc , back and forth spontaneously - effortlessly.

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